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This epic horse story in the tradition of BLACK STALLION marks exciting new territory for one of our most treasured and celebrated novelists A puzzling photograph a box filled with faded toy horses and a single fractured memory are all that Maya has left of her mother In Grandmother house she lives like a captive tethered by rules until a shocking event changes everything A world away in the rugged Wyoming wilderness a wild mustang called Artemisia runs free belonging only to the stars In a land where mountain lions pose an ever present threat she must vigilantly defend her foal until a devastating act separates them from their band Like a braided rein Maya's and Artemisia's lives will ultimately intertwine

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    Little known factMy mother was visiting with her father for a week long horse back riding trip somewhere out in Nevada once upon a time Coincidently Pam the author of this book was there at the same time as my mother She was on a research trip for this very book The two chatted exchanged emails and I suppose it was over thereCool as that was and as much as I fan girled at the the prospect that my mother had met such a wonderful author it saddens me to say something The publicity of this book is not what it should be I would not have found this book had my mother not had that experience and brought home a signed copy of the finished book one dayDon't get me wrong I am glad that I did Every day I get to thinking I should really re read that book and then that other voice the one with little horns and a red cape shows up and is all like You have 20 other books that you 'should really re read again' don't even start adding to that already extensive list Then the one with the tiny white wings sighs and doesn't mention it again forlike8 hoursNeedless to say this is a uniue and really fun book to read It is very immersing and you have to read it to find out the rest Congrats to Pam and I hope to see this book skyrocket a little in popularity

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    I may be a fanatic but i have read this book about eight times I read it whenever i have nothing else to read and i enjoy it every time It starts with Maya living under her grandmother's controlling care and always dreaming about seeing the horses her parents loved so much To her they were all a mystery One day though her grandmother has a random stroke and dies leaving Maya with no where to go but her mother's family who she was supposed to visit every summer She has a hard time adapting at first but uickly enough she is happy at the camp her mother and father spent so much time at before Then when she is alone for a while she spots Artemisia the horse her mother once rode She decides to go and get her thinking it would be uick but just as she reaches Artemisia a horrible earthuake happens Maya is injured and overtime gains Artemisia's trust enough so that together they make it safely back to camp It is a very great story about leaving what you know for something completely different and maybe even better By sitting and waiting at her controlling grandmothers house for too long she is finally Maya A journey about to begin

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    This is definitely in my top 10 books I wasn't sure about reading this because it had to do with fantasy and horses and I just wasn't up to trying to believe in Pegasus horses that live by a magical lake Then I started to get into it and I really liked it The beginning is pretty good and I like the way her grandmother makes her dress and talk and eat I think that it would be kind of cool to see what that type of life is like When Payton loses her favorite horse Paint I think that's it's name I felt like I could cry and I would've told and Aunt Vi what he had done I liked Payton and Moose because they remind me of my grandfather and my brother After I finished it I had a longing to go and see all of my grandfathers 4 of them I like the way that Pam Munoz Ryan did a really good job of developing the character of the main character My favorite part was the Artimesia stays by her side and protects her until she is strong enough to ride on her This book was extremely good

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    This bookoh my lets do some comparisonProsOnly horse based novel that doesn't follow suit with saddle clubGood plot and story lineRealistic story line and characters and factsThe focus of the novel stayed the same the entire bookThere were relatable charactersConsI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main characterI hated the main character And heres why she was a snobby obnoxious ungrateful disrespectful careless lackluster dishonest little brat and every time she appearedwhich was a lot in the novel was one time to many so therefore she caused the book to loose 2 stars If you think you have the patients for her knock yourself out

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    Oh my GAWD this book was bad Where to even start? Nothing for it but to make a list of why Paint the Wind sucks WHAT THE HELL DOES PAINT THE WIND MEAN??? Does the author know anything about horses? The main horse is given a name than three syllables long Horses and dogs tend to ignore names than two syllables long One horse's body color is described as flaxen What the hell? I've never heard of a horse's body color described that way although I've seen mane and tail colors described that way and have never read about a flaxen horse or pony in the hundreds of horse books I've read I need to read horse books I guess I'm guessing the author really meant this Is this the longest summer in the history of summers? At one point a search is on for several weeks which would make it about October when the story picks up again But no actually we're in July Or are we? Do the characters have some sort of time machine they're not talking about? How in the hell does anyone make money in this book? Grandmother is just filthy rich but how about the other adults? Aunt Vi is a a teacher but what the heck is she doing during the summer to make enough money to study mustangs AND own a corral full of horses If you live in a canvass tent the LAST think you want to do is pin photos to the walls Pins make holes Holes let in rain It rains on our characters in their tents which should be all washed away because of the HOLES IN IT All of the photos should have been destroyed from contact with wet canvass Even in the desert there's going to be condensation on the inside of a tent There's something called a Cherokee coil that becomes a major plot point It's not described well so I couldn't picture it in my head Even if I could I highly doubt actually Cherokees rode that way There's an incredibly fawning interview with the author after the story and an excerpt from the author's journal She really has no problem with low self esteem In a selection of the author's favorite uotes SHE LISTS ONE OF HER OWN UOTES It just makes you want to punch her in the face Hard

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    My son is reading this as part of Battle of the Books I wanted to screen it because of the being held captive by her grandmother bit mentioned in the book description So I found an audiobook version on Library2go and listened It was fine Grandmother was pathologically restrictive but it wasn't gruesome in any way or critical of authority figures I actually loved how her grandfather and his family were portrayed And her response to changes in her life It showed the effects of how she was raised and she was able to grow within her new situationIt's about overcoming your fears being strong when you have to and building relationships I liked how Artemisia helped her and at the end even though it was a difficult decision she helped Artemisia Overall it was a very enjoyable story

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    I am a retired elementary teacher but still substitute teach Apparently 40 years wasn't enough teaching time for me On one of my substitute days the teacher had this book in her plans for the read aloud time and I read chapter 9 to the students That chapter enticed me to want to read the whole book I know it is a children's book and I am uite far into adulthood but I thoroughly enjoyed the characters the writing and the two story lines of the plot Granted it doesn't uite have the depth of books that I give five stars but I recommend it for children as well as adults I valued every minute that I was immersed in this book

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    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY GUD BOOK KIND OF DIGUSTING AT FIRST but then u get so in to it its not even funny

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    Now I've read and own the complete Munoz Ryan chapter book collection While 'Paint the Wind' ranks slightly below the stellar 'Esperanza Rising' it's right up there with the others the recent 'The Dreamer' 'Becoming Naomi Leon' and 'Riding Freedom''Paint' is ostensibly a horse story about an isolated and lonely orphaned girl who opens up to the world after riding the same wild mustang her mother loved However Maya's prim and repressed personality is formed during a cloistered upbringing with her stodgy and domineering grandmother and it is this part of the book that was most evocativeDarker in tone than any of Munoz Ryan's other works except 'The Dreamer' the first fifth or so of 'Paint' is also concretely redolent of a uniue Southern California darkness the darkness inside shaded sepulchral houses hidden from the glaring sunshine Maya's interior life and her instinctive manipulation of a predictable grandmother and cowering servants were touching and trueThat's not to indicate that the hopeful and upbeat remainder of the book when Maya moves from the shadows of Pasadena to the wide open spaces of Wyoming is devoid of emotional power Far from it especially for kids who love horses

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    Plot Maya is an 11 year old girl who lives secluded from the outside world Shielded by her grandmother who keeps getting new housemaids When her grandmother suddenly dies Maya goes to stay with her only known relatives Moose Uncle Fig Aunt Vi and Payton are waiting all the way in Wyoming for her Sweetwater camp is run by Vi There's horses and a lovely river that flows near the camp In her first days at camp Maya learns to tack and ride a horse properly Things change for the worst when there's a roundup for the wild horses and an eathuake Personal Response I've read this book twice before each time I get a little detail on certain things The characters are very well developed and the horses point of view is perfectly choreographed Recommendation I recommend this for all ages All readers will be glad to have read this and it is fairly short