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An ancient discovery has been made close to the city of Aurelia—one that promises wealth and power eual only to the dangerous secrets lying at its heart With three powerful groups vying for control of the discovery’s unlimited potential it will take a delicate touch not to tip the scales toward war Something Tate Fisher a newly accepted dragon ridden with a bit of a memory problem has never been known for possessing Tate must learn to navigate the undercurrents of this society if she wants her friends and empire to come out the other side in one piece Because these secrets involve Tate and they don’t intend to let her go so easily

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    3 12Definitely an author to keep an eye onShe has yet to master her skills fully butshe definitely is on her way to I found her book interesting and the world building is good enough Plus she does edit her books ;I have liked almost all of what she has written Not a full 4 as her main character has still a touch of Mary Sue and shows absolutely no growth For all I know this could be a choice like in some mystery series or even many TV ones But I'm not a fan

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    I still have a big problem with Ryu and Jost who continue to put her into bad situations without the info she needs to make good choices andor survive I honestly loathe both of them at this pointAnd I have a problem with Tate for blithely going along with it

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    I first read the pathfinder series by this writer recommended by Ilona Andrews I think And this is the second series by her The thing is she writes intriguing story lines builds interesting worlds and characters that have potential Actually this is the biggest problem for me with this writer every aspect of her work has potential which doesn’t ever realise She develops characters that at first seem to be generally well rounded but then leaves big chunks off And she needs a good editor Most of the times she writes three or four pages of redundant filler information just to let us know the character turned her head for example She needs help with her pacing Her characters’ reluctance to communicate and talk are Exhausting and annoying So far I’ve read two series comprised of seven books in which the heroine uietly and passively endures while people somehow take advantage of her There was a lot of inconsistencies with dragon shape shifting throughout these three books view spoiler At first we are told that normal dragon ridden don’t talk to their dragons with words but by he end he heroine’s love interest’s dragon is freely communicating with hers Also there was no chemistry between the MC’s their relationship didn’t feel real or believable they were distant and cold and reserved for most of the series and then suddenly together The heroine’s ex left a lot to be realised too The build up that wanted to be the build up was sloppily done but in the end all was anticlimactic What really saved this for me were the secondary characters hide spoiler

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    Tate you had one jobAnd boy did she manage to somehow screw it all upWelcome back to the story of Tate a gal with few memories and so many enemies its amazing she continues to breatheThis begins so like a murder mystery as Ryu drags Tate into some peace talks that are anything but peaceful and folk wind up uite badly deadThe why of it as well as subseuent kidnappings attacks and death tie back to Tate mostly only sometimes in a surprising wayWe learn about the Silva see a return of the Kairi and Lucius Two as well as Blade and get a taste of what its like to live like an UpperWhile uestions occur then answers I can at least say some of my suspicions about some pretty blatant clues bore fruit And also while I like a slow burn romance Ryu is practically moving slow enough a snail could lap him Twice Though he shows a lot of progress in a weird way

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    This book reminds me in many ways of Michelle Sagar’s Chronicles of Elantra series Also there is use of the phrase “clever meat” here which just screams Anne Bishop’s The Others series

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    This was in the same vein as the last not altogether compelling but intriguing enough to continue I didn’t like that the heroine’s potential love interest willingly puts her in danger all the time It’s not cool that she’s constantly being manipulated by one person or another People break into her personal space often and others are constantly kidnapping her andor trying to kill her The only thing that would make this “she’s in mortal danger again” theme palatable is if the romance had moved along a little bit But you guessed it No such luck I am curious to see if the heroine ever gets together with her guy And I’m making assumptions that he is indeed her guy She hasn’t been pining which may be the best thing about this whole series She has way important things going on in her life

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    More DiscoveriesTate has a knack for getting herself in bizarre circumstances Once again performing an easy job for Ryu Tate gets dragged into a situation that is much than what it seems She even gets involved with various political factions Then some crazy shows up and tries to use her again and nearly kills herWe also get of Tate's past Some of it I had guessed from book one though Tate seems skeptical about it I wonder how long until someone else finds outAlso I loved how protective Ryu is of Tate at times His Dragon seems to be just as attached to Illith as well I also over seeing so much of Jost I love Jost

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    Good enoughI like the mystery I like the banter But I'd feel better if there were clues revealed about her past Plus I still get a bit lost sometimes Not enough to put me off reading the next one but Tate is no Shea Kira or even Aileen

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    35 stars

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    Copy is better in this compared to book one but not enough of the mystery is revealed and she is still getting patronizing bullshit from all sides I would cut someone These arrogant manipulative twats of a government can stick kt where the sun dont shine I hope they get their comeuppance