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When Ruth returns home to the South for the summer after her freshman year at college a near tragedy pushes her to uncover family truths and take a good look at the woman she wants to becomeGrowing up in Alabama all Ruth Wasserman wanted was to be a blond Baptist cheerleader But as a curly haired Jew with a rampant sweet tooth and a smart mouth this was an impossible dream Not helping the situation was her older brother David—a soccer star whose good looks smarts and popularity reigned at school and at home College provided an escape route and Ruth took itNow home for the summer she's back lifeguarding and coaching alongside David and although the job is the same nothing else is She's a prisoner of her low self esteem and unhealthy relationship with food David is closed off and distant in a way he's never been before and their parents are struggling with the reality of an empty nest When a near drowning happens on their watch a storm of repercussions forces Ruth and David to confront long ignored truths about their town their family and themselves

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    Good easy writing and a uick read but the plot of this book made me feel like I was reading the book euivalent of an after school special Maybe it's supposed to be a tweenteen book?

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    Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading BlogI can remember how weird it was to come home that first summer after being away for 2 semesters You’re used to so much freedom and all of a sudden you are under the same roof with your parents and the same rules As for friends it always took a little while to get back into the swing of things with people you didn’t see that often After reading so much YA it was interesting to read an adult contemporary title about a 19 year old who had some very adult problems I actually don’t know why it couldn’t have been classfied as YA Ruth is forcing herself to keep a very strict diet and exercise plan After being an overweight child she is scared that gaining any ounce will mean she will be right back where she began When I read about a character with an eating disorder I’m always curious about what moment would be their breaking point Despite the comments from her family and friends Ruth maintains this regiment for a majority of the book Fishman does a realistic job of painting this girl who was so affected by the people she grew up with and even the small comments made now and then by her parents No one knew that those small moments could grow to mean so much In fact Ruth is “hired” to help another overweight girl in the neighborhood after her mom sees how “fabulous” Ruth was looking Ironic isn’t it? I loved the train of thought that came out of these lessons and also the parellels between her and the youngin That’s the thing about Ruth She is completely aware of what she is doing She knows she lacks the knowledge of proper nutrition but even knowing that is not enough for her to put a halt to her behaviors A well done subplot of the novel was also the difficult relationship Ruth had with her brother David The once popularuber successfulsoccer star champion is suddenly withdrawn and Ruth has no idea how to get through to him I was very caught up in their relationship and what might have been David’s problem I guessed wrong David’s secrets open a can of worms when an emergency occurs at the pool and Ruth is forced to face certain truths about him Not only that but prejudices she never encountered start to bubble and force her to see others in her community differently Fishman has created a well written work that manages to weave in various storylines and not pollute the pages with too much of anything She has a refreshing and simple style that was easy to connect with and I couldn’t put the novel down Sidenote there’s also some romance and I mention that because it’s sweet but also I love how Fishman doesn’t make it bigger than it ought to be In fact I was utterly sad when it was over In the end this book is about people vying for control of their lives and how that control is so fragile So it’s also about learning how to let go go with the flow and why that isn’t always the easy thing to do

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    This was a very good young adult read Goes to show that in real life even the perfect family you see on the outside is as dysfunctional as the rest of us This novel has uite a few mishaps going on but has some nice self learning in the end I thought that this book with the subjects it covered was not sugar coated in the least And was happy to see that while it was a good ending for the main characters it wasn't your average happily lives ever after

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    Ruth Wasserman home from her first year of college attempts to reconnect with her brother while undergoing struggles revolving around an eating disorder I liked the book's premise really wanted to like it but I feel the publisher got the genre mixed up this should definitely have been categorized as young adult fiction not in the adult women's fiction genre This is a book teen girls should love but since it's not marketed to them they probably won't read it Unfortunately there's not much here for many adult women to love unless they've undergone similar issues as the protagonist

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    I don't think I've ever read a sibling relationship depicted so accurately at least to my life particularly a brother sister one I loved that that took center stage here instead of the eating disorder or race issues that were also at play Those were present and definitely discussed extensively and appropriately but every time David Ruth interacted it was a bit like seeing my own relationship with my brother on the printed page Although he and I never had the kind of heartwarming discussion they ended up having That was a little cheesy for my taste tbh

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    A uick entertaining read with some great insights into families and the drama of trying to get your head straight in college Ruth and David are lovable and it was fun to read about a sibling relationship for a change But pretty lightweight when all was said and done skimmed the surface of the swimming pool so to speak

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    I enjoyed Ruth A good summer read The characters were believable It was not a perfect read ; I expected a bit crisis and a bit deeper revelation by the various characters I did not get the sense that resolution was or would be reached 4 stars only because I liked the swim team references and pool setting which I can relate

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    A nice diversion I'm closer to Ruth's mothers age but I enjoyed reading about her struggles No big surprises or reveals here A look at racism anorexia depression and family No great revelations But again I enjoyed the diversion

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    This was a perfect summer read only fitting that I read 75% of it while lying at the pool

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    I was seeking another book by this author at my local library when I came across this title This book would have received a higher rating had I read it 30 years earlier at the age 14