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Simeon Dark is the most powerful sorcerer in the land of the Drift Mysterious cunning a shape shifter only he can stop the evil Strood and save the Drift from dying But where is he?Nin finds her way to Dark’s mansion—a strange castle with a garden and lake spilling into the sky There she finds a ribbon of shadowy light could this be the unsaid spell and the clue to unlocking the mystery of Simeon Dark?Meanwhile Strood is preparing his distillation machine his pet tigers and some barrels of blood and is coming after her Shadow Spell is the seuel to Seven Sorcerers

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    Ok well THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING NON HARRY POTTER BOOK EVERCaro King has well developed characters and a great imagination in creating such greatness for her world Nin our heroine I loved her for her will to fight on she wasn't lucky she was a power all her own and boy did she prove thatTAKE THAT STROOD YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED Insert spoilers here I loved how they found out who Simeon Dark was that was a twister and Jonas can't even begin to explain the shock I came to when i found out what happened to him insert spoilers here But what was the best part was the story itself and how one girl was dragged and blamed for this thing that took place in the first book I just really loved itThe battle scenes were alright my only flaw with the book they were a bit too fast but the great story makes up for that I can't wait to tackle a new book soon thanks to Caro King and her fantastic cast of characters story line and world praise her

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    This stunning book is a brilliant seuel to 'Seven Soucerers' and creats amazing settings in the mind for the story to take place With sudden twists and turns in the story it becomes addictive to the mind and is by far the best book I have ever read In the first week I had it which happens to be this week I read it 3 times and I'm sure they'll be This story is uniue original funny adictive and is five star reading I hope Caro King writes books set in the Drift because fantasy worlds can't get fantasy than that

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    Absolutely hilarious The characters are so well done with a simple but engaging plot and I found myself laughing out loud Jibbit is my new favourite thing

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    Fun but gripping at times The characters are all likeable andor funny even the antagonists

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    this book seven sorcerers are actually so stunning omg everyone should read them regardless of age caro king went wayyy too hard for kid's books

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    Luck is all she needed Ninevah Redstone to find Simeon Dark and save The Drift which was once called Celidon the land of magic Such a great read for the young and young at heart looking for wild adventures with a lot of magic and surprises and twists

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    SOME REAL SPOILERS SO BE CAREFULThe reason I rated this book five stars when most people will have given it a four is because I think it is incredibly moving I had uite a strop when Jik first died when we discovered Seth's true identity Although this book isn't as good as the first one I find the end better I nearly had a stroke when we discovered Skerridge was Simeon Dark And then five minutes later we learned that Jonas was Nin's brother all along I have to say I didn't really want Skerridge to be Dark I wanted either StanleyFloyd to be it I kind of miss the character of Skerridge as himself and an individual as opposed to this whole other character And although Dark's persona fitted him perfectly you have to admit it was uite a surprise The reason I found it moving was because of everyone's determination Jik Jonas Floyd Stanley they weren't going down without a fight Jibbit was one of my favourite though because he really made me laugh Him Strood and Skerridge always came up with something to make me chuckle Oh Strood what a way to go I loved his death and think it served him just right It occurred to me though that Nin never mentioned the fact that Gan Mafig was imprisoned to anyone And we never found out whether the Land just died a slower death or was revived completely This things befuddle me

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    i felt like i was inside the book like i moved with the characters i loved everyone page and every thing that happened in the book sometimes when your in the dark you find there is always light in the most darkest places and this book is like that with everyone dark patch there is a hero fighting in the light and even the most strange characters can be hero's if the fight to be it both seven sorcerers and shadow spell are amazing books you need to read them

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    all my suspicions came to pass and i'm glad jonas and skerridge had their happy endings the bad guys got their just desserts and there is hope again for celidon i do hope there will be further books on celidon and its folk as i'll miss reading this

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    I love this book true I was confused at some points in time and Nin did get over Seth's death and her hand in his murder a little too uickly but I can write it off as there was important things at hand I just wish there was at least one book to this series