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At her death in 1825 Anna Letitia Barbauld was considered one of the great writers of her time Distinguished as a poet and essayist she was also in innovator in children s literature an elouent supporter of liberal politics and a literary critic of stature This edition includes a generous selection of her poetry and the first comprehensive body of her prose in than a century with essays some never before reprinted on literature religion education prejudice women s fashions and class conflict

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    Barbauld is definitely one to be studied I can't believe I haven't been aware of her until now For me she is most attractive in her philosophies and in the titling of her work A poem called To Dr Aikin on his Complaining that she neglected him October 20th 1768 is really exciting to me by name but in execution I found not as much to love Her obsession with the embryo stage of any idea was particularly interesting to me though and I wish I had the time to track it research it I don't know folksfind the women writers we've lost to the puffy chairs given to Wordsworth and Coleridge This woman was their role model not vice versa

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    Fascinating The poetry of Barbauld didn't move me as much as her essays with the exception of the poem Eight Hundred and Eleven which was very powerful I just prefer prose writing and really enjoy a political essay Barbauld writes with a clarity and precision and intelligence that inspires envy in other writers Her writing remains relevant and piercing It is a tremendous loss to scholarship that her writing is only presented in Women's Literature classes