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ALA Best Book For Young Adults School Library Journal Best Book Publishers Weekly Best Book IRA CBC Children S Choice NCTE Notable Children S Book In The Language ArtsA Vietnamese Girl Plants Six Lima Beans In A Cleveland Vacant LotLooking Down On The Immigrant Filled Neighborhood, A Romanian Woman Watches SuspiciouslyA School Janitor Gets Involved, Then A Guatemalan FamilyThen Muscle Bound Curtis, Trying To Win Back LateeshaPregnant MaricelaAmir From IndiaA Sense Of Community Sprouts And Spreads Newbery Winning Author Paul Fleischman Uses Thirteen Speakers To Bring To Life A Community Garden S Founding And First YearThe Book S Short Length, Diverse Cast, And Suitability For Adults As Well As Children Have Led It To Be Used In Countless One Book Reads In Schools And In Cities Across The CountrySeedfolks Has Been Drawn Upon To Teach Tolerance, Read In ESL Classes, Promoted By Urban Gardeners, And Performed In Schools And On Stages From South Africa To BroadwayThe Book S Many Tributariesfrom The Author S Immigrant Grandfather To His Adoption Of Two Brothers From Mexicoare Detailed In His Forthcoming Memoir, No Map, Great Trip A Young Writer S Road To Page OneThe Size Of This Slim Volume Belies The Profound Message Of Hope It Contains Christian Science MonitorAnd Dont Miss Joyful Noise Poems For Two Voices, The Newbery Medal Winning Poetry Collection

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    Astonishing book I am using this with my fourth and fifth grade Drama Language Arts Social Studies classes and they love the book We used it as a read aloud book and then discussed each chapter afterward They are begging us to read and of the book aloud to them The students and teachers love the book The 13 characters are richly drawn in short monologues that comprise each chapter The author does not underestimate his young adult audience He throws a lot at them and expects them to go with him on the journey that is Seedfolks There is so much in this small and extraordinary book I can t say enough about it Themes of community, anti bias, looking beyond first impressions, the power of nature to heal and nurturethe list goes on and on I m thinking about writing the author a note of appreciation I m so smitten with this book It s written for young adults but it is a book for everyone I cannot recommend it highly enough There is so much in it and if you trust your students, they will take you where the book leads them to go I ve taught for over 20 years and this book is one of the best books for use with work in Drama, Literacy, and Social Justice that I have had the pleasure of teaching in all of my years as a teaching artist.

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    I didn t read it or rather I did I bought the book because it had been recommended for children and i thought my grandchildren in second grade would love talking about the characters and life My grandkids are ferocious readers, and love being read to This book is very good, but it is not a read for them, not even a read to I liked the book and have it on my shelf to read it with them when they are a bit older.

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    This was on our required reading list for sixth grade I really enjoyed it We had students fill out a foldable Character Booklet for each chapter Then, after we finished reading it, they had to create their own chapter insert themselves as they really are into the chapter They can make up the reason they had to move to the neighborhood, but they develop their character by interacting with the other characters in the book Students loved this.

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    No one in the neighborhood thought that a vacant lot that looks like a complete dump could have potential Then one day a girl plants some beans and they take off As people watch her, they follow her lead They also plant seeds on the lot Soon, there are all sorts of plants being grown People get together, help each other out, and share their crops, while others are territorial with the plot they call their own The story is told through multiple points of view of children, teenagers, and adults from all walks of life.

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    This book is a masterpiece Each chapter is a wonderful short story in itself, a study of individual characters and circumstances, and how they relate to the growing garden The book is so short, yet every page is rich Seedfolks addresses big issues like poverty, immigration, racism, and community in accessible language I used it as a read aloud for my 6th grade class, and students responded to the characters and stories powerfully We were able to have honest conversations about these big, scary issues, using the book as a launching point This is one I will keep in my library and go back to read again and again.