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Ruth Rabinowitz believes She believes that her daughter Bethany is a terrific little actress so they have come to Hollywood where dreams come true Ruth’s husband and Bethany’s father who thinks their uest for stardom is delusional has been left behind in SeattleJoining Bethany Rabinowitz in Hollywood’s often toxic waters are fellow child actors uinn Reilly who has been cast adrift by his family and excels only on Hollywood sets; beautiful Allison Addison who is misled by her powerful need for love; and Laurel Buehl who brings a desperate secret to LA that makes the stakes impossibly high As talent managers agents coaches directors and teachers nurture—and feed on—their ambitions stars will be made hearts will be broken children will grow up and dreams will both be realized and die

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    A group of kids all with the same talent agent all with Hollywood dreams wrestle with the ups and downs of getting their big break Some have mothers who help them along others are on their own without much emotional support from their parents The story takes us on a roller coaster ride from the eyes of all of themI fell in love with this book from the first few chapters The author did an excellent job of reeling you into the characters and making you feel as if you were right there along with them It at no time felt 'unreal' to me I actually whooped with joy when uinnoops almost gave it away This book was a winner for meWon through LibraryThing early review program

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    Welcome to the real world of trying to become a child starRuth Rabinowitz is helping her daughter Bethany find her niche in the rigorous and volatile television andor motion picture business in Hollywood But is it costing her her marriage and her sanity? Mimi Rogers is a long time aggressive cranky talent agent for child teenage and young adult actors Coming to Hollywood as a struggling child actor herself that did not pan out she became a talent agent by accident and the rest is history She swore that she would not become attached to her proteges but there is one young actor who touches her heart like no other but what if this one fails?uinn Reilly is a talented young actor at the ripe old age of 14 years old who was pretty much abandoned by his parents who are footing his bills just to keep him out of their hair and abandoned by Mimi Rogers because he made a mistake while living under her roof Now he resides with a down and out couple who allow him to sleep on a mattress on the floor Will uinn succeed in the business or will he fall prey to other temptations?Allison Addison knows she isbeautiful and talented but at what price? Mimi knows she is going to be famous but will her personal life interfere with her dreams? Laurel Buehl is a talented young actor who knows her mother is dying of cancer but can't tell anyone Her mother loves her too much to have Laurel give up her dream Can Laurel keep her secret from her father and her friends?This very uniue story tells of the unglamorous world of Hollywood with the hard often disappointing set backs of being a child actor The characters are both vulnerable and strong Their stories are uplifting heartbreaking and sole searchingThank you to Ms Hammond and LibraryThing's Early Reviewers for the opportunity to review this book

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    Enjoyed this book about cut throat agents and their child clients

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    More than anything Diane Hammond’s Seeing Stars seems to be a cautionary tale for aspiring Hollywood types — and in that vein it functions very well as a work of contemporary fiction With plenty of nods to certain Disney stars and topical references to films like “High School Musical” which seems to be the dream gig of every working teen in LA Hammond’s book draws the reader into a sordid often sad world of backstage lots incredibly long hours droll parents and sacrifice rarely displayed to those of us who simply enjoy the end results glamorous movies and well packaged TV showsThough Bethany and Ruth are the “stars” of the book plenty of peripheral characters fill in the landscape — most notably Allison Addison a spoiled but talented teen who lives full time with Mimi Roberts the girls’ manager and is one of the kids collectively known as “the Orphans” Dumped by their parents and from all reaches of the US the Orphans board with Mimi while she sends them out on countless auditions and passes them off to unsuspecting stage mothers like Ruth It’s impossible not to feel for these kids shuttled around in an endless waiting game and lacking any real parental guidance but it was really frustrating tooIn fact frustrating is the way I would describe much of the book — and not because the writing wasn’t solid It definitely was Hammond does a great job of introducing us to a very motley crew of folks who don’t seem to have much in common other than their shared dreams of success and sometimes that’s enough to bind them but sometimes it’s not And watching everyone desperately chasing something that often seems so elusive actually made my stomach hurt I wondered too about everyone’s motivations — especially Ruth’s Why put themselves through this? Who were they benefiting and who were they hurting? Can the kids even get a decent education while working like this? And since many of these motivations seemed anything but altruistic that bothered me tooReaders interested in the fame game will find plenty of “behind the scenes” information in Hammond’s novel dropping us everywhere from auditions to sets to popular Hollywood landscapes — and everywhere in between The jargon was flying from the get go and as someone interested in the movie biz I found it pretty interesting Seeing Stars also examines close family relationships and motherhood too and has some poignant scenes though the sheer length of the novel dragged it down for me Pick it up if you’re interested in the making and breaking? of a star but skip it if character driven drama isn’t for you

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    Hollywood sparkles as child actors reach for that gold ring desperate to make the next booking and land the part that will make them a star Ruth is Bethy’s biggest fan her confidence in her daughter so strong she leaves her husband Hugh behind in Seattle while she spends real bucks in Hollywood trying for Bethy’s big break Hugh is afraid his wife and daughter are searching for fool’s gold but he stays behind working hard to keep sending those checks south Allison is picture perfect pretty with talent to burn but is it enough to book the part that will make her a star? uinn’s star is rising but he is so volatile he might burn too hot and fall like a shooting star The characters feel real full of angst ambition and heart Life made Allison a lovely feral creature The story draws you into the drama in these young lives as they try booking Hollywood Obstacles litter their way from curt casting agents to demanding directors and insane traffic Hollywood is a town that hums along on a different freuency from other places; it dances to the beat of a whole different band Surviving reuires talent drive and a keen desire to win Diane Hammond brings this world to Technicolor life as she draws you into the whirlwind of booking Hollywood It is a world Diane knows well her daughter was a child actress

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    I'll start with the good this was an interesting read if you find yourself curious about the inner workings of Hollywood and what it's like to search for the big break Talent agents always have their hands out for money; casting directors are brutal and harsh; fellow actors try to get along while competing for the same roles; directors are ruthless; the industry is a jungle The bad I found it difficult to like or care for most of the characters Bethany is entitled and a bit spoiled Ruth is horribly naive and selfish and practically everyone else is just a jerk and doesn't even try to hide the fact I didn't even like Hugh; he treated diabetes like it was a diagnosis of stage four bone cancer and he was going to fight for his very life Fortunately there was no ugly even though I expected it The writing was uite solid and the research at least was thoughtfully done This saved it from receiving two stars instead of three By this book alone though I won't be too eager to read anything else by this author

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    Seeing Stars is the story of wannabe child actors and actresses and the lengths their parents will go to to see their dreams come true Bethany Rabinowitz wants to be a Hollywood star and her mother believes she has what it takes So they leave everything behind including Mr Rabinowitz and enter the world of Hollywood desperation From the horrible way producers treat these impressionable young kids to the manic drive their parents succumb to in the search for success all of Hollywood's dirty seedy sides are exposed In the end I just found this book depressing Seemingly reasonable and loving people as well as dirty rotten ones were constantly making terrible choices having lost all sense of perspective in the race for fame I didn't have much respect for the characters and I didn't like many of them either I loved some of Dianne Hammond's other books I will eagerly await her next one and hope she is back to funny entertaining likable characters

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    It was very draggy and the plot only got a little interesting towards the end Overall it was not a very enjoyable read and it took me a long time to finally finish reading itIt wasn't that easy to smile at people and mean it You had to open up take risks expose yourself to injury But he was learning from her; he was trying to smile at people too and mean it which was a struggle after so many years of holding people off keeping them away He even did that with uatro despite their growing friendship Friends were risky; friends could turn Friends didn't necessarily take care with you; sometimes they wanted to know you in case you got famous or met someone that they might like to know too uatro wasn't like that thoughEveryone wants to be special it's just that in Hollywood it's not a dream it's an industry Delusion makes the world go round but here it goes much faster and the spinning never stops

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    I was actually given this book by Diane Hammond after I opened one of her book signings with a uick scene from Macbeth to set the mood for her presentation The topic is very contemporary and interesting I probably would have bought it regardless and I began reading right away This book holds trade secrets and things you wouldn't believe about the Hollywood life so many crave The story is so tangible and easy to relate to you feel the anxiety of a supportive mother as if it were your own Very easy to read very enlightening and totally enjoyable I finished it in a few days and promptly recommended it to many of my friends lending my own copy to my father who read it and was also shocked at how much he liked it Coming from Hammond's own experiences as the mother of a would be child star this book is very much a relation of what happened when her own family took of to LA out of Seattle to try the business of acting A wonderful author and an intriguing tale

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book was hooked from the beginning and found myself thinking about and missing the characters once I was done Ms Hammond has written a wonderful story about the pursuit of dreams about family born and made and very much about conseuences of all kindsThe writing is superb as are the characterizations but best of all is story In this age of 15 second fame and reality TV Ms Hammond captures the desperation of those looking for their big break their moment in the sun that these are children whose parents are often as or desperate than they are is what makes the book a worthwhile read Ms Hammond has written a book that goes on the list of favorite books about Hollywood along with The Day of the Locusts and Valley of the Dolls