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I’m everyone’s friend but no one’s everything I love working for Ballsy Boys but when you make the kind of videos I do relationships are pretty damn impossible Guys find me sexy and want to either be with me or be me but no one has ever cared enough to see the real me Until I meet Troywho shows up in a banana suit at my door Long story Troy has no problem whatsoever with my job but he’s determined to keep me at a distance I get it he’s been hurt before But for the first time a hook up alone is not enough I want with him Hell I want everything But he resists at every step until I’m about ready to give up What do I need to do to show him that what we have is real and worth fighting for? Rebel is the first book in the Ballsy Boys Series and is a sexy emotional MM romance that will make you fall in love with all the Ballsy Boys While this book and this series do contain some instances of sex outside of the main relationships there’s NO cheating

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    WOW this book was soooo much than I'd honestly expectedFirst off IT WAS FREAKING FILTHY Dirty dirty duuuuuurty in the steam department Am I complaining? Well no It is a story about gay porn stars FFS heheAs the story began I really wasn't sure if this was just going to be porn with the slimmest margin of plot That was certainly how it felt toward the beginning For example this was Troy when Hendrix did his most favorite sex thing ever heh Then things changed And there were feels Lots of really good ones all while keeping the angst to manageable levelsSomehow in the middle of the butt load of sex pun slightly intended these two not looking for ANYTHING serious guys bonded without even completely realizing it which was a thing of beauty to witness I adored seeing Troy start to open up not only to Hendrix aka ' Rebel' but also to Mason his first true friend despite his best efforts to push people away to avoid the pain of rejection I also loved how once Troy and Hendrix were together that wasn't really the end of the story From there Hendrix helped Troy begin to overcome his underlying issues of rejectionBottom line is that I wasn't expecting much than a porny fun dick fest but got a whole lot than that so I'd rate this one at around 425 stars and definitely recommend it Note to authors Please for the love of God stop repeatedly describing Pixie as an imp over and over and over and motherfucking over again It got super old super uick Also releasing a breath he didn't even know he was holding Waaaaay 4 years ago and overused even way back then This book is FREE with Kindle Unlimited membershipSee All My Latest Reads Review uick Links

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    Audiobook 4 starsStory 3 stars I liked it Porn stars Likable Characters I loved Rebel his character was refreshing down to earth just my type I liked Troy even though he was exhausting most of the time Man got issues The writing was ok But please retire this I released a breath i didn't even know i was holding 🙄 The sex scenes were hot and the rimming on another levelThe secondary characters were amazing too Pixie and Bear caught my attention Tank Mason and Heart I hope their books are interestingOverall it was a good read

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    35 HeartsThis was my first experience with both of these authors and while it had the potential to be a weightier read it was actually low angst fluffy and sexy It's also a nice introduction to a series featuring gay porn stars affiliated with a studio that bears a striking resemblance to the Cocky BoysRebel is a Ballsy Boys staple who reminded me of Tayte growlsNOT MAD AT IT Heart eyes for days where Tayte is concernedTroy is a struggling college student who is trying to make ends meet by any means necessary including breaking up with others' paramours for them for money which lands him on Rebel's doorstep In a banana suit WITH WEED in there Somewhere?I digressTroy being a porn star aficionado of course recognizes Rebel right away It just so happens Rebel is his #1 porn star crush so one thing leads to another and these two have a sexy little friends with bennies thing happeningI struggled with Troy a bit He seemed sort of one note to me and Rebel is so outgoing with a charming bonhomie about him that I had trouble understanding their connection Above and beyond their sexual compatibility that isTroy has a childhood that is rife with hardships that has left him unwilling to make himself vulnerable to anyone The feelings he has for Rebel he keeps channeling back into sex which works for awhile but Rebel is fairly dogged in his pursuit of Make no mistake Rebel makes good usage of the porn star angle These two have large and in charge sexual appetites and are ready to go at a moment's notice That pool scene UNFThe authors did a good job of building their relationship by utilizing dual perspectives The progression from casual to serious feelings between them was discernible However once they commit to being exclusive the story felt like it hit the fast forward button especially with Troy's ability to 180 on his relationship aversion Some of the events and even his facing his feelings reuired some suspension of disbelief but it aligned with the overall tone of the narrativeThe secondary characters are what really caught my attention though I don't even have words for how much I want Bear and Pixie's book Silver fox twink?? Please kink gods let them be kinky Just a lil? Pretty please? With sugar on top? I can throw in some cuffs to sweeten the deal? #giverBut really all of the other porn stars piued my interest Tank Brewer and Heart But I also really liked Troy's nerdy friend Mason He needs someone that'll treat him better than his tool of an ex boyfriendI'm antsy to continue the series and if you're looking for a light and sexy read you've found it A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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    35 StarsA solid start to this porn tastic MM series that nicely surprised in terms of character depth and emotional oomph Although the backdrop here is gay porn with at least one of the Ballsy Boys featuring in each story this was not merely a titillating smut fest as I may have initially prejudged it to be Authors Neuhold and Phoenix know how to bring the heat between the sheets that is not in uestion but thankfully they were also able to deliver a sweet romance featuring two main characters that had great chemistry together as well as fairly relatable personal backgrounds and hopes and dreams worth fighting for Beyond the sexual chemistry that initially brought MCs Rebel and Troy together they also formed an easy friendship which was hugely beneficial to the growth and happiness of each character for different reasons In many ways this felt like a friends to lovers story even though the men were strangers when they first hooked up It was through the strength and speed of their new friendship even when they were still calling one another friends with benefits that it was so very easy to believe in their romantic relationship when they finally owned up to their feelings for one another Interestingly the porn star thing never really factored into the will theywon’t they work as a couple euation Instead it was Troy – the one who wasn’t a porn star – who struggled the most when coming to terms with the realities of his relationship with Rebel Troy’s deeply ingrained commitment and abandonment issues caused from long term emotional hang ups from a childhood of rejection and loss resulted in Troy doing everything he could to avoid admitting to a deeper connection with Rebel even when his feelings were trying to override his pesky pessimistic brain Troy’s issues were plentiful and although I understood his reasoning for pushing Rebel away I still found myself not liking him or caring about him as much as I wanted to Rebel on the other hand was a real sweetheart – porn star professional and all I liked how he owned up to his feelings and went about winning skittish Troy over for keeps I also really liked his hippy family and his friendships with his fellow Ballsy Boys which added an extra element of likability to his character and the bigger storyOverall this was a fun and satisfying read and a hot one at that I look forward to reading from this series now that all the key Ballsy Boys players have been well established

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    425 Stars If a break up artist and commitment phobe like myself and a porn star can't do casual then who can? I loved this book So addicting and impossible to put down You think you're gonna get one thing when you start but you get so much Raunchy good times a great cast of charactersand then you're slapped with some feels I love how sex positive this book is There's no shaming the porn industry or those who participate in the creation or viewing of it And I love that Troy and RebelHendrix had fantastic chemistry Their vulnerabilities were well developed and definitely tugged at the heartstrings Even though I thought Troy's switch was flipped a little too uickly at the end I'm also thankful that it wasn't dragged out into unnecessary drama You're introduced to a lot of folks in this book but it was easy for me to follow even though I think some of the Porn nicknames are a little wackyCampy? Heart? Pixie? which by the way there were one too many uses of the word imp to describe Pixie The large cast of characters didn't feel like an information dump or people forced on the reader in order to intrigue you for future books Each character was someone in Rebel or Troy's life You genuinely get a sense of each man's world Another thing this book had that I lovedgreat banter I really liked how Troy and Rebel used sex as their get out of jail free card when the emotions became too much or too real Troy Is it technically porn when you send me a dick pic?Rebel Dictionary definition yes because porn is any image or explicit description used for a sensual purpose says Google But in a collouial sense I'd say no because we don't usually consider dick pics porn we consider them sextingTroy Is it weird that I'm even turned on by how smart you sound right now than by your dick pic?Rebel Not to make this weird and I know you're allergic to emotions and shit but that really means a lot to me to hear you sayTroy Yup you made it weird LOLRebel AssholeTroy You like my asshole dickRebel You like my dickTroy We seem to be at an impasse here Maybe your dick and my asshole can work this out laterRebel Count on it ; Another thing I loved? The authors didn't use the cliche of Rebel the porn star having a tragic backstory or a troubled youth His family was wacky supporting and just heartwarmingly loving And the authors brought just the right amount of feels with Troy His issues with rejection really got me and I love how Rebel pushed but never shoved No wonder he has a hard time building friendships and relationships No one has apparently ever stuck around long enough for him to even know what those words mean I guess I'll have to show him There were a couple of plot points that were lost along the way like what ever happend with Troy's break up job? It was never mentioned again after he met Rebel? The whole reason he had the job was to pay for schoolwhat happened with all that? How'd he pay for school since he was threatened by the financial aid person that he wouldn't be able to register if he didn't payBut even with my issues I devoured this book I'd never read either of these authors but I'm definitely going to look into their other booksBut firstI'm off to jump into book 2 becuase I NEEEEEED Tank and Brewer's story And there BETTER be something coming down the line with view spoilerPixie and Bear Because yes Gimme some MayDecember between a bear and a twink I love me some opposites attract Plus I have a feeling their book would bring some major feels hide spoiler

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    35 stars Rebel is the first book in the Ballsy Boys series but I did things a bit backwards and read Tank first Maybe that lessened my enjoyment of this book because I already knew some things about Rebel and Troy's relationship and knew what would happen from mentions in the second book but I still liked getting their full storyThese books are standalones but I think they should be read in order It's clear that they are parts of a series even if the main characters are different for each one They are still connected in a way that you can't separate them I read Tank first and even though I didn't have any problem getting into the story and I loved Tank and Brewer I can see how much I would have enjoyed it if I had read Rebel firstAs I said in the second book we get some spoilers about Rebel and Troy's relationship so I knew from the beginning what would happen near the end of the book Also Rebel contains the events that lead to the scene of Tank and Brewer together which was the start of them getting over their hostility We also see them here acting pissy towards each other and get a glimpse of all that hatred that was present between them from the moment they met In the second book there are no descriptions of characters except for one making his first appearance there I was hoping that was because they had already been described here and I'm happy to say that was exactly the case In Rebel we get the descreptions of all the characters that I felt were missing from TankOn to the actual plot of the bookIt's a casual to serious trope that was very nicely done Troy had a fear of abandonment because of his past and he had voted to never get close enough to anyone so that no one could ever hurt him by leaving Rebel on the other hand wanted a relationship but had been unlucky in the past and had decided that he could never have a boyfriend while still working in porn because nobody would be okay with thatRebel had an amazing and super supportive family their get togethers were great funny and lighthearted I couldn't wait to read what would come out of his mother's or sister's mouth next He had chosen to do porn and his family knew about it and supported him He wanted to remain part of the business but he also wanted to settle down with someone so he was trying to find a way to fit both into his lifeThe story got a bit teary near the end and I could have done without it but it was still nice to see Troy starting to work through his emotional issues All in all the plot was good though I liked the second book and I think Tank is my favorite character so far Let's see what the rest of these guys' stories will bring us This review has been cross posted on The Novel Approach Reviews A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher via The Novel Approach Reviews in exchange for an honest review

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    Plot what plot? Is there a thing as too much sex in a romance book? After listening to this I have to confess yes yes there isThe first 80% of this book was a series of sexcapades connected by repetitive dialogue and internal monologues Sure the sex was hot but that’s all that this was—hook up after hook up Porn scene after porn scene It actually got old and I found myself skipping past the scenes The writing was choppy inconsistent and repetitive There were “plot points” the writers never got back to which left me wondering why they were written in the first place We had very abrupt scene changes that proved confusing in the audiobook version since I didn’t have a visual clue of a gap in the middle of a page The plot washard to swallow—pun intended We had a character who doesn’t get close to people because of being hurt in the past He has zero friends No one calls him He says this repeatedly We get it Obi’s voice choice for this character Troy was grating—he didn’t sound like the gorgeous hot masc guy he was supposed to be The nasally voice he used was just wrong Rebel’s voice was great but spooooo slow that it just dragged out the pain of the bad writing And Rebel himself was a cutie—the only high point of this book I could give you tons of examples of the repetitive and inconsistent nature of the writing and character descriptions but I simply don’t care enough about this book to write them for you I’ve read books by these writers before and liked them well enough I thought I’d be in for a treat—boy was I ever wrong

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    Surprisingly enjoyableSurprising because this is a new to me author Surprising because I wasn’t sure how much plot I could expectSurprising because I’m always a bit wary when it comes to romance involving porn starsKM Neuhold made me throw out all my preconceived ideasShe introduces Rebel and all the members of Ballsy Boys in this first book of the series and made me really care about them All of them although this is of course Rebel’s storyRebel is such a great guy full of smiles and genuinely invested in his job Only trouble about it is that it seriously interferes with his love life I loved his unapologetic love of sex and his free and joyful delight in itThe latter can be said for Troy too These guys just match each other in desire playfulness and sexual appetite and it was actually fun rather than tedious to watch them indulge in their passion for each other And may I say that these boys know what they are doing and what they are doing is hot hot hotI got why Troy finds it hard to commit why opening up and loving someone looks like the worst thing on earth to him but the solution came a little bit too easy and pain free in the endAnother highlight I need to mention are Rebel’s parents Ahh you simply got to love those hippy guys who aren’t afraid to talk sex over dinner Lots of chuckles hereThis was fun fun fun Off to read book 2

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    This book is filthy in the best possible way but it's also filled with great characters great development a well planned out setting and an enjoyable narrativeThere's lots of emotions in this collaboration from KM Neuhold and Nora Phoenix too the friendships of the Ballsy Boys the passion of the scenes they perform for the porn studio the relationship which develops between RebelHendricks and Troy the familial love of Rebel's hippie parents and extended familyThere's lots of great sex scenes too from the heated porn scenes to the emotional encounters between Rebel and Troy when feelings start to creep inThe book is also uite funny at times and serious at others It examines in a smaller way feelings of abandonment that someone growing up in the care system can experience and it also looks in a very positive way which I applaud at the porn industryI liked all the Ballsy Balls crew and I'm looking forward to reading of their romances #ARC kindly received from the authors in return for an honest and unbiased review

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    The way they meet is just really funny Troy earns some money to do break ups for othersA shit job of course but he needs the money to finance his game designer studySo there he stands in a banana party outfit waiting for the guy to open the door and when the door opens there standsRebelhis favorite porn star Rebel from the best porn site Ballsy Boys So he just can't do it right because who the hell dumps a porn star so he offers him a blowjob to his surprise Rebel agrees Rebel really likes Troy and Troy likes to fuck Rebel nothing sure no friends or something No way Rebel can touch his heart he only can touch his dick Rebel is very considerate and consistent with Troy and knows how to play it cool through sex with him Troy doesn't want anything as friends only friends with benefits and Rebel is great at that But one way or the other they hook up a lot and do things together and Troy has to admit maybe they are sort of friends We meet Rebel at work as a porn star and all his colleagues I love the freedom of sexy porn and the connection between all We also meet Rebel his amazing family and hardworking Troy who has nothing of this all There is a lot of raw and heavy sex between Troy and Rebel in this story and I think everyone will smack me if I say 'a bit too' so I won't say itoops I did already lol romantic me just missed some lovemaking When Troy realizes he is with Rebel in the middle of something he don't want he is gone A good written story very dynamic with humor and also serious problems there are some very emotional parts that made me cry The story is good developed has a great plot and is very entertainingRead and reviewed for Diverse Reader