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This short novella picks up where The Youngest Templar Orphan of Destiny left off Now that Tristan has completed his uest and learned his true identity he has been knighted and joined the Templars His friends Robard and Maryam return to Sherwood where Robard has unfinished business with the Shire Reeve of Nottingham William Wendenal But villainy has been visited upon Robard's home and now Maryam the Merry Men and Tristan must act uickly to save Robard from a horrible fate Full of action adventure drama and humor this short is the first installment in what will become Book 4 in The Youngest Templar series

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    AH I want to die there he goes with those endingsI seriously thought my kindle was frozenthen I realizedit was just the enddies

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    35 stars