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Raw is the first major guide to preparing gourmet raw cuisine an introduction to the finest dining this planet has to offer with uniue dishes made entirely from vegetarian and living foodsRaw offers ultimate pure flavor thousands of textures and beautiful effects on body mind soul and the environment This isn't 100 variations of salad but an ultra gourmet cuisine which fuses ancient culinary techniues with a modern and practical lifestyle From sun baked pizzas satisfying sandwiches vegan sushi the best burritos and sprouted rice dishes to sangria and shakes cookies pudding and piesYou're about to acuaint yourself with the vibrant flavors and miraculous nutrition of plant life in a way you never have beforeWhat is Raw? UNcooked UNbelievably Delicious Living Food

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    By far the best cookbook I've read on the raw cuisine Lots of wonderful colored pictures something that is uite essential to a good cookbook I wish I could visit Juliano's restaurant Actually one day I'm going to do just that He knows what he's talking about and I've got to try these recipes at home So inspiring and easy to follow whether you're interested in pursuing a raw food lifestyle or not

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    Detailed recipes and NOT for the beginner Too overwhelming for me Too many ingredients and complex directions and let's not even talk about all the photos of the author Sure would love to visit his restaurant and taste his gorgeous food but have no inclination to painstakingly create them in my own kitchen

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    Inspiring and beautiful to look at completely impractical otherwise

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    I went to this restaurant back in 1996 Wow That was awesome Great food great atmosphere It got me hooked on learning how to make some of this

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    recipes look yummy am eager to try some One uestion If you are a gay man why would you want to look like a woman? Doesn't that seem very contradictory? LOLIf you're attracted to women wouldn't that mean you're not gay? haha love the pics hilarious but they totally freaked out my kids hee hee

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    I would say this is a advanced cookbook for dedicated foodies Other books are better for uickly prepared comfort food type meals There are many recipes I haven't made yet; uite a few are designed for use with a dehydrator which I don't have though I've used my oven on low temperature for a few and they turned out fine Having a good blender helps and a juicer will expand your optionsStill I absolutely love this book and some of its recipes have become staples He really knows how to create complex rich flavours and nice textures This does mean there can be a lot of ingredients but I don't mind I'm lucky to be in a big city where I can find a lot of ingredients I make big batches of some of the sauces and use them on a variety of thingsAs long as you know what you're getting into it's a fantastic cookbook that will give you some flavourful options and some special fancier options when you want to wow people However I wouldn't recommend this to a newbie veganraw prioritiser there are far better options that are accessible

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    Attractive looking but impractical Recipes are either super bland or have a gazillion specialty ingredients A little too extreme on the lack of breads and starch for my tastes No real variety in recipes

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    Aspirationalperhaps a bit too exotic for everyday life Would love love love to go to his restaurant though

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    This chef's definition of simple fast ingredients involves buying vegetable pulps and if you don't want to buying a 300 juicer ok

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    This book is incredible It makes me so excited to be on the raw journey 🥗🍎🍊🥑🥦🍍💗💗