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Why were Federalists at the 1787 Philadelphia convention—ostensibly called to revise the Articles of Confederation—so intent on scrapping the old system and drawing up a completely new frame of government?In Redeeming the Republic Roger Brown focuses on state public policy issues to show how recurrent outbreaks of popular resistance to tax crackdowns forced state governments to retreat from taxation propelling elites into support for the constitutional revolution of 1787 The Constitution Brown contends resulted from upper class dismay over the state governments' inability to tax effectively for state and federal purposes The Framers concluded that without a rebuilt energized central government the confederation would experience continued monetary and fiscal turmoil until republicanism itself became endangeredA fresh and searching study of the hard uestions that divided Americans in these critical years and still do today Redeeming the Republic shows how local failures led to federalist resolve and ultimately to a totally new frame of central government

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    If you read only one book on state tax policy in the Articles of Confederation era make it this oneIf you want to read a second one I can't help you