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Did You Know That Gods Light Can Shine Through Every Facet Of Your Identity Radiant Is An Invitation For Teen Girls And Young Women To Enjoy A Candid Conversation On Identity With Bestselling Author Priscilla Shirer Youll Hear Reflections On Life Lessons Shes Gathered From Her Teen Years Until Now Shell Show You How The Light Of Gods Word Shaped Her Identity, And Shell Teach You How It Can Change And Shape Your Life As Well The Culture Will Try To Define You, But This World Is Starving For Something Different That Comes Only From The Creative Genius Of Your God You Were Created To Reflect His Light You Were Created To Be Radiant Recommended for 15 25 yrs olds This book was life changing Priscilla speaks with such authority and with such genuine compassion for her readers She uses scripture to equip and encourage young women to claim their true identities found in the God who loves them This book was honest and uplifting and I feel all young women could benefit from the truth found in these pages As a wife and mother of two, I was a little worried this book wouldn t really apply to me as it seems geared toward a younger audience I had nothing to worry about Priscilla s message and the Word of God she uses to articulate transcend age and circumstance I will be ensuring my daughters read and understand the truths in this book as soon as they are old enough to comprehend Thank you Priscilla for pursuing God s calling for your life. Radiant is a resource for teen girls and young women in conjunction with the new release, Overcomer Written by Priscilla Shirer, she draws the reader in with casual conversation and personal confession Make no mistake, as she shares, Radiant tackles the lies girls are struggling to reject with God s Word and His promises.I loved Radiant because I truly felt that Priscilla was sitting across the table chatting with me Her personal stories were relatable for her audience She went after the labels that the world tries to throw at them and replaced each lie with truth I also absolutely loved the cover It s beautiful and would be something I know I d want to pick up immediately.I have a teen daughter and I didn t get to this review as fast as I wanted because I couldn t find it Why It was in her bedroom and she was reading it I absolutely recommend Radiant as a life changing, affirming read for teen girls and young women.I received Radiant from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I was not compensated and all opinions are my own. I m over 25 years old and I found this book definitely speaks to a younger audience I think the message is great for young girls who are not clear about their identity in Christ, whether new or older believer I came to Christ as an adult so I found some of the Scripture based truths very helpful for understanding my identity in Christ However, the examples used in the book are predominantly middle, high school and college examples I prefer a book with the Scripture based truths for adult women with examplesrelevant to adult women s experiences Not a bad book, but just not what I was looking for The expectation isrelevant to girls 11 24 years old in my opinion.