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Philip of Macedon was one of the extraordinary figures of antiuity Inheriting a kingdom near collapse he left to his son Alexander the strongest state in Eastern Europe He developed new military technology and made Macedonia the greatest power in the Western world He created a united multiracial kingdom based on liberal principles and added to it the resources of a Balkan empire Most important he inspired the city states of the Greek peninsula to form a unified community ensuring peace among its members the rule of law in internal politics and collective security in the face of agressors No statesman in Europe had ever achieved so muchIn Philip of Macedon N G L Hammond presents a narrative history of Hellenistic Macedonia from the state's rise out of obscurity under Philip to the accession of Alexander Focusing on the character and career of Philip Hammond discusses developments in military technology and strategy the social composition and geography of northern Greece and the region's political developments He also examines the world of the city states the nature of their democracies their propensity for interstate warfare and their development of capitalism scientific methods and philosophical ideasWith close analysis of the literary and material evidence—including interpretations of recent archaeological discoveries—Hammond offers a uniue portrait of Philip as a Macedonian The book also reveals the culture and artistry of the Macedonian people who made Philip's success possible with illustrations of the frescoes and artifacts found in the Royal Tombs at Vergina in 1977

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    It was slow to get started and somewhat overstuffed with facts at times but once it did get on the right track it was a superb read I learned a lot from this book about Philip but also about the Greek and Macedonian civilization and the way of life