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    Superior essays by a superior writer; Harrison is a must read She never got the pr promo of Ayn Randy Diiddydun but she sums up the Didion herein with a memorable essay you will never forget

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    The worst essayist in the history of the written word; not only mean spirited than any human being should ever be but the literary euivalent of a carp I find her particular brand of journalism very mean spirited ultra elitist and unnecessarily cruel There is no point in the spite she holds for the innocent; there is no true rage in her ire She's simply rotten because she can be rotten and that seems to delight herTo my way of thinking and drawing on years as a small time political journalist there are plenty of ways to disagree with someone and not belittle them Ms Harrison never seemed to care enough to find those ways; she takes the cheap way out Knowing her history and background I can understand why she was so caustic but reading her all I can picture is a hateful old woman banging away at a typewriter and thinking Look how clever I am and I'll destroy this person's reputation because he dared to be popular while I'm an unknown swamp harpie That's not the way it should be done