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THE SEVENTH VOLUME IN THE CLASSIC CHARLES SCHULTZ PEANUTS COLLECTION PEANUTS and its creator Charles M Schulz are arguably the world's most famous newspaper comic strip and cartoonist in history The Peanuts cartoon strip holds the distinction of being the world's longest continuing story running for a staggering 17897 strips from October 1950 to February 2000 Peanuts tells the story of meek nervous Charlie Brown a boy incapable of flying a kite hitting a baseball or kicking a football his dog Snoopy and his group of childhood friends as they tackle the complexities of modern life friendships crushes first loves siblings and kicking a touchdown This collection of 248 daily Peanuts newspaper strips that appeared between 1957 1959 includes the strips where Charlie Brown revealed that his father was a barber and his mother was a housewife The strip's bitter sweet humour and child like innocence helped to cement the Peanuts comic strip's popularity and secure its reputation as a true one of a kind timeless classic

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    I read it in Italian for practice Having read Peanuts all my life there wasn’t much new territory covered but it was fun Fun fact “Misericordia” Mercy is how Charlie Brown says “Good Grief” in Italian

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    need to clean good laugh read a Charlie Brown Book

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    Super funny

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    friends in need friend indeed Oh I am beginning to think this comic is not for children at all second base really second base?

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    This is a fun burst of classic Charlie Brown with hilarious comic strips and some really witty humour This is a great addition to any bookshelf and a lot o fun to read between books So much funI would definitely recommend this to non Peanuts fans and Peanuts fans alike

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    I love this strip Frame # 1 Linus askes Lucy why is the sky blue? Frame 2 Lucy's acid response BECAUSE IT ISN'T GREEN Frame 2 Lucy walks away with Linus uietly watching her Frame # 4 He says That just shows how stupid I am I thought there might be a complicated reasonOr a second Linus and Charlie Brown Frame # 1 Linus says The only way I see it 'The cow jumped over the moon' indicates a rise in farm prices Frame 2 Linus continues The part about the dish running away with the spoon must refer to the consumer Frame 3 Linus asks Do you agree with me Charlie Brown? He responds to Linus I can't say Frame # 4 As he walks away from Linus Charlie Brown says I don't pretend to be a student of prophetic literatureIn short classic Peanuts This was originally copyrighted in 1957 but it still stands up well over 50 years later A good addition to the Peanuts oeuvre

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    From fussbudget Lucy to self deprecating Charlie Peanuts can always elicit a giggle from me

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    Charlie Brown asks How can a jump rope be Hi Fi? Isn't it weird how marketing speak even now 53 years later can spout similar rubbish?Meanwhile Linus is asking Lucy what the difference is between a bug and an insect? That remains a good uestion to ask an adult today preferably after a couple of pints in a pub

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    Selected Peanuts comic strips from 1957 9 These are great cartoons but the paperbacks have been superseded by The Complete Peanuts series Still if you have them these are easier to carry with you on the go

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    Fun little book that brings a smile and laugh