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Haunted by a terrible secret and dark past Sebastian Rockwood Earl of Melton and Clan Stewart patriarch values emotional control above all else Unlike his siblings he refuses to yield to the Rockwood family trait of reckless behavior But his impulsive act to outbid a debauched libertine and save Helen Rivenall is the first crack in the wall of his prized self control Never has the risk to his heart been so great as his treasured willpower slowly gives way to temptation and he discovers nothing can protect him from the ultimate obsession love Not even the humiliation of being sold at auction can match the horror Helen Rivenall endured under her uncle's roof Indebted to the earl she expects a demand to share his bed but all he asks is her participation in a harmless charade As their web of lies grows so does temptation and an increasing desire to give way to passion But when Helen realizes love drives her passion she knows she can accept nothing less from Sebastian than his heart As they struggle to overcome painful pasts and find their way to each other a terrible danger surrounds them When Helen is taken by a madman Sebastian races the clock to find her in the insanity and horror of Jack the Ripper's London

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    A Victorian romance between a woman fleeing from an abusive uncle and a brooding Earl set at the time of the Jack the Ripper murders in LondonSebastian Rockwood the Earl of Melton is investigating rumors of young women being kidnapped and auctioned at London brothels when he is captivated by one of the victims Helen Rivenell After buying her at auction and rescuing her and her young brother from their captors he struggles with the chaotic feelings that disrupt his otherwise meticulously ordered life Helen is as infatuated as Sebastian is but refuses to yield to a man she believes incapable of returning her feelingsThis is a solid romance with a male protagonist with a death grip on the stupid ball He does pass it to the female protagonist from time to time though and to be fair to the author and the large and likable cast everyone else comments on how stupid the pair are about their relationship Add in some family drama on Helen's side an unhealthy obsession from another bidder at the auction where Sebastian rescued Helen and the background of the Ripper murders themselves and you have a tale that moves along at a good rate and ends satisfyingly wellA very minor uibble is that the story only really works because of Helen's ahistorical attitude towards marriage and what appears to be an eually ahistorical appreciation of the rights of women in 19th century England It's not egregious but Helen's behavior and Sebastian's ignorance of propriety don't really fit the time

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    Pretty shallow predictable plot the usual clichee of characters not communicating with each other taken to a ridiculous level It lacked humour and wasn‘t very well written I did not get a lot of enjoyment out of it I kept rolling my eyes constantly through the first six chapters The plot got a little interesting eventually However the characters were just TSTL all around and it was all just so painfully obvious Definitely not going to pick up anything else by this author

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    Helen and Sebastian Enjoyable read Sebastian was a tragic sort of hero to me His inability to express his feelings elongated the story and created a great deal of frustration for this reader Helen was the type of heroine I like She was assertive and did not allow herself to dwell in a victim's story Horrible things continued to happen to her but she kept trying to take care of herself and establish her independence I enjoyed the tie ins to real life events and the terror those events engendered in the population at that time I was a bit disappointed in the epilogue though I had been looking forward to a certain couple's HEA throughout this book and to learn that there would be no such thing saddened me

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    I'm not sure why Helen and Sebastian loved each other; both were terrible people especially Sebastian I can see why Helen didn't think he loved her as all he wanted to do from the first moment he met her was have sex with her Speaking of which was I supposed to find the sex scenes erotic and titallating? Because I didn't I also hated the epilogue We go from Devlin looking at Louisa strangely after she kills the driver to an epilogue where they've been married had two kids he died and she's been in constant mourning? Why bother with that story at all if it encompasses three whole paragraphs? Aside from not really liking the story I also found multiple spelling grammar and punctuation errors throughout Note to the author and her editors it's to not too

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    Monica Burns has a way with bringing damaged souls together in spite of themselves and others with dishonorable plans that would strive to separate them She also proves AGAIN she DEFINITELY knows her way around STEAMY love scenes A fact that I always appreciateI am a huge fan of this author and was delightd to find OBSESSION had been re issued expanded and in Kindle format Take a chance on this Monica Burns book it's a good story with a hero you will like from the first page

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    35 Stars This was a pretty good book I enjoyed the story and the characters On the down side I don't like stories with crazy villans the writing was not outstanding and the e book had uite a few grammatical and spelling errors which detracted from the story Worth reading but with some short comings

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    This is a revised and expanded reissue of the 2006 edition of Obsession New content is included in this digital editionAn interesting and intriguing tale of two souls with dark secrets that haunt them both A Victorian re take on Jack the Ripper's London with many twists Fast paced with tortured and injured souls secrets passion romancediabolical murderspast hurts and finding forgiveness and healing to move forward Well written with beautifully written erotic scenes engaging characters who desire than passion but need security and finally some peace and love Compellingwith moments of scary situations intriguing with mystery and suspense A must read Ms Burns is a constant storyteller who wins fans hearts with your compassionate loving characters and her uniue intriguing storylines An absolutely wickedly delicious and seductive tale from the first page to the last The Rockwoods are fantastic in ways than one A must read Fans of Historical Romance Victorian era romance erotic romance and epic love stories will enjoy ObsessionI adore this authors stories her charismatic characters and her uniue storylines Well done Can't wait for the next grand adventureReceived for an honest review from the authorRating 45Heat rating SteamyReviewed by AprilR courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

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    I completely fell in love with Sebastian from the beginning of this story An earl he is a kind and very responsible eldest brother taking care of his family running his estate and trying to match his siblings while trying to keep his beloved Aunt Matilda from matchmaking him He’s very self disciplined and used to being in complete control of his life and Helen upends it completely; the way he constantly looks at his timepiece is hilarious He’s also a consummate pianist and he plays to relax when he canHe stumbles upon Helen in a brothel when he helps his brother Caleb rescue a young woman who has been kidnapped; she is being auctioned to the highest bidder He feels for her and is disgusted by the process so to protect her and keep her from his loathsome nemesis Viscount Templeton he bids for her and wins He takes her to his family’s London home and in exchange for helping her he ashamedly asks Helen to pose as his fiancée for his fastidious aunt Because she feels indebted to him she agrees especially after he also rescues her precocious younger brother EdwardFor my full review on my historical romance and history blog

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    Sebastian Rockwood wants and needs an orderly life Nothing spontaneous for him He knows what can happen if he deviates Unfortunately his life is turned upside down when he rescues Helen from a brothel She is a beautiful caring woman who is to easy to love She has known too much pain and cruelty He will make sure that she's safe and cared for but he needs her help She will pretend to be his fiancée and stop his aunt from matchmaking What happens next is pure romance Monica Burns has written characters that I enjoyed The battle of wills between the feisty lady and the powerful lord is entertaining She is no timid miss and he's not use to being ignored The sparks fly The story is well plotted It's filled with a passionate romance as well as suspense and danger With Jack the Ripper terrorizing the city and Helen being pursued by her cruel uncle I was on the edge of my seat I enjoyed the setting and the sparkling dialogue Thank goodness this is the first book in the series so there will be stories to follow The Rockwood Family can't stay out of trouble

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    Poor girl to be the object of obsession by so many men I was so relieved at the end that Sebastian and his lady love managed to finally achieve their HEA The sexual tension between the two of them kept the story moving from beginning to end A great read I voluntarily reviewed this free ebook