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Nuclear Energy Fifth Edition provides nuclear engineers plant designers and radiation physicists with a comprehensive overview of nuclear energy and its uses discusses potential problems and provides an outlook for the future New and important trends are discussed including probabilistic safety analysis PSA deregulation of the electric power industry to permit competition in the supply of electricity; improvements in performance characteristics of nuclear power plants such as capacity factor production costs and safety factors; storage and disposal of all types of radioactive wastes; advances in decontamination decommissioning and reutilization; continued progress in evolutionary reactors; increased interest in the role of nuclear power in reducing pollution and global warming Attention will also be given to the developments in such countries as Russia Ukraine France Sweden South Korea China and Third World Countries The author also looks at the problems of nuclear weapons proliferation and the potential threat from terrorist organizations or reckless countries In addition the author has identified Web sites and other electronic information sources to supplement all of the topics covered in this book Latest edition with updated content in important subject areas Free downloadable software accompanies book contents Revised instructor's manual to accompany book

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