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This book was easy to read for my daughter, who is eight years old The activities were great and it spoke to her on her level. Presents Tips, Quizzes, Activities, And Words Of Wisdom From Successful Women For Girls Trying To Make Positive Changes And Choices In All Areas Of Their Lives And Develop Confidence, Inner Strength, And The Desire To Learn Dr Rimm has done a fantastic job of translating her findings from her research for See Jane Win and How Jane Won into a format that girls can appreciate and relate to I plan to give this to my niece and any other girls who can use it Catherine Dee, author of The Girls Book of Success 2003 Look forward to sharing with middle school teachers who assist science fair entrants. While I havent read the entire book yet, I did read an excerpt to my 12 year old daughter Very timely considering the age and what middle schooler s thoughts and behaviors are these days I think the book is very appropriate for the 8 to 12 year old rangevery easy read with practical advice Some of which I wish I had before I became an adult woman Great reminders that the sky s the limit, to believe in yourself and hard work always pays off Written on their level with girls in mindwould definitely recommend it.