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the title drew me to this book The topic was good arrived on time and in great shape I recommend it. Bullying Today Comes In Many Forms, From Being Picked On To Verbal, Physical, Emotional, Homophobic, Racist And Cyberbullying This Book Examines All The Types Of Bullying, Looks At The Reasons People Bully And The Variety Of Ways That You Can Combat Bullying With Endorsement From Kidscape, The Children S Charity Against Abuse And Bullying I recently had the pleasure of receiving a review copy of Say No to Bullying directly from the publisher, Barron s Educational Series Bullying is something that most children regardless of gender will experience at least to some extent as either a perpetrator, victim, or bystander and this wonderful book covers it all.The book begins by going into details explaining the different types of bullying including physical bullying, teasing and name calling, relationship bullying, racist bullying, homophobic bullying, cyber bullying, and muchThere is just the right amount of information for a child in the target age range 7 to 13 to be able to identify if they are being bullied There are also tips for differentiating bullying e.g., systemic exclusion from misunderstandings e.g., thinking someone didn t want to play a game and apologizing for not asking a friend to join This is all very well done.I appreciated that the author took on somedifficult topics to address such as what to do when an adult such as a teacher, coach or even a parent is the bully As one can imagine, this is a very difficult situation for any child and the author deals with this sensitively The next few sections each address the perspective of the bully including why children become bullies and how to stop oneself from being a bully This fits in very nicely with my framework of compassion and with my own views on bullying I have always taught my children that people hurt other people because they are hurt themselves This message is reinforced in this book.The final sections in the book give concrete advice about how to respond if you are being bullied including faking confidence love that one , ignoring the bully or the bullying if appropriate , making and keeping a solid group of friends, standing up to the bully or bullying in a safe way, and finally, asking for help if necessary Of course, many of these things seem like great ideas in theory but, I imagine that putting them into practice may be difficult, so I really appreciate the author stressing the importance of developing self confidence The book is full of great advice I do have to also mention that I thought the illustrations and the presentation of the information through infographics labelled Did You Know and Top Tips among others was outstanding The illustrations as well as the information itself is geared toward the children themselves so that the author is in conversation with the child reading the book While the topic covered in the book is certainly difficult, the book itself is very child friendly.My Bottom Line Say No to Bullying is an excellent resource for children and parents alike for having frank discussions about bullying The book is well rounded with regards to covering off the main topics concerning bullying including identifying bullying behavior, understanding the causes of bullying, and advice for what to do if you are the victim of bullying There is just the right amount of information and infographics to not be overwhelming for children I highly recommend Say No To Bullying to parents of children ages 7 to 13 as it will undoubtedly be a useful tool at one point or another for children attending school or even in the context of homeschooling groups This book was provided to me by the publisher free of charge in exchange for my honest review All opinions expressed are my own. This was a full spectrum book that explores all aspects of bullying and how to deal with this personally Written especially for kids, I loved the language and how it allows the child to see the different types of bullying and how to deal with this and who can help I appreciated the different tips shared in the book as they were practical and relevant for any child reading this On top of this, the book is a great resource for any family, but also for any teacher as the messages shared in this are so important for all kids to understand and take to heart This is an important book with valuable resources shared throughout the book It is an important read and one I would highly recommend for all to read together I received a copy for review all opinions are my own