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Suze Is A Mediator A Liaison Between The Living And The Dead In Other Words, She Sees Dead People And They Won T Leave Her Alone Until She Helps Them Resolve Their Unfinished Business With The Living But Jesse, The Hot Ghost Haunting Her Bedroom, Doesn T Seem To Need Her Help Which Is A Relief, Because Suze Has Just Moved To Sunny California And Plans To Start Fresh, With Trips To The Mall Instead Of The Cemetery, And Surfing Instead Of Spectral VisitationsBut The Very First Day At Her New School, Suze Realizes It S Not That Easy There S A Ghost With Revenge On Her Mind And Suze Happens To Be In The Way Muy bueno, pero muy corto. But even on the ninth floor of Bellevue which is where they lock up the crazy people in New York I probably wouldn t be safe from the ghosts They d find me They always do. Alright so, it appears that everyone wanted to like my pre review of fangirlish relations to when I was youngerso I don t see a large point in writing a long winded review when it seems everyone has mostly stopped by and saw all they wanted to see But, along with those youngish nostalgic ramblings, I did want to say why I loved and still love this series.It s not often a person can look back at a book they read in middle school and say they still love it and it s almost just as good as they remember Maybe it is, maybe it isn t Maybe I love it so much I m blind to the fact that it is a little youngish Maybe it really is just as good as I think it is Maybe I am biased because I truly believe this author is a witty, sarcastic, and wonderful writer Or maybe I m just biased for Jesse And Suze I don t know, and frankly, who the fuck cares Oh, Suze Not again This series shaped a large chunk of my pre teen years and gave me countless months, years, whatever of pining and wanting and dreaming of the beautiful Jesse And, admittedly, my funny story for this is that I read book five first ME CHELSEA The girl who hates spoilers and disorder and messing with the integrity of books But I guess this just goes to show you that if you are a good author, you can make anything work.I was OBSESSED with that fifth book, Haunted, and wanted nothingthan for Jesse and Suze s story to continue Little did I know, after a little bout of research at the local bookstore aahhh the good old brick and mortar days that I had missed four books before Imagine how excited I was I mean, really Plus, there was yet another book coming Hey, don t judge me too harshly It s not like I had GR to jump onto so I could see Mediator 5 And it certainly didn t show on the book s spine, I ll tell ya that much Yeah, I said Yeah, this is my room now So you re going to have to clear out I m going to have to clear out He raised one black eyebrow This has been my home for a century and a half Why do I have to leave it But in some weird way.I think that s why I loved this series so much It was developed and Jesse was in full blown swoon mode and Suze was funnier than ever and hey, there was lots of jelly at this pointme likes the jelly boys So, you know, maybe my little heart needed this one first Shrugs I dunno Just before I fell asleep again, I thought I heard something besides the owl It sounded like someone singing the words Oh, Susannah, now don t you cry for me, cause I come from Alabama with this banjo on my knee.But that, I m sure, was just my imagination Witty, light hearted, fun, fast paced, and humorous, I will never get tired of reading about Suze s escapades as a mediator I mean really, who gets to have a sexy, mysterious ghost boy as a roommate Certainly not I.but I sure would have loved to have had a Jesse of my own Forof my reviews, please visitOh My GOD guys.that moment when you realize a childhood favorite is better than anything you remember and you get three times the feels because you can ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND IT BETTER and appreciate your young childhood BBF in the way he deserves AGHHHH Sometimes it feels like coming home when you pick up a book againand that s all you can really ask for Those feels, they are unlike anything you ve ever felt SO unreal And so worth it to re read these masterpieces from my childhood.RTC Ahhhh nostalgiaaaaaaaa O.m.g My favorite book series EVER from when I was in middle school is being made into a movie You know how many times I wished that would happen 10 oryears ago I used to pick out songs that would make up the soundtrack I will be there Hope they don t ruin it I ve developed a really bad habit book cheating.Until recently, I ve had impeccable reading etiquette I never flip to the end of the book I don t cheat to see if the lovers reconcile or to discover who the murderer is Instead, I read from cover to cover It s only right.But lately I ve found myself cheating I can t help it it s those pesky young adult serials I ve been reading They simply aren t good enough to justify reading the whole series, but they are interesting enough that I want to know what happens So I ve started looking online to discover how the series end I know, shameful.I never should have started three YA series in one week Such an overdose could only be dangerous The latest culprit Meg Cabot s The Mediator series I just finished the first book, Shadowland, and I had to know what happened to the protagonist, Suze, so I cheated.Suze is a mediator Basically, she is a teen Ghost Whisperer I confess I have watched and even enjoyed the TV series, so I was a bit intrigued by the idea of a teenage girl who both sees ghosts and helps them cross to the other side.The premise is interesting, and the book is a fairly entertaining read However, it is not entertaining enough to persuade me to read the other five books in the series.On the other hand, Suze happens to share her bedroom with a nineteenth century hottie cowboy ghost How could I not cheat to find out how the ghost and the teenage girl progress romantically Clearly, the cure to my problem is noyoung adult serials. Review posted on Fafa s Book Corner Beware spoilers ahead When I was younger I was a fan of Meg Cabot As far as I was concerned she could do no wrong and that all her books were fantastic Last year I discovered that it s not true I found out that I didn t like her contemporary books But I still immensely enjoyed her paranormal supernatural books This year I remembered this series and was happy to find that my library has it I am happy to say that I enjoyed this The book begins with Suze mentioning the differences between New York and California Her mother has gotten remarried and they had to shift to California because Andy her step dad owns a business there Suze actually likes Andy and she doesn t mind Dopey, Sleepy, and Doc her nicknames for her step brothers but she doesn t like the fact that they had to move Suze doesn t share these thoughts with her mother Andy makes her mother very happy and Suze is okay with that.Her new family take her home On the way there she notices again how different Cali is from New York While they are talking it comes out that the school she ll be attending is a very old building As is there house After hearing this Suze starts to freak out because she doesn t like old buildings.When they get to the house Suze tries to remain calm Andy has put a lot of work into the house and has tried to make it comfortable for her Once they reach Suze s room she sees a guy sitting at her window seat Only the rest of her family don t see him Suze can see ghosts and usually there areghosts in old buildings.I seriously did not expect to enjoy Shadowland this much It was so much fun This book is written in first person told in Suze s point of view It takes place over the course of a few days.I loved Suze She is definitely my favourite Meg Cabot character She was smart and a bit of a hot head She was tough and could handle a fight just fine.It was interesting to read about her experience with ghosts And how the mediator stuff works Throughout this book Suze trying to help people ends up being a bit reckless She never accepts anyone s help she goes solo Throughout the book she decides to work with other and that it isn t so bad.The relationships were awesome I loved how close Suze was with her mother and that she didn t mind her step father It s nice to read about a good step parent While Suze isn t close to any of her brothers in the beginning of the book she does develop a good relationship with Doc It was so sweet reading about It wasn t always rainbows and sunshine but they were there for each other.The little I read about Cece and Adam was nice I liked Father Dom and Jesse Father Dom is the principle and a priest of the school that Suze attends Much to her surprise he is also a mediator and does offer to train her He was a nice mentor Jesse was a bit clueless but sweet This does take place in a few days so there isn t really any romance Suze does consider Jesse good looking but at the moment they re just friends.The plot was pretty good Heather was realistic There are definitely girls like her It was also nice to for a change that Suze didn t like her powers But that didn t mean that she was rude to people she still did all her ghostly duty without a lot of complaints I admire her for that.I only had two problems with Shadowland There were times when Suze would talk about how good looking Jesse that it would become annoying And while I understood why she did so there were times when I felt it wasn t necessary Also I find it very weird that in a matter of a day Suze is very popular Yes she did save one of the students and threaten to break another students fingers, I don t think it s possible to get popular that fast Nonetheless I enjoyed this Overall this was a really good book I recommend this series to anyone looking for a completed fantasy that itfocused on the character development. My first thought was that this would be some overdramatic teen novel that would quickly get buried under layers of drama and romance, but actually it was really complex, funny, imaginative and powerful as far as YA bestsellers go I loved the main character, how she wasn t just some cookie cutter girl and had her own unconventional style and personality The Californian setting definitely added an atmosphere of summer sunshine and bright nostalgia to the book, and it was full of unexpected surprises I really loved Shadowland and I d definitely recommend it to any reader. THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN I m just obsessed with Meg Cabot and I think this will end up being another one of my favourite series Thanks to Chelsea for introducing me to this series and for buddy reading this with me 3 Why on Earth haven t I read this sooner SO.MUCH.FUN.I love Meg Cabot and her Princess Diaries are basically the synonym for my elementary school period However, I didn t particularly like her Heather Wells series, so I was kind of wary when I first started reading this book BUT HOLY MACARONI I loved it I loved Suze Jesse, Father D, her step brothers, the story, the very Meg Cabot writing, the humor, the action It was extremely fun reading about Suze s adventures and just her awesome kick ass personality Oh Jesse s a cutie pie A hot cutie pite, though Go get it Susannah. Re read 4 24 17 This series is still perfect after all this time It is mega cheesy and I probably wouldn t recommend it to someone to pick up for the first time nowadays, but as a nostalgic re read, this was PERFECTION Can t wait to carry on and re read the rest of the series Re read 11 23 15 5 stars for nostalgia and a rip roarin good time I love this series so damn much Yes, it s cheesy and a little dated, but it is still absolute perfection Love love LOVE. Fanarts and random images included Yey Disclaimer Rereading and reviewing some of my old time favourites First read in 2010, last reread in Summer, 2016WARNING 1 This is a review for the first 6 books The new book that was published earlier in 2016 will be reviewed separately.2 No spoilers are included.3 This series has many many many many flaws, avoid if you re not a fan of YA by all cost 4 My logic is purely emotional as usual , you might want to check a fewreviews.5 Ahhh, 2010 the year when people were still waging wars over who should hook up with Bella from Twilight, panicking over which vampire book they should read next, or wondering whether they should just move on somethingserious such as fallen angels And there was one website that offered the solution to all our problems STORYThe books follow Suze, an extroverted and mischievous teenager about to start her new life in beautiful, sunny California, along with her mum, step dad and three step brothers New house, new school and a new roommatewho happens to be dead Yep, Jesse, a hot young cowboy with KILLER ABS as we are kindly reminded a thousand times by our protagonist politely refuses to vacate her bedroom, mainly because he doesn t know where else to go and he doesn t want to leave the only person who can actually see and communicate with him As creepy as this sounds, Jesse is a very old fashioned gentleman so he never really abuses Suze s privacy Just go with it.Suze is a Mediator, a person who can talk with ghosts and help them move to to to whatever follows after death If she s lucky, all our heroine needs to do is help the dead person complete their unfinished business and she s free to lead a normal life, worrying about boyfriends and school Most of the cases, however, involve murder mysteries, vengeful ghosts and dangerous psychopaths MY THOUGHTSPROS Witty, fast paced, humorous, filled with action, mysteries, ghosts and romance of a sort , extreme cheesiness that makes me giggle, easy to follow writing style and descriptions that would make you feel like you re on a beach in California These books are super innocent, non pretentious, rather simple and, although I first read them in my early twenties, I found myself thoroughly enjoying them once .Yes, the plot isn t anything phenomenal, yet, it s interesting enough to finish all six books in less than two week Plus, they re really short Yes, the characters can be on dimensional and predictable with a few exceptions , but they still manage to be charming and entertaining The romance wasok, I suppose I couldn t really connect to Suze, but Jesse was cute D view spoiler And I didn t even mind the Love triangle hide spoiler