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As he continued to stare I wanted to point to my cheek and remind him But you were the one who wanted this remember? You're the one who asked and I repeat Why not fix your face? It's hard not to notice Terra Cooper She's tall blond and has an enviable body But with one turn of her cheek all people notice is her unmistakably flawed face Terra secretly plans to leave her stifling small town in the Northwest and escape to an East Coast college but gets pushed off course by her controlling father When an unexpected collision puts Terra directly in Jacob's path the handsome but uirky Goth boy immediately challenges her assumptions about herself and her life and she is forced in yet another direction With her carefully laid plans disrupted will Terra be able to find her true path?Written in lively artful prose award winning author Justina Chen Headley has woven together a powerful novel about a fractured family falling in love travel and the meaning of true beauty

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    Listen up people There is a reason why this book has so many raving reviews it is simply gorgeous When I finished it I actually sat for a whole 30 minutes in the same exact spot thinking about the book and all that I took from it That's how great it's impact was on meThe story is like a block of wood that you see has the potential to be something beautiful The carpenter the author chips away slowly and deliberately Doing a through job of sanding the wood down until finally you get the exuisite piece of art This book reminded me a lot about that processEverything about it made so much sense to me It's like everything clicked This book isn't packed with action but with truth There is so much to say about it but you really have to read itTerra is one of the most real main characters I have encountered Jacob the love interest is so painfully great it hurts And there is an eually great supporting cast surrounding these two people You get to see a tiny glimpse of Syrah from Girl Overboard another great one from Justina Chen Headley and see how things worked out for her Before I read this book I had no idea about geocaching way cool hobbywhich plays a very big role in this storyFrom start to finish this story was perfect or how the author would say perfectly and beautifully flawed

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    Posted at Shelf Inflicted Terra Cooper is blonde beautiful a talented artist and dating a popular and athletic boy She has everything going for her or does she? Well she has one physical flaw a port wine stain birthmark in the shape of Bhutan on her right cheek Along with her daily exercise regimen Terra skillfully applies an assortment of cosmetics and moisturizers to conceal the red stain that brings her shame She lives in a small boring town in Washington has a father who is controlling and overly critical and a mother who is overweight and passive She wants to escape by attending a college far from home When she gets accepted her plans are thwarted by her father While Terra and her mom are in Seattle for laser treatment to lighten her birthmark they get into a minor collision and Terra meets Jacob a handsome Chinese boy with a propensity for black clothing and a physical imperfection Terra and her mom and Jacob and his mom decide to travel to China Terra and her mom will be visiting Merc Terra’s older brother now living and working in China Jacob and his mom will be visiting the orphanage he lived in Freed at last from her father’s biting comments and in a country where language culture and customs are unlike anything she’s ever known Terra reconnects with her mom grows changes and learns new ways of being in the world She gradually gains self confidence learns to accept herself and becomes open to life’s possibilities This book was truly a joy to read It is beautifully written thought provoking sometimes sad and ultimately uplifting The characters were realistic complex and well developed with all their imperfections The maps geocaching sites geographic details and cartographic information were all fascinating

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    I don't read a lot of realistic YA fiction precisely because of books like this well meaning angsty Books with Messages whose earnest agendas are perfectly clear to anyone who skims the jacket It's funny that a book that wants so very much for people to look past the mark on Terra's face has so much trouble focusing on much of anything except that Despite being a decently sized novel somehow how the abusive dad the meek mother the endless references to cartography the artwork and the boyfriends all feel like 2 dimensional filler much like Terra herself None of the characters or details really come alive or invoke any feeling for me and the writing furthers the awkwardness with sentences such as Spent I fell into bed closed my eyes and dreamt of torn maps falling on me like fresh snow The events and emotions just didn't ring emotionally true although I seem to be in the minority in my opinion on this oneThis isn't really a bad book but it's not one I would really recommend unless there's a reader out there that has somehow made it through life thus far without realizing that beauty is only skin deep

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    I am extremely ashamed to admit that about twenty pages into this book I was feeling like “Oh here we go againanother wealthy girl with made up problemsher dad will only pay for a state school? Boo hoo” Yeah I kind of want to punch myself in the face now too But I think that’s just one of the things that are so remarkable about this book on the surface and even in the beginning it seems to be a simple even juvenile story about a girl with a birthmark but it ends up surprising you with so much Terra has developed an exhaustive protocol to detract everyone’s attention from her face She keeps her body in perfect condition with endless exercise and she has created a make up combination that when applied in generous layers can almost hide the large red birthmark that covers her right cheek But that’s not the only thing that she’s hiding She’s secretly applied to a college on the other side of the country She crafts intricate collages but doesn’t show them to anyone She can’t tell her boyfriend that they have almost nothing in common She hasn’t seen either of her brothers in two years At home she lives in a tense environment caught between protecting her mother and placating her father When an accident leads her to meet Jacob a straight forward goth and his mother Norah the two begin to spark changes within Terra and her mother that might lead to their liberationThis is definitely an author that understands that the world has sufficient drama – there’s no need to manufacture it for the sake of moving along a story The scenes with Terra’s family are so charged and intense This is written in the first person but I am really impressed by the author’s ability to let the reader in on things that even Terra doesn’t realize Her father’s giant sinkhole of insecurity and her mother’s smothered uiet strength are very visible even though Terra doesn’t recognize themThere’s a very sweet believable romance here but it in no way overshadows the important themes of the story I find Terra’s mother’s growth to be the most moving I was so torn hoping for Terra’s mom to get a happy ending and also hoping that it wouldn’t happen because I knew it wouldn’t seem realistic I think that the author finds the perfect balance of realistic resolutionso I got to have my cake and eat it too and it was oh so satisfyingI love that this story explores the positive aftermath of long term hardship – the way that even as it’s tearing you down it’s also unearthing all the hidden strength that you never realized was there But essentially this story is about appreciating beauty in its most genuine forms the kind of beauty that appears with familiarity and history; the kind that’s almost always flawed and uniue and so much better than superficial attractionPerfect Musical PairingModest Mouse – The View Isaac Brock’s raspy voice is the kind that is glorious in all its ugliness It grows on you slowly until you find yourself compulsively listening to the same song for the fifteenth time There’s so much emotion and raw lispy goodness behind that voice that I can’t help dancing like a fool to most of their songs This track I feel is particularly appropriate As life gets longer awful feels softer and it feels pretty soft to me And if it takes shit to make bliss well I feel pretty blissfully If life's not beautiful without the pain well I'd just rather never ever even see beauty again Well as life gets longer awful feels softer And it feels pretty soft to me

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    North of Beautiful is about Terra Cooper the blond bombshell with a killer body and perfect boyfriend whose life would be unblemished if not for the port wine stain encompassing the entire left side of her face There is a saying that goes Humans only take into account bad deeds and once a bad deed has been committed the good will forever be ignored This is true for Terra for when most people think of her they forget that she works strenuously to keep in shape and that she has promising ability in art; they make her out as the poster child for port wine stains This is only one of the reasons she wishes to escape her small Washington town and attend a college on the east coast Terra's father is over controlling vicious and so emotionally abusive that his words could substitute as punches being thrown at a person's self esteem Couple him with Terra's incompetent and easily frightened mom it's no wonder that both of Terra's brothers ran out of the family as fast as they could Terra cannot wait to follow suit However one morning while she and her mother are on a drive they are part of a fateful collision with Terra almost ending a Goth boy's life Terra soon learns that the Goth boy's name is Jacob and that he is Chinese and was adopted with a cleft lip After Terra and her mother get to know Jacob and his family a string of events causes Terra to embark on a journey to China where all of those in lieu learn a little bit about themselves and where Terra might find the real meaning of true beauty North of Beautiful was simply amazing The first thing that attracted me to the book was that one of the main characters was of Asian ethnicity Jacob I wasn't disappointed Jacob wasn't just a love affair he was real and developed and had problems of his own He was also very adorable Anyway all of the characters in this book start out with problems and develop gradually they were all three dimensional and they were each very specialHeadley's prose was magnificent; I love the way she writes so elegantly but still captures the essence of beautiful scenery I'm not a huge fan of traveling and geography but the theme wasn't overdone and she wrote it in subtly and smoothly The plot was also great I really felt satisfied with the beginning middle and endI would recommend North of Beautiful to anyone and everyone So many topics are covered ranging from geocaching to falling in love Headley doesn't stumble and manages to balance every aspect of the book eually creating a solid story

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    Once upon a time I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning while sitting under the covers in a darkened air force base hotel watching a PBS Nova special about the magnetic poles hold on while I push up my nerd glasses The people I was with were all asleep but I was watching it flabbergasted and wanting to wake them up because I never knew until that moment that what we know as magnetic north and south have changed several times in the history of Earth Can you imagine? Obviously it blew my mind And we're overdue for another change Here's the link if you are interested Your Mind BlownAnyway the point of this story is that this book has a map and discovery theme that I found totally refreshing Though the story is one of self discovery and relationship evaluation I felt like the author did an amazing job of making the story original and the characters believable and multidimensional After reading I can say that this book evoked the same sort of reaction from me that I felt after reading Saving Francesca I really enjoyed it and so because it dealt with heavier issues in a realistic way In this novel the protagonist is a girl who has a large portwine stain birthmark on her face which resulted in teasing from her peers and low self esteem While she does come into herself and that is the largest focus of the book the storyline I felt most involved in was that of the family dynamicsThe way Justina Chen Headley writes family scenes is so real that I actually cried thinking about how heart wrenching being in that situation would be Each member of a family has a different impact on your life and Headley's writing made me think about where the pressures in my life are coming from good and bad and how the failure of someone in your family can devastate other people nearly as much as the person who failed at something And in the same vein one person's negativity or rudeness can ruin an adventuredaydinner for the entire family Boy do I ever know what that is aboutHeadley wove so many interesting tidbits into this story that I really can't talk about them all but here are a few topics that I found of particular interestCartographers drew dragons and sea monsters in sections of the oceans on maps to keep people from going to those areas who knew?As adults I feel we accept a lot uirks in people It saddens me to think how many people feel left out in high schoolMemento mori Headley mentions a mnemonic device to remember the streets in downtown Seattle Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest Jefferson James Cherry Columbia Marion Madison Spring Seneca University Union Pike PineI want to go geocachingI am between 4 and 5 stars on this book but I'm closer to the 5 so that's what it gets Edited it down 511 I definitely recommend it but beware the love interest is goth At first I didn't get it but I really came to like him by the end You will too

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    I'm sure this must get better as it goes on but the opening was too dull for me to want to spend any time finding out

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    The first thing people notice about Terra Cooper isn’t her gorgeous blonde hair or killer body it’s the port wine stain that spreads across her cheek marking her face Terra is desperate to escape her tiny Washington town and plots to attend a small liberal arts college on the East Coast but her controlling father dashes her plans When she meets Jacob a Goth Chinese boy after she nearly hits him with her car things begin to change Jacob gets her For the first time in her life Terra is with someone with whom she can let down her shield Through Jacob’s friendship and a life changing trip to China with her mother can Terra find her true path and figure out who she really wants to be?This book is gorgeous Gorgeous The thing about Justina Chen Headley’s books is that I start each and every one noting how similar they are to each other—the ultra self aware teen the unlovingbroken family And then the protagonist’s voice gets into my head and I all but forget that there were other books at all There’s only Terra and Terra’s struggles and problems and issuesAnd Terra is so relatable You know her She’s someone you’ve spoken to or someone you’ve been and you are instantly inside her struggle And watching Terra learn who she is and who she wants to be—watching her try to put the pieces of her family back together—it’s beautiful Her relationship with her mother is beautiful to watch and they make you want to cheerThis is a tremendously satisfying coming of age story

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    TBR Pile Reduction Challenge #3 KristyNorth of Beautiful and I were off to a rather rocky start After about 50 pages in I was contemplating giving up on it because what I had read so far had either bored me or had made me uncomfortable to a great extentTerra’s family is than shattered Her father is a real bully and all those mean and hurtful things he said to either Terra or her mother hurt me so much that I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to stick with the story or not I guess the fact that I was unbelievably mad at Terra’s father and that I desperately wanted to see her standing up to him made me continue reading and luckily I found myself warming up to Terra and her story and Jacob’s appearance on the scene helped a lot too Even though I didn’t really know what to make of this goth boy at first I liked him enough and was curious to see how Terra’s and his relationship would play outI definitely enjoyed the second half of the book than the first one I loved to see how Terra and Jacob grew closer and how he helped her accept herself The relationship between Terra and her mother was also beautifully portrayed and it was great to see her mother coming out of her shell a littleTo sum it up A very well written though slightly too wordy story about the meaning of true beauty and finding one’s self in which the love story plays an important but not central role

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    “Terra a sensitive artistic high school senior born with a facial port wine stain struggles with issues of inner and outer beauty with the help of her Goth friend JacobI was initially dismayed by the first few chapters of this book because of the intense amount of references to maps and cartography of which I was not well versed in making it feel like I was reading an encyclopedia and in need of constant referencing with a dictionary to find the meaning of certain words The cartography metaphors slowed down my reading and almost turned me off from continuing on But with the encouragement of fellow ‘goodreaders’ I trudged on and gladly that I did Because once I’ve finished peeling the top layers of map metaphors I was gifted with such beautiful smart and heart warming prose I realized that the use of cartography references in the beginning and throughout the book was Justina Headley’s way of mapping and building Terra’s story I felt that Justina Headley was ingenious in writing this book in picking out her heroine’s name Terra in breaking the book in three parts according to the protagonist’s journey into finding herself Terra Nullis Terra Incognita and finally Terra Firma “Dad has done his damnedest to do that to steer me to Terra Nullis that godforsaken empty land where one might survive but never flourish To keep me in Terra Incognita and remain a girl as undiscovered as Unknown Land itself”I love love this book Reading Terra’s story made me wistful It made me long to be with my mother and brothers It made me shed a bucket of tears I might not be the most objective reviewer of this book because I could only sing praises for it This book hit too close to home for me There were times that I was left speechless and stunned as I felt that Justina Headley was talking about my life about me about my family How could she know? It was like déjà vu over and over again The reading experience was just too personal too painful at times but therapeutic There’s much to learn from reading this book as it touches different topics poor self concept and low self esteem abuse from a spouse and parent divorce mother and daughter relationship teenage romance and self discovery Though it touches such deep and emotional topics the mood of the book is not depressing at all Instead it is touching and heart warming especially when each of the characters of the book discovers themselves and overcome their personal struggles The story Terra struggles with low self esteem due to a port wine stain on the left side of her face Her concept of beauty has always been skewed as she was teased early on about her face It didn’t help that her father was not the most encouraging parent in the world often condescending and belittling Terra and her mother and brothers Her father’s disgrace from the cartography world has made him an ah0le elevating his ego by trampling on everyone else around him Terra her mother and brothers all suffered from verbal and emotional abuse from her father As a result her brothers had all left town and hardly visited and her mother took refuge from food and became very overweight taking all the abuse without standing up for herself or for her kids It was heartbreaking to read about Terra and how low she thought of herself She hid behind thick make up and behind a relationship of convenience with one of the popular guys in school It never occurred to her how she could be beautiful just by being herself She never thought that she was good enough to be with someone great or that her artwork was good enough for a show She couldn’t learn to love herself until she met Jacob “You know what’s funny?” Jacob asked He didn’t wait for my answer “You can see beauty in everything except for yourself”Jacob is a 17 year old teen whom Terra happens to literally crash into while driving on her way home from a doctor’s visit Jacob is Chinese American who was adopted when he was 3 years old from a Chinese orphanage by his adoptive mother Norah Though a boy and valued in China he was left at the orphanage by his birth parents because he had a birth defect a cleft lip and palate Norah adopted him and brought him back to the United States where she had his cleft lip and palate surgically fixed and raised him like her own Jacob grew up being different having a scar on his face due to the cleft palate and having Caucasian parents He dealt with the prejudices by deflecting under Goth clothing and personae Because of Jacob’s life experiences he was appreciative of Terra and found her beautiful despite her port wine stain and her low self esteem Through Jacob Terra learned to accept herself and understood what True Beauty is Some things are meant to be kept – what you learn from experiences good or bad smiles from an orphaned girl a boy who is your compass pointing to your True North So I look Jacob full in the face with nothing obscuring him Or me And then I step closer to him And closer And closer yet “Here I am” I tell him “Here I am”A book that makes me cry always gets a Five from me And this book wasn’t lacking in that arena There were so many parts in the book that made me cry I cried tears of pain when the book mentioned about t how Terra’s older brother Claudius purposefully got into accidents to distract the father from their mother when the father got upset I cried tears of relief and joy when Terra’s mother finally stood up to the father I cried wistful tears when I read about Terra and her mother and their self discover together when they traveled to China Other note worthies Geocaching Now that’s fun Am I alone into thinking this is such a smart and fun hobby to pick up? Is it because I’m a nerd that’s why I find this so interesting and exciting? It’s the modern day version of treasure hunting using a GPS How could treasure hunting not be fun? And Terra and Jacob did it in China to boot Now that’s crazy exciting And what about tobogganing at the Great Wall of China? Who would have thought? Now the Chinese definitely know how to have fun Just thinking about it gives me the butterflies Boy I would love to do that Two exciting activities Two things I’ve already added to my bucket list If I had the opportunity I would have read this book with my Mom or with my girlfriends who wouldn’t mind being emotional with me I went through so many emotions reading this book It is such a touching and empowering book I highly recommend