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Hollywood royalty Jeremy Jameson has lived a sheltered life with music as his sole focus and only friend Before embarking on yet another international concert tour he wanders into a bar in what he considers the middle of nowhere and meets a man who wins him over with his friendly smile and easy going nature Accountant slash bartender slash adventure seeker Reg Moore has fun talking and drinking with The Jeremy Jameson and can’t say no when the supposedly straight rock star makes him a once in a lifetime offer keep him company on his tour by playing the part of his boyfriend Listening to music traveling the world and jumping off cliffs is fun Falling in love is even better But to stay with Jeremy after the stage lights dim Reg will need to help him realize there’s nothing pretend about their relationship

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    Loved it loved it LOVED IT This is my favorite Cardeno C book By far My average rating for my previous CC books is 262 That is crazy low and it isn't because I'm not a fan I am I just tend to feel passionately one way or another about this author I loved Walk With Me my favorite CC up to this point but this book simply blew that out of the water When CC writes the slow burn romance I'm just putty; melty gooey putty When you combine a slooow burn bisexuality discovery story with some heavy petting naked cuddling and some super hot mutual masturbation scenes all leading up to some SMOKING hot nookie yeah you got me This book is pure flufftastic There are no misunderstanding no drama no scenes to make the reader frustrated It is straight up relationship development and 100% enjoyable I can see why this might not have worked for some readers Jeremy is needy to the point of needing a full time keeper and the relationship is very skewed in the direction But the characters know that fact and they own it Jeremy knows he is high maintenance and Reg just loves him for it I loved Reg's easygoing laid back demeanor I loved the two guys together and I loved watching their relationship blossom And the sex just UMGHPH I made the mistake of reading the majority of this book at work Bad move This book is Cardeno C's best effort to date It is everything you love about CC wrapped up in one smutty sexuality discovery sappy perfect packageCopy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Delightful re read June 2016OK folks even with calm the fuck down time I'm still in serious fan girl mode with this book I so fucking loved it So incredibly witty fresh funny smart and absolutely delightful It is hands down my favorite Cardeno C book to date MC Jeremy Jameson 31 year old living in a bubble rockstar born in the spotlight to an Oscar Award winning actress with a heart of stone and a Grammy Award winning father already dead from a drug overdose who has no idea what it is like to live outside of the prying eyes of the public and the paparazzi All of his relationships have consisted of parasites who want a piece of his fame andor money He is incredibly lonely He happens upon a 26 year old unusually friendly over educated bartender with a wayward spirit MC Reggie Moore in a small town in Arizona Jeremy is drawn to his positive energy and to the fact Reg doesn't seem to want anything from him other than his company and decides to invite Reg posing as his pretend boyfriend on his upcoming tour to keep him company and see the world Reggie agrees and off they goThe book follows these boys as they become very close friends and greatly enjoy each other's company Reg sees how hard the touring life is on Jeremy especially since no one seems to be sticking up for Jeremy as a person only as a rockstar and they constantly run him ragged and anger and frustrate him Reg slowly puts himself between Jeremy's managers and work staff to help ease his burdens and the positive affect on Jeremy is plain to see This is a gay for you book so eventually the boys do fall in love and that was so wonderful to watch during the getting to know you phaseI can't even express to you how fun it was to read this book and to get to know these two characters They really grabbed me and I was surprised at how much I laughed at them They were just so flippin' cute I want my own Reggie please and thank you I loved these characters inside and out and while there wasn't a cliffhanger there were a few little loose ends at the end and my fingers and toes are crossed we get a seuel or an added chapter I just hate the thought of never reading about these boys again LOVED THEMNo angst No conflict No tears Just a good old fashioned love story to take you away for a few hours AN ABSOLUTE DELIGHT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    45 I want a pretend boyfriend starsIf you're looking for a gritty rock star book this is not it There are no drugs or sex escapades no dirty laundry booze fests or groupies Our rock star Jeremy could be anyone in the public eye We are told he's a rock star but there's nothing in here about his music who writes his songs his band or his albums Jeremy isn't your typical musician either Yeah he's temperamental self absorbed and conceited he was raised by famous parents in Hollywood after all but he's also anxious needy and very naive Jeremy is sheltered and has cocooned himself into a hard shell He doesn't do relationships He keeps people around for appearance and a little companionship and doesn't get what all the fuss is about sex he thinks the cuddling after is the best part Indeed Jeremy seems much younger than his 31 years So you see this isn't really a rock star book It's a contemporary fairy tale where the prince meets his love match at a dive bar in bumfucking Arizon Reggie who works as a bartender saving money for a grand adventure is patient kind and sees beyond Jeremy's pampered exterior to the real Jeremy He loves Jeremy's inner diva hissy fits and all Reg goes on tour with Jeremy as Jeremy's pretend boyfriend coming out as gay is brushed aside because Jeremy gets what Jeremy wants and Jeremy's kind of clueless and they spend half the book being buddies with Reg protecting Jeremy from the big bad paparazzi and obnoxious publicists The other half is all about the romance Reg is crazy about Jeremy and it doesn't take that long for Jeremy to catch up Sweet Jeremy can get down and dirty and he's definitely into everything Reg has to offer once they get started And yes he soon realizes that cuddles are great but orgasms are even betterThis was the lightest fluffiest sweetest book I've read in a long time I didn't even break for lunch reading this one because I couldn't tear myself away Funny? Check the fleshlight scene had me giggling AND blushing Sexy? Definitely once these guys get going they're not shy Romantic? The ending will make you swoon Realistic? Nah but who cares? This is all about the FEELS baby

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    5 sugar coma starsSometimes it's not that serious Sit back and enjoy the ride That is what i did I let Charlie David take me on a very cute sugary ride This story is unrealistic but it totally works the best escapism ever I want a Reg in my life so bad oh and i want to be a rockstar too They say; But if you try sometime you findYou get what you needAnd i need this book 5 stars for the Audio version Loved reading this for the 2nd time Jeremy and Reg made me smile

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    Usually I wake up like this This morning I woke up like this I love this book I love this book SO HARD It’s like cotton candy It’s like marshmallow fluff It’s like the creamy inside of those new birthday cake oreosI love both Reg Jeremy they were so FUCKING SWEET togetherWith Reg’s muscular arms holding him Jeremy felt safe like nothing and nobody himself included could pry him away from this manAnd don’t worry” Reg said “If you push me away I’ll remind you why you need to hold tighter instead”They were also funnyReg “uite poutingJeremy “I don’t pout”Reg Okay uite pressing your lips together and pushing them out in what strongly resembles a pout”They were also fucking HAAAWWWT Say it with my now Fleshlight FLESHLIGHTS PEOPLEUnable to look away from the erotic scene playing out in front of him Jeremy somehow managed to press the toy against his glans and slide it down “Oh God”“Feel good? Reg asked hoarsely To tell you the truth the idea of a fleshlight sounded pretty gross to me Boys can be messy so what happens if they don’t clean that thing out immediately? UmEW But Cardeno C made it total fap material Fap fapfapWhat impressed me most about this novel is that Cardeno left the majority of the sex to pretty late in the book I find this with a few exceptions to be generally annoying I want my sexy times people But the slow burn totally worked in this one Reg patiently waited dropping some hints cuddling Jeremy and easing him into the idea of sex with a dude Or Reg specificallyAlso I really liked that Jeremy didn’t have a huge freak out over discovering he’s gay for Reg I think a freak out or some discomfort over the idea would’ve been natural but Cardeno made Jeremy’s slow transiting into uh “gayness” seem natural as well However though I would shelve this as GFY I’m not totally convinced that’s entirely true It did seem that Jeremy had been a star so long that he just accepted what everyone was telling him He was a rockstar and for the most part they fuck women or are reuired to appear to be fucking women He was never given a chance to even think about or explore his sexualityOk don’t hate me but I had one small niggle Jeremy has some inner demons to conuer in this novel and he does for the most part with Reg’s love and support one never totally conuers one’s demons after all Reg is a total woobie He’s the perfect boyfriend at all times He seems to have no inner demons; he’s cool calm confident and completely supportive always Reg seems to be there only as support for Jeremy I love this but he didn’t show much growth in the novel To me the best novels are the ones where both characters have issues and through falling in love they have to face those inner demons and grow as individuals and as a coupleBut you know what? Huh? You know what? I don’t care I don’t give a rat’s ass I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK I only mention it in an attempt to be perfectly frank but I LOVE Reg’s constant support of Jeremy I love Reg calling Jeremy on his bullshit I love the cuddle times I love Reg’s utter hotness combined with his kind face warm eyes He’s just so so DREAMYI want to cuddle this book like Reg cuddles Jeremy I want to talk to it the same way I talk to my dogWho’s a good bookie? Who’s the best book in the world? Who’s mama’s little baby waby?Please don’t tell anyone I talk to my dog this wayit would be so so embarrassing Thank you

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    25 Every Party Has a Pooper StarsLooks like I'm the party pooper But this one DID NOT work for me At first I thought Reg and Jeremy were kind of sweet They had a slow build to their relationship Jeremy doesn't even know he's gay He's a rock star if you can even call him that I found him to be whiney and annoying It takes him FOR FREAKING EVER to realize he has feelings for Reg and he might actually be gay afterallJeremy is needy He's in constant need of companionship reassurance acceptance love Most of his past relationships have ended fairly uickly because that can't handle that aspect or they are with him for his fame Jeremy meets Reg at a dive bar He's a former accountant now working at a bar looking to save money to travel the world Honestly what was Jeremy even doing in that bar? Jeremy offers him a job as his pretend boyfriendSo Reg joins Jeremy on tour and they pretend to be boyfriends Reg is in fact gay and is attracted to Jeremy Honestly the conversations between these two were a big cheese fest And not in a sweet cute waybut in a NOBODY says that kind of way The spider? The clowns? Jeremy finally gets on board with thingsand by things I meanOnly for me to have to wait until around the 75% for some dry humpingAdd on to that the insta love and yeah wasn't a fan of this one BUTclearly I am in the minority This was my first read by this author so I didn't know what to expect SOif you are a fan of this author then I say give this one a goif you're okay with cheese LOTS and LOTS of cheese

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    A rock star walks into a bar It sounds like the start of a joke but what it actually is is the basic premise of yet another great story from Cardeno C and the start of a really enjoyably sweet yet hot romance between another pair of his always endearing charactersOh and before I go any furtherhave you guys seen that cover Does the word Rawr come to mind? Okay I digress butHOT DAMNAll righty then back to JJ Reg What a brilliant combination of opposites A regular small town barman and a bone fide superstar rock god who comes with all the trimmings and entourage you'd expect The insistent manager pushy publicity team roadies groupies and of course the pain in the arse paparazzi who are never far away if they can sniff out a good story I love it when they pair an ordinary Joe with someone famous because it does give you that fairytale style romance that everyone seems to love because it transports you out of the banal and into the realms of What if?And let's be honest we've all daydreamed in that realm at one time or anotherWhat I loved about Cardeno's version of this type of fantasy romance though at the start of the story when an incognito Jeremy Jameson walks into Reggie Moores bar in Munds Park Arizona was that for a good part of the story we just see these two guys actually getting to know each other as friends No instant lust or love with these two That slowly filters into the plot as the book rolls along which was refreshingly cool because my first thoughts when I read the blurb and saw that this was going to be a be my fake boyfriend storyline had me musing about those old Mills Boon Harleuin style romances that always put the main couple in situations where of course they just had to kiss passionately and put on a hot blooded show every time they came into contact with the world his mother his wife and his dogor nobody would believe their 'pretend' story leading to many lust filled moments of not so believable lovehate passion and heaving chestsWell rest easy guys because that tired and over used trope gets a much needed makeover in the hands of this author and what he did with it worked perfectly for me The yummy sexual tension is still there but its paced out brilliantly across the book getting stronger and steamily sexy as the initial easy friendship between the MC's starts to turn into something deeper and realistic as they spend their time together The banter and conversation between JJ and Reg showed the depth of their chemistry together at each stage of the relationship Some of the funnier stuff when they're in the early part of the friendship had me smiling and giggling especially when they're just starting to get to know each other ' All right I have a serious uestionWhat? Jeremy's forehead crinkledWhat do you like on your pizza? Because if we're not compatible there there's no way we can be pretend compatible anywhere elseThat's a lot of pressure Jeremy licked his lips and tried to look serious What if I get this wrong? Does this mean we're done pretend fucking?Yup Which would totally suck for you because I am awesome in pretend bed ' Read of my review at

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    This story just gets better every time I read itJeremy and Reg are two of my favorite MM characters ever When 31 year old Rock superstar Jeremy Jameson steps into a seedy bar in Munds Park Arizona it turns out to be the best thing to ever happen to himJeremy is not your typical rock starthere's no drugs or scores of sexual exploits or crazy publicity anticshe's uiet a bit shy and most of all lonely When he starts up a conversation with bartender Reggie Moore he finds himself relaxed and engaged and having a great time After closing down the bar ending up on Reg's couch for the night and a few drinks an idea takes root Reg would love to travel and Jeremy is sick of going out on the road alone or with women who don't understand it's not all premieres and glitzy eventsso Jeremy offers Reg the opportunity to become Jeremy's pretend boyfriend for seven months of travel companionship and adventure while Jeremy plays his latest world tour datesReg isn't your typical bartender he graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a degree in Accounting but since an office job was killing him he returned home to work and save enough money to go travel the world Reg understands that Jeremy doesn't want a real boyfriend but a friend someone to spend with who wouldn't have ulterior motives or make constant demands The offer is amazing but Reg makes two reuests ask again once Jeremy sobers up and to give him a year instead of seven months It was sad that he felt he had to essentially hire that function out but Reg wouldn’t complain Jeremy was cool his music was amazing and touring the world would be a dream come true “I hope so man” he said “That’d be awesome”“It would” Jeremy nodded “No lonely nights No boring flights with nobody to talk to No girls who say they want to be with me when they don’t even like me and all they really want is a leg up” He sighed “No ”This story is hands down one of my favorite books of all time I played a game with a friend where I was asked to name three books I would want with me if I was stranded on a deserted island and Perfect Imperfections easily made the list Why? Because to me it's perfect There's no angst no miscommunication tons of humor and hot sexy times It's fluffy crack For me the only thing that was missing was an audio version If you asked me for a list of my favorite narrators you would absolutely find Charlie David on that listso finding out he was doing to the narration for one of my favorite books? I hoped the narration would live up to the love I had for the book and wasn't surprised when Charlie David gives another absolutely wonderful performance The characters the humor the sexiness it all comes through perfectly You want to know how I know this audio is fantastic? I immediately replayed the audio as soon as it finished the first timeThe story is absolute fluff tastic sweetness and cuteness and when coupled with Charlie David's phenomenal performance it's absolutely unforgettable Perfect ImperfectionsI love you HIGHLY RECOMMENDED This review has been cross posted at Gay Book ReviewsRead 072014 092014 112014 022015 042015 052015 072015 082015 092015 112015 012016

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    My first read of 2017 was a successI wanted to start out with some man loving and that's what I got It had it's moments where I was rolling my eyes but for the most part it was really goodPerfect Imperfections was sweet and pretty much drama free I love me some drama but sometimes I just need sugar fluff Jeremy is a rockstar that wonders into a bar where he meets Reg the bartender Jeremy is trying to hide from the paparazzi and just be a normal guy Reg knows who he is but doesn't make a big deal about it Reg offers Jeremy a couch to crash on and their friendship takes off from there Jeremy is lonely on the road He can't seem to find someone who will love him for him and not for his fame He grew up in the spotlight and it is all he knows Reg however really doesn't care about his fame He genuinely likes Jeremy They decide that Reg will go on the road as Jeremy's pretend boyfriend They have so much fun and eventually Reg gets Jeremy to open up about his loneliness and why he has such a hard time connecting with others Reg gets to see how vulnerable Jeremy really is He sees the softer and awkward Jeremy that the fans and paparazzi don't see Watching their friendship grow into love was so refreshing Such a sweet book and I am so happy that I found it Definitely four stars

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    Re read 28April'16After hating a series by this author returned to remind myself why I'd splurged ;And I still LOVE this book It's ridiculous but so damn adorable and hot Still a favouriteAudio is good too Beyond feel good this book is snuggle some sweetDon't go in expect a gritty rock star story; you've got to be patient waiting for the Sex to happen and there's no Drugs or for that matter any Rock and Roll Let's be honest it's also not in the least bit realistic or believable But I Just Don't CareIt's slow sweet syrup A developing friendship that's engaging and lovely to read There's lots of humour and I read it all with a smile And then Hot Stuff happens and okay part of buying it might have been curiosity over the Fleshlights The sex is late in the book but by then you have such a feel for the characters that it's all the better And hotter No angst or upsets not much plot just that slow flow of friendship building into something I don't consider this a GFY; Jeremy is alone in a forest of people living to expectations without uestion It's not a case of suddenly turning gay of finally making a connection Here he wakes to his sexuality meeting his perfect match who happens to be maleJeremy is an innocent hiding his needy core with the odd diva moment His reaction to the Spider had me laughing out loud I know someone who is exactly like that He makes you want to flick his non pouty lips and cuddle himReg is impossibly perfect the best pretend boyfriend ever; warm supportive hot patient hot nice Never a wrong word I'd be rolling my eyes if I didn't like him so muchThe story is set in a bubble and I would have liked some interaction with the larger world maybe witness a few interviews meet some fans be present at Reg's family get together towards the endSo the plot isn't perfect so what? read it for the FEELS The feel is perfect I LOVE love LOVE this Writing this makes me want to read it all over again A warm cosy snuggle of a book