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Set in the world of Pittacus Lore’s Lorien Legacies series this 100 page novella begins a new saga that coincides with the events of Generation One Fan favorite characters Six and Sam Goode return in this digital original companion series that’s The X Files meets the X menIn the aftermath of a thwarted alien invasion teenagers across the globe have begun to develop incredible powers known as LegaciesMost are sent to the Human Garde Academy where they can learn to harness their powers for the good of humanity But there are still countless others who slip through the cracks who prefer do things their own way or who are being kept from attending the Academy by people with very different plans for these gifted teensThat is where Six and Sam come in They’ve just joined a convert group tasked with investigating suspicious incidents around the world which might be Legacy related Their first mission has them looking into the connection between a string of disappearances—but as they dig deeper into the mystery they stumble upon an unexpected and dangerous Human Garde underworld

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    That was one fucked up ending 😂😂😂

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    A Six and Sam short story the first in a collection set after the original series and taking place at the same time period as Generation One I always rooted for Sam so I was happy to see him and Six again doing their own thing outside the academytangential to the plot in Generation One but with new characters and a completely new horrifically realistic side plot humans are terrible and ruin even the best gifted powers

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    It was exciting to have another book about the original Garde but I miss the old way it was written being narrated It was very exciting something was always happeningIt was not a disappointing book and I enjoyed it a lotThe Lorien Legacies world is my FAVORITE WORLDSERIESBOOK EVER

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    Out of the Ashes is the second spin off that has raised from the end of the I am Number Four series The Lorein Legacies It focuses on two of the main characters of the first series as they separate from the rest of their group to make their own journey It was a short story about how Six and Sam try to establish a group with the help of the government for all those Human Garde who do not want to go to the Academy or the Earth Garde as they consider that as giving up their freedom In the book Sam and Six come across new adventures and human garde who they take responsibility of while they figure out what to do next and whether to believe the government themselves The story overlaps with the Generation One stories and will have cameos of other characters in itI really liked this book as it not only focuses on others perspectives but also have overlapping plots which will help keep the plot lines of both the series interesting I can't wait for the next books in both the series I will recommend all fantasy readers to read the Lorien Legacy series

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    At first I wasnt sure about this book because I havent read Generation One yet I will probably pick that book up next conisdering these two series go side by side Anyways this series follows Six and Sam They have been vacationing because Six doesnt want to join the HGA Then Mckeena seeks them out to look for his son and they just find themselves in a complicated situation That leads them to finding other kids with Legacies In the end they are informed they have to meet up with Nine at the HGA headuarters This should be interesting

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    Final Rating 3 Stars

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    The plot wasn't given the time to mature properly I'm not used to this Six with the sharp edges smoothed away She is supposed to be the badass And it seems everyone now has telekinesis Makes it so commonplace to warrant further mention Pittacus Lore are hit and miss authors This was smack in the middle The Lorien Legacy series are a beautiful concept I'd read them any day Some aren't up to scratch though

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    Rating 355Review to come

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    Now this is something I really wanted to read I'm guessing that the rest of the Legacies Chronicles that's the name right? are gonna be about the Lorics which is just awesomeIt was a short story straight to the point but still letting you know about their past and what has been going on in their livesThe plot was very realistic with the opinions and points of view that would occur in a situation like that which I totally loveAll in all it was a nice break in my other reads

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    Took me a while to find this on Goodreads; I thought it was still called Lorien LegaciesThis series takes place a bit after United as One and man am I glad to hear from Sam and Six again I'm also glad they mentioned the pendant that John left I was a bit disappointed that John didn't make an appearance but I'm sure we'll see him soonI loved watching Six and Sam work together; they compliment each other so well I also liked how the chapters alternated perspectives so we got to know both sides of the story Also I love Six's personality and her witty remarksBeing introduced to a new crew of kids with their own powers was pretty cool too Nemo is truly a mini Six and it's greatAnd ah oh the pilot disappeared That sucks