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On the verge of selecting his wife Samir Almassi all powerful Sheikh and ruler of Elaminar can't get Grace Jones out of his head They shared one sensational night two years earlier but memories of that experience continue to haunt his dreams Before he announces his marriage he knows he must meet Grace one last time while he is still free to do so But when Samir sees Grace again he knows he can never let her go And he'll do whatever it takes to get her to Elaminar and back in his bed Even if it involves blackmail

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    Grace hit Samir’s car when she was avoiding a passing dog He brought her home and they had sex The morning after he was gone without a note because his father died Two years later at 36 he was reuired to get married to the chosen woman He wanted to see Grace one last time before he marries Grace didn’t want to talk to him when he came Sam heard she spoke to their 15 yo son Jacob from the baby monitor she left at the kitchen He manipulated her to go to his country with him She agreed when her roomate and ex bf Rupert punched Sam She only realize that he was a superior right before they board the jet He threatened to take Jacob if she didn’t follow After the introduction party they kissed and almost have sex He refrained sex until they are married She felt down from the stairs and Sam felt guilty He offered to send her and Jacob back and told her that he loves her She agreed to stay and marry him for real as she loves him too

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    Second chance love Samir sheik can’t get one woman he meets years ago out of his mind Now that he must wed he’s determined to find her and make amends

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    Grace and Sam shared one night together two years before Sam must marry but the image of Grace is still with him He returns to the place of his one night to see if Grace is still there And finds that she is not so willing to be with him He states that it is to get her out of his memory But there are other things that will come clear if he just hangs around long enough The story was compeling that I finished it in one evening Will look forward to stories by Clare Connelly

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    One Night with The SheikhAn accident of fate brought them to Another good Sheikh book one of the best I reall y enjoyed it you will have to read it they had a car accident led to a baby he found out two year later you have to read it to find out what happens enjoy Margie Moran

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    This is the third story I have read by Clare Connelly Although the stories are novella length without a lot of depth I find her storytelling to be interesting The premises have pretty much been the same but she can weave a good tail

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    I enjoy this author's story telling which reminds me of other authors I enjoy reading Although certain things in the plot are predictable it did not deter my enjoyment of the book

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    One Night With the Sheikh is a well written book There were parts I felt like strangling Sam but had to keep in mind he was an alpha male

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    Love loveClare Connelly is one my favorite authors This was a great story to read So far I have yet to find a story that I don't like from Ms Connelly

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    NowThis is a possessive Sheikh No matter what drama came about he never forgot about her It turned out as it should for all considered Cute story

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    It's ok I didn't enjoy it as much as other Clare Connelly books