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In several provocative case studies Neal Devins explores the role that judicial and elected officials play in forging constitutional meaning To illustrate his thesis that constitutional interpretation is 'a dialectic involving all of government ' he examines the evolution of abortion politics in the years since Roe Here and throughout Devins demonstrates the interdependence of governmental branches so often obscured in conventional accounts of separation of powers Reva Siegel Yale Law School In the than twenty years since Roe vs Wade the executive and legislative branches of government have pursued a staggering number of initiatives relating to abortion In this groundbreaking study legal scholar Neal Devins shows how the Supreme Court elected government and private citizens together help to shape what the Constitution means Central to his study is the uestion of how the Court and elected government influence each other In addition to the abortion debate Devins examines conflicts over federalism race religion and separation of powersThese constitutional disputes Devins contends can be as constructive as they are inevitable The long fight over abortion for example has resulted in a highly workable if imperfect compromise with elected government becoming pro choice and the Court pro life More significant the Constitution is made vital by such ongoing interchanges among the Court elected government and the people Without an ongoing dynamic that allows each side to win some of the time Devins concludes the Constitution would be less enduring

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