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Lets Drop The Diet Gossipand Go Back To The BeginningHas A Friend Ever Told You That Youre Only Supposed To Eat , Calories Per Day Did You Once Read That Your Favorite Celeb Got Killer Abs From Doing Hours Of Cardio Have You Heard That Eating Fat Will Make You Fat Well, Ill Let You In On A Little Secret Those Ideas Are Complete Nonsense If You Want To Get In Great Shape, Have Flawless Skin, And Radiate Genuine Happiness, You Need To Go Beyond Outrageous Magazine Headlines And Truly Understand The Correct Approach To Eating, Exercising, Sleeping, And Managing The Hectic Pace Of Modern Life Paleo Girl Will Help You Transform Your Healththe Right Wayby Adapting The Lifestyle Behaviors Of Our Strong, Smart, And Healthy Hunter Gatherer AncestorsPaleo Girl Features An Easy To Follow Primal Fitness Guide Advice On Getting Ample Sun, Sleep, And Play Tips For Navigating Physical Maturation Pointers To Amp Up Your Motivation And Teen Friendly DIY Recipes And Beauty Products

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    I purchased this book for my 14 yo DD several months ago and at first, she refused to read it I had changed our way of eating at home to real food and much less processed food She still had several opportunities away from home to eat processed things like pizza and cookies She, for the most part, refused to eat real food, opting to fill herself on bananas and apples and the occasional egg I did ultimately buy her pasta made from Einkhorn wheat as a compromiseA couple months ago, she started reading it Then she would say things that indicated she was not only reading it, but contemplating what was said Several weeks ago, I saw her perusing over the pages, mumbling something about what can I eat today she is several days in to trying to cut out grains and refined foods, even rejecting cookies and pizza at church and she has printed out several recipes she wants to try She has branched out and added kale to her usual romaine salad and has tried several different veggies romaine and carrots and the occasional pea pod were the only veggies she would eat.I am so proud of her and so thankful for this book and the friendly way in which Leslie presents the information Just tonight, daughter asked me if I had Mark Sisson s book, Primal Blubprint, which I do so she has taken it to bed with her to start reading Hallelujah

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    This book is written in such a fun way I have read some diet books before that have bored me to tears This was a fun book to read It is written for teens, but it is really a fantastic book for anyone at any age.

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    Paleo Girl is a wonderful book with a treasure trove of information that every girl needs to live a healthier and fulfilling lifestyle Beautiful in both layout and presentation, Paleo Girl is absolutely essential in many ways Not only will you find yourself completely immersed in Leslie Klenke s charming and approachable writing style, but you will be laughing along the way Her creativity and passion clearly shines through in the literature, yet never detracts from the central message at hand Chapter three was especially fantastic and eye opening, because I never truly understood the importance of sleep until now While I always knew in the back of my mind that I wasn t getting enough, I now fully realize how absolutely essential it is to the human condition Things like shutting off your television an hour before bed and eating the right foods prior to sleep go a long way in finding a successful and happy lifestyle Paleo Girl effectively establishes its message, while getting the point across with basic facts and scientific evidence I will never again underestimate the power of a good nights sleep.Making the switch is not easy, and sometimes life holds us back, but Paleo Girl has that covered with an entire chapter about Motivation It covers a variety of topics that you or your loved ones will find useful in bringing everyone on board, even unconvinced parents Some of the tips I found clever and insightful For instance Requesting a second helping of vegetables, skipping out or refusing pop and sugary substances when offered, and packing your own lunch so that you are in control Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and I found this to be a most clever approach that I had never heard of before.Not only does it have the information but also necessary tools to make the change Yes, I mean recipes And boy does it have some tasty ones You will find everything from a delightfully tasty Flippin Chicken Sammie to the irresistibly scrumptious, Cave Crave Pizza It has a great resource for people on the go Something as simple as a hard boiled egg can give your day the necessary punch it needs.Paleo Girl is highly recommended and even essential If you are as confused as I was, or just looking to learn what all the fuss is about, then this book is for you It will not disappoint 5 out of 5 stars.

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    Bought this for my 17 year old daughter I read it first then decided it is too condicending for an older teen Hey homeslice let s chill out and wrap awhile egads It has some good info though and the recipes are decent I ve even adopted the exercise regimen myself 40 Better for a tweenie Chapter 4 covers basic sex ed So if you are uptight read it first I wouldn t throw out the whole book because of one chapter.

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    This book speaks to everyone, not just teenagers I love the fact that when I m finished with it, I can pass it down to my teenage niece for her to read and understand as well there are a lot of informative details that most especially teenagers can gain the knowledge to process and understand just what our bodies go through and what you need to do to maintain ahealthy lifestyle Some teens think they arealone and this book simply says you re not Ilove this book A