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Bedded for the Italian's pleasure Claimed for his babySienna should not be secretly attending her ex husband's wedding but she has to see the woman Nico De Conti has replaced her with Until she realizes Nico isn't the groom Mortified she can't escape the church fast enough But when Nico follows her their burning fire spectacularly reignites leading to one last night in Nico's bed A night that leaves Sienna shockingly pregnant with the Italian's childGet lost in this marriage reunited romance

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    ‘And then I looked around the church at my brother’s wedding and saw the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and everything I thought I knew about myself imploded I had to have you Our H Nico said this at the end of the novel when he finally confessed his love for the heroine But theirs was a turbulent route to one of the most torturous and bittersweet HEA stories I've read in recent HPlandia Theirs is a second chance romance that ignited 8 years after their first youthful and doomed marriage had ended They're reunited when Sienna out of curiosity or so she claims turns up to the church in her childhood village to discover the identity of the woman that the H is supposed to be marrying LOLShe claims not to love Nico any but it's obvious to the reader that her heart is breaking at the mere thought that he's re marrying in the same church where they'd exchanged vows when he was the local viscount's 24 year old heir and she'd been a pregnant 18 year old village girl It was an awesomely dramatic and angst filled start to this story and like this smug Garfield I was glued to the sceneIt turns out that the groom was his younger brother Danny and he was just the groom's best manThis storyline and it's MC's are reminiscent of the angsty trainwrecks from yesteryear's HPlandia stories The MC's were a pair of young lovers whose uncontrollable youthful lust for each other had resulted in an unexpected pregnancy leading to a shotgun marriage of convenience after the H's grandfather and the heroine's drunkard dad had been apprised of the situation The 18 year old Sienna was in love with Nico but he'd felt trapped in the marriage in spite of his intense lustful feelings for the heroine He'd not been ready for marriage she'd been too immature and her childlike adoration tended to stifle him at times He had cared for her a lot but his resentment at being steamrolled into an unwanted marriage coupled with his tendency to spend a lot of time at the office had caused the heroine to suspect that he was cheating on her with his sexy PA All it took was for a tragic miscarriage a series of subseuent major misunderstandings and the lies of the H's deceptive jealous brother to derail a relationship that was already teetering on the brink of self destruction I haven't read most of the vintage HP's out there but these plot points reminded me of many book reviews I've read by my GR friends of novels written by authors like Anne Mather This story's not as icky as the all in the family sibling love triangle trope that Boogenhagen's explored in her reviews of selected Anne M novels but it was interesting that the heroine used to date the H's younger brother Danny before she met the H Sienna and Danny never had sex but they had kissed and made out with each other while they were dating Danny had been obsessed with Sienna and was jealous when she got involved with his older brother the heir His bitter jealousy led him to lie to the H in order to break up the MC's fragile marriage after the heroine's tragic miscarriage Danny told Nico that Sienna had slept with him before she'd met the H The dumbass H was so filled with jealousy that he decided Sienna must've lied about being a virgin the first time they'd had sex Now I found this specific plot point a little difficult to buy into because how can a guy backtrack after knowing he's taken a woman's virginity and decide suddenly that she's a skanky gold digger ? If that wasn't bad enough Nico did a do it yourself at home fertility test and discovered that his sperm count was low The dude's a billionaire and yet he didn't hire a medical specialist to do the test That was kinda dumb to be honest and I was flabbergasted that he wouldn't want an opinion from the best medical professional who would be ethically bound to keep the information from the tabloids The H's justification for this dumb decision was his male pride; he was ashamed and didn't want anyone to know that he had uestions about his fertility After that he concluded that Sienna had known she was pregnant with Danny's child but decided to trap him into marriage because the heir is a better option than the loser spare What's even unbelievable is that he behaves just like the cold insensitive H's from vintage HPlandia and spurns the heroine without bothering to confront her with his suspicious theoriesYep This novel has all the earmarks of a juicy classic HPlandia trainwreck And I enjoyed it because most of the current HP's heroes have been too tame and a lot nicer when compared to the guys from the older novels They're also a little less interesting to read aboutThis is the H Nico His eyes and incredible bone structure were the only features he had inherited from his English mother but for the rest his almost black hair that was swept back from his brow the dark stubble shading his jaw and his olive gold skin denoted his Italian heritage This is the heroine Sienna She was a ravishing sensual siren and ever since he had caught sight of her in the church desire had pulsed hot and urgent in his blood The storyline diverged from traditional HPlandia novels that deal with similar tropes in one significant way the H wasn't vengeful hateful and didn't spew nasty insults when he's reunited with the heroine He's still angry and resents her for supposedly sleeping with his brother Danny but he keeps those feelings hidden His lust for her takes priority over his latent resentment The MC's can't keep their hands off each other after they meet at his brother's wedding but the heroine protects her heart by running away again after their one night stand of hot sex They ignore each other for a month but start having sex once when they meet again Both are determined to treat this weird situation as a purely sexual exes with benefits arrangement and the heroine while admittedly vulnerable to his magical penis is admirably stoic and unemotional in her outward dealings with Nico Another break up ensues after they argue over his relationship with his PA The heroine still bears some anger because he'd never addressed her previous accusations 10 years ago that he'd been having an affair with his employee He hadn't and still isn't having an affair with his PA but 10 years ago he had been so jealous and angry about Sienna's affair with his brother that he'd refused to tell the truth when she'd aired her suspicions I guess that was his attempt at payback for her having trapped into matrimony while being pregnant supposedly with his brother's childThere's a lot of drama anger resentment and insults when he learns that she's pregnant He denies paternity obviously He loses his temper because he thinks she's a slut who had been banging some other guy while she'd been sleeping with him He throws her out of his life but she doesn't cower this time She responds with dignity and a steeliness that shocks him Sienna knows that he's the father of her child and her private revenge is the thought that he will be denied access to the heir that he'd longed for He changes his tune when his second fertility test conducted by a medical professional reveals that there's nothing wrong with his sperm count After this point Nico becomes nicer proposes marriage again apologizes to the heroine and breaks off communication with his brother when the latter admits that he'd lied about sleeping with Sienna all those years ago Sienna makes him work hard to prove himself and she's wary of accepting his proposal because she knows that he's allergic to love and might never allow himself to confess to those feelings She's still in love with him but refuses to let him know because that might complicate their already tense relationship It's ironic though that the H gets angry and does his fair share of ManPouting when time passes and he sees no sign of the adoring young girl who used to worship him He doesn't want her to love him yet he's angry when he thinks that he's lost her love The angst is also mixed in with a lot of beautiful romantic times because the H proposes to her in a sweet little scene when they're alone in a cable car climbing towards the top of a mountain It's clear to the reader that Nico is in love with Sienna but doesn't even know it His actions and behaviour in this final uarter of the story is proof of this He does a lot of wonderful things to show his appreciation for her1 He clears out all the cars from his private garage at their mansion in Verona and gifts it to her so that she can use it to work on her beauty product developmentresearch projects He's supportive of her desire to expand her organic beauty product small business even though he had initially hoped that she would be a stay at home mom 2 He's patient and gives her time to decide whether to accept or refuse his proposal 3 He's loving sexy protective and looks after her to make sure that she and the baby are healthy 4 He gives her 2 cute kittens when he learns that she loves cats They're not given much page time but they're perhaps the most thoughtful gift that he's ever given her These are the kittens Charlie and TiggsAt the end of the story Sienna returns his engagement ring when she realizes that she can't marry a man who would never reciprocate her love It's a heart wrenching decision because he's been behaving so well at this point and I did feel a little sorry for him However it turned out to be the right decision because this final rejection was the act that led to their grand reconciliation after he realized he couldn't live without her again He watched the green clad figure become smaller as Sienna ran across the moors and disappeared in the mist ‘Don’t leave me’ he roared The silence that answered him in the empty room was a mocking reminder that she had goneThis was why he hated love This burning sensation beneath his breastbone this feeling as if he had swallowed shards of glass this stinging sensation behind his eyelids The woman he loved was walking away but he wouldn’t let her go He couldn’t let her go because losing her would destroy him The epilogue is divided into two sections the first is set right after the birth of their son Alessandro and the second occurs 18 months afterwards when they're having a marriage blessing ceremony at the village church in England where they had first gotten married than a decade ago This was a very emotional well written story that's much better than Chantelle Shaw's previous novel The Virgin's Sicilian Protector The author made a greater effort to engage the reader's emotions and unlike the previous novel there were no boring parts where the narrative stagnated or became a bit ludicrous I loved the MC's enjoyed all the OTT drama and the hot sex scenes that were steamier than normal for an HPlandia novel; these scenes sometimes bordered on mild erotica but weren't gratuitous and didn't detract from the overall storyline Chantelle Shaw's a hit or miss author for me but I can definitely say that this novel did not disappoint Both MC's have tortured backstories due to their horrible parents but you can read about that yourself if you're interested in this novel Nico's an extremely jealous and possessive H but unlike other guys who fit this modus operandi he hides it well He tries hard to appear to be the civilized and urbane sophisticate who isn't prone to jealous male tantrums It's only the reader who gets to witness his burning jealousy over his brother and her non existent lovers via his internal monologues He was also frantic with worry over the heroine after she's captured by rebels in a tiny African kingdom where she'd gone to do business In true alpha male fashion he rushed off to save her and even paid a million dollars to the rebels to get them to release her Safety No cheating no OW and no OM The H was not celibate during the 8 years they had been divorced but the heroine had been celibate After they're reunited they were separated twice again for one month and then for 2 months but were both celibate during those periods Minor pet peeve I couldn't understand how the half Italian H was the heir to his English maternal's grandfather's title Viscount Mandeville As far as I know this wouldn't be possible because titles are not passed from a viscount to the son of his daughter I didn't have time to research whether or not it is now possible via new laws for titles to be passed on to a daughter's son

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    A very short review as I am feeling lazyThis was a good oneBorderline erotic for an HPTrope Reunited divorced HhmiscarriageI am a sucker for an Italian hero and all things ItalianLiked this couple and the grandmasSweet epilogue

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    It had been the problem in the past She had made it too easy for him He hadn’t had to try to win her She’d rolled over like an eager puppy she thought grimly‘You haven’t even apologised for the terrible things you accused me of when we found out about this pregnancy’ I really liked the arrogant stupid jerk hero He was soo awful and she was always in the clutches of TBS because of his magical penis even if she thought spoke logically as above mentioned uotes If there were not apart for 8 years and he was also celibate it would be 5 stars book for me

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    Title checks out That’s the only reason the Hh are together – 8 years after their first marriage dissolved I had high hopes from the first sceneThe heroine goes to what she thinks is her ex husband’s weddingHigh hopes Who does that? Maybe this heroine will be like one of Sally Wentworth’s crazy heroinesHopes dashed It’s hero’s brother’s wedding and hero is glad to see herHigh Hopes Granny tricks heroine to return to the manor house after the wedding I’m hoping for disdainful looksconfrontations with relativesservantsanybody? Beuller? Hopes dashed The first of many many sex scenesHigh Hopes The reasons for their separation miscarriage OW brother lied infertilityHopes dashed OW was settled in one conversation hero didn’t berate his brother on the page hero’s home infertility kit LOL was inaccurateHigh Hopes Heroine is kidnappedHopes dashed It’s over in two pagesThe author had so many fun tropes that she brought up and dropped so there is no angst The boring sex scenes felt like filler Heroine was celibate while hero was not so that felt off This didn’t feel like true love to me Hh would have never gotten together if heroine hadn’t shown up at the wedding

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    A good story about a sexy alpha male afraid to love and a heroine who breaks down his walls I loved all the angst and drama Heroine's miscarriage was so sad but I was glad they finally had their baby boy in the epilogue A really emotional and passionate read For those who care heroine was a virgin and hero is her only lover Hero was not celibate during their 8 year separation I strongly recommend this fantastic book It will make you cry and swoon

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    Rating 35Hero was a jerk alpha and always wanting to be in control But I kinda liked him sorry not sorry 😂Heroine was a bestowed young girl when they first married because shethey became pregnant But tragedy struck and she left She returns a strong independent and confident young woman years after their divorceShe thinks he's getting married and she has to see him and his bride one time But it's his brother that's marrying He see's her at the churchwedding and instantly is attracted and drawn to her just like before He wants herShe's relieved he's not marrying And there it is again that chemistry and why is he sexier then ever Couldn't he be fat bald and grumpyThey can't resist the attractionlust Sleep together and of course she becomes pregnantLies and mistrust had a lot to do with their breakup and now they need to work through all the lies and hurtThey spend a lot of time having sex would have liked relationship building and romance thrown inFelt he should have had to grovel a little in the endEnjoyed the epilogue

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    Reunited by a Shock Pregnancy is the story of Sienna and NicoI'm guessing I read a different book from everyone because this was terrible Yes this was definitely a HN erotica with vividly descriptive and detailed sex scenes but with a terrible hero and a doormat hero both of whom are OTT horny this was bound to be a disasterI hated the hero and his callous behavior I wanted to shake the heroine for even being with him again because he won EVERY SINGLE TIME and she gave in He was an absolute bastard to her and it pisses me off when in such books the author keeps the h celibate during the separation when the H obviously hoes around The hero was immature controlling unfeeling and just a tomcat who deserved to be stabbedYou know what Nico FUCK YOU And you and Sienna need therapy for your sex addictionMehUnsafe055

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    Sienna should not be secretly attending her ex husband's wedding but she has to see the woman Nico De Conti has replaced her with Until she realizes Nico isn't the groom Mortified she can't escape the church fast enough But when Nico follows her their burning fire spectacularly reignites leading to one last night in Nico's bed A night that leaves Sienna shockingly pregnant with the Italian's child

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    I was reading and waiting for her to slap him 😡 because this man was stupid and a jerk But thank God he redeemed himself loved the angst the passionate sex scenes and the sweet epilogue a great read

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    A heart rending read about a second chance at marriage and parenthood The H and h got married ten years earlier when she was 18 he was 24 and they got pregnant Their marriage imploded when they lost their baby and didn’t recover Eight years after the divorce the h learns that the H is getting remarried in the same church that they got married in She crashes the wedding and finds that her ex isn’t getting married his brother is But before she could leave her ex sees her and before you know it history is repeating itself They spent a hot night together that led to another pregnancy The H believing that he was sterile and he also believing a nasty lie his brother told him 8 years earlier reacted downright nasty to the h when he heard the news Her reaction to his accusations was to leave I loved all the drama and emotional baggage in the book The characters were likeable even when they were at their worst The grandmothers were my favorites with their secret matchmaking They were sweet A really good read that I really enjoyed