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1) This story was about a British fighter pilot stationed in France during World War I.
2) I would never have thought that I'd enjoy such a story this much.

Out of the Blue is a perfect example of how talented and multifaceted Josh Lanyon is as a writer. I can only imagine the amount of research it takes to write a story like this one. And the amount of daring it takes, too.

There is certainly sadness about the story. I like the way the horrors of war are described without actually underlining them, but rather through the numbness that Bat Bryant is feeling. This must be the feeling that you get when you are not able to influence over your own life and future. When you have to concentrate only to the moment at hand and not to let yourself to get attached to anyone or anything too much. It really feels like Bat is kind of floating through the days and nights without caring if he lives or dies.

Out of the other two important characters, Gene and Cowboy, we don't actually get to meet the previous one in person. Gene, Bat's lover, has just died before the story begins. But we get to know him a bit through Bat's memories. And although Bat seems to miss him hugely, I'm not at all so sure I like this Gene character so much. That fact made it easier for me to approve Cowboy's (sly) actions towards Bat. And when the story proceeded, Cowboy started to feel like a breath of fresh air and a very welcome relief for Bat's situation in so many ways! In the end Cowboy truly appears to be the glint of hope in Bat's hopeless situation.

So, what is this story all about? I'd say it's about loss, survival, discovery, love and hope. It's about humanity and it's about life and death without making a big fuss about them. It's about one of my favorite authors succeeding to satisfy my hunger for a fascinating story once again.

Sometimes I think I am a bit weird, because I shouldn't like a character like Cowboy, who snatches the chance to blackmail Bat into having sex with him, when Bat is vulnerable and grieving. I tried very hard to dislike him, to pick his most annoying traitsespecially the fact that he seems to think he knows more than everyone else, that he takes charge for what happens around him, that he doesn't seem to mingle with the other pilots. He is so infuriating that you'd really want Bat to fight him, and then he's suddenly tender and caringand he probably does it for his selfish reasonsbut still there's a fragility in him that wins me over at the same time that it makes me angry.

Bat submits and surrenders to Cowboy's schemes and sensuality, so different from the almost chaste relationship he had with Gene, he lets Cowboy plays his body like an instrument and he relinquishes all control. There's a sweet desperation in their encounters, the stealing of a few moments of human warmth. Those are the only moments when Bat feels he has no responsibility, when he can leave someone else in charge. The imminent future is so dark that the thoughts of what will happen after the war is over are more like wishful thinking than real plans. It's as if both men were speaking not of themselves, but of someone else. So there's a feeling of separation in them, and of isolation too, because Cowboy and Bat's homosexuality keeps them a little apart from the other and closer to each other.

The historical settingWorld War Iis incredibly fascinating and believable. It really made me sad for this young pilots who sacrificed their lives in aircrafts that really flew on wings and prayers. The writing is wonderful. Although the story is short, it's very intense and it really makes you feel the danger those young men faced every time they were flying. This is a first for me. I enjoyed this book and I’m giving it three stars, but I pretty much hated everything about the relationship of the two main characters, Bat and Cowboy. But it goes beyond not liking the relationship, I couldn’t stand the character of Cowboy...what an arrogant and unlikeable ass.

The story takes place in 1916 France during the war. Bat is a British airmen based in France and Cowboy is an American serving along side Bat’s squadron. The story begins with us finding out that Bat had been carrying on a intimate relationship with a fellow airman named Gene, who has just died in an air battle. One of the squadron mechanics meets with Bat to try and blackmail him about his relationship with the dead pilot. Things don’t go well and the blackmailer is accidently killed. Cowboy witnesses the event and offers to get rid of the body but there is a price. That price, we find out later, is that Bat is now Cowboy’s bottomboy, whether he wants to be or not.

Let me say the parts and elements that I did enjoy (3):

1) I liked the exciting and imaginative air battles. They were breathtaking and suspenseful.

2) I really enjoyed the interaction of the men in the squadron. Little tidbits were given about the different men...very minor things but enough of a glimpse that you wished them a safe return from a battle. I only with there had been more of that type of stuff.

3) I liked the way Bat talked about Gene and their relationship. I wish the book had been more about them. I would have liked to have read about Gene writing his poetry. Bat and Gene meeting.

What I didn’t like (2):

1) A big #1! Cowboy. What an arrogant and unlikeable character. There is nothing to admire or like about this guy save one thing...he’s a skilled military pilot. Other than that I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why Bat wanted to spend one moment with this pompous ass. Maybe couldn't find a thing to admire because almost nothing was given to the reader about what motivates Cowboy. Here is an example, all the British guys think Cowboy is an uneducated American. Then in a chat between him and Bat he impresses Bat with something he knows. Bat asks why he lets all the guys think he’s uneducated and Cowboy says “why should I care what they think?”. There is a perfect moment to learn something about Cowboy...I wish he would have said why other people’s opinions don’t matter. Where does this personal strength come from? Instead he tells Bat that all that matters is his opinion and then tells Bat how smart and sexy he is...and then he forces himself on Bat.

During their first sexual encounter Bat (age 23) is a little overwhelmed at how aggressive and quickly Cowboy is moving. Then Cowboy sticks his fingers into Bat’s butt and Bat panics. Clearly Bat is not ready for such a thing. He’s inexperienced despite the stuff he did with Gene AND, to top it off...he just lost his “boyfriend”. Does Cowboy take all this into consideration? Nope. What does he say? Quote: “He’s dead” “You’re alive whether you like it or not.” REALLY? This is how he’s gonna get in Bat’s pants? Rubbing salt in a fresh wound. Well, that and the blackmail. Yup, Cowboy holds the events with the mechanic over Bat’s head and forces him to have sex with him. Even Bat realizes he’s not exactly a willing participant in his bottoming for Cowboy: “he wasn’t being given a choice, that his choice was being taken from him; all he had to do was not fight too hard” or “Bat swallowed dryly. He knew a moment of dizzy alarm. What was he surrendering to? What liberties was he allowing Cowboy? Allowing? Too late to stop it now. He knew that.” He’s a horrible person. He takes advantage of Bat.

2) I didn’t believe the convenient end to the story. I think Bat would have walked away and been well rid of him.

I know there people who will disagree with me on this review. The book has been receiving positive comments for the most part. I liked the rest of the book, I justdidn’t like the actual relationship. Maybe this book is a good example of Mr. Lanyon’s writing style and the types of sexual relationships he creates. I don’t know yet. I read “The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks” and loved it. I saw the good reviews here and decided to make Out of the Blue my next selection for him. I’ll try a few more so I have a better understanding.

4.5 stars.

Beautiful little snippet into a sad time in the life of Bat.

Very gorgeous, stark, and just enough.
A good read. Extreme situations lead to extreme solutions.

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