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Have you ever woken up and expected to see destruction everywhere?In 48 hours I lost everything I came home to find my girlfriend of four years with another man The next day a plane crash ripped my family away from me shattering me in the process In many ways I died that day too The fun loving man who'd lived in the fast lane and loved his career in the film industry was gone Left was a forty year old shell that dwelled at the bottom of a bottleOnly one person knew what I was going through My sister's stepson who hadn't been on the plane Julian knew what it was like to lose everyone he loved too He'd stopped showing up at reunions when he was a teenager so I didn’t know him very well But I told him at the memorial service he could come out and visit me in LA whenever One day he did and I guessed it was as good a day as any to start picking up the pieces and see what was left of us

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    375 StarsNoah is a 40 year old film producerHe returns home from a job earlier than expected to find his girlfriend of 4 years with another manThe next day his family are killed in a plane crashnot a spoilerit's in the book blurbUnsurprisingly he falls into deep despair and finds comfort in drinkThe only family member he has left is his dead sisters stepsonJulianHe hasn't had too much interaction with him over the years until he turns up for the Memorial ServiceJulian23 is a complex young manHe's known from a young age he was gay and has never really fit in anywhere in his lifeA few weeks after the Memorial Service he turns up at Noah's doorNoah doesn't really put a label on his sexualityAs well as having a long term girlfriend he's also dabbled with men in the pastThe two men are united in their grief and their emotions were very well portrayedThey start a tentative friendship but Noah soon finds he has to fight his sexual attraction to JulianOne nighta line is crossed and they share a very steamy night togetherThe next day they decide it was just a one time thing and although they continue living together they start seeing other peopleFast forward 9 months and they can't fight their mutual attraction any longerLet me just say when they start getting down and dirty it's extremely hotIt's raw and desperatejust how I like my men to beI fell in love with Julian from the beginning but I'm still not sure how I feel about Noah's characterWhat didn't really work for meBecause Noah's directing a film there are uite a few scenes from his film played out and I didn't particularly like those parts of the book and found myself skimming themThe last 40% when they were in Paris I really enjoyedThey finally get to explore their relationship properlyIt's so sweet at times and very hotI haven't read this Author before and while this didn't completely wow me I did enjoy it and would definitely read from her

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    45I didn't fall in love with this book until Paris At the beginning there's grief and tears and cheating ex girlfriends Noah wants to do right by his nephew Julian but following an unspeakable tragedy he can barely get out of bed and shower Julian is Noah's older sister's stepson She raised him and he calls her mom but he is not related to Noah who's been so busy living the Hollywood life he hasn't seen Julian in years Noah was never a true uncle; he barely knows Julian when Julian now 23 shows up on his doorstep in Los Angeles What I loved most about Noah is that he's open and self aware His voice is real and strong He swings somewhere around a 2 on the Kinsey scale and has been with guys before; he's just never had romantic feelings for a man not until Julian who is not only his nephew in name but 17 years his junior My heart broke for Julian Even with Noah he's so alone He doesn't think Noah really wants him not for anything but sex anyway The book skips two weeks forward in nearly every chapter At one point there's a nine month time lapse The men come together for one night only to start dating and fucking other people This didn't sit well with me although I understood that they needed to move beyond their pain to truly SEE each other as partners not just two guys sharing a tremendous loss Noah is a B list producer Julian a musician They bond over music and film While I didn't need the level of detail about the film Noah was directing it certainly added to the authentic feel of the business in LA there's only one business no explanation needed Once the men finally open up to one another in Paris where Noah is directing scenes for a movie his good friend Tennyson is producing the feels keep on coming One of my favorite moments is when the men visit Sacré Cœur and Noah asks Julian out on a date You know room service for dinner doesn't sound bad Then we wouldn't have to leave the bedI groaned a laugh and stole one kiss Don't fucking tempt me But no Indulge me I want—The couple shit? Julian uippedI inclined my head and smirked That's right Besides I thought we said no sexYou said that I was being hypothetical At heart this is a tender romantic story about two men who have to move beyond perceptions and labels to find each other The passion between Noah and Julian is combustible and Cara Dee sets the page on fire with the explosive rough sex Noah is an ass man through and through and there's even naughty studentprofessor role play So very HAWT Noah's personal assistant Nicky is a shifty slimy fucker who worms his way into Julian's bed He tries to play a game with Noah but Noah is having none of that Nicky definitely gets what's coming to himI liked Noah's friends who eventually become Julian's friends and have his back always Tennyson's pretty damn smart and Sophie's a total spitfire I loved the epilogue and the second epilogue from Julian's perspective which is available only on Cara's website Don't miss that one It made me crazy happy

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    Cara Dee nailed this one NAILED itI have enjoyed the Aftermath series and Public Display of Everything but this was special Without any dramatic plot twists or suspense it is the perfect blend of realism and emotion that really touched me That and the great writingThe author couldn't have chosen a better title This book is all about Noah Being inside his head was an absolute delight and I loved every minute of it He's all in or all out He's a romantic but rational as well He will give you everything but he will never forgive betrayal I variously found myself identifying with himSo Noah 40 year old assistant director extraordinaire and proud cuddle slut is shit out of luck Coming home from his trip he finds his girfriend cheating on him And then the next day his whole family gets killed in a plane crash The only person who can understand what he's going through because he's experiencing the exact same thing is Julian his dead sister's stepson23 year old Julian was a complex character and harder to read since we didn't have his POV But he's full of contradictions and I loved thatTogether they mourn The grief part was very well done; it didn't override the story but it was so very real I can't not mention the moment that Noah learns about the plane crash His reaction and the description of his emotions at the time are indicative of the uality of writingAnd this is how it starts Noah and Julian kind of save each other When one of them is close to falling apart the other is there to catch him And Noah will NOT let Julian hide Don't give me any of that shit Wanting comfort ain't fucking reserved for women and children and it's barely been two months since we lost everyone The friendship turns to lust and lust turns to They try to resist it but there is cuddling and a few stolen nights when they decide to be weak I wanna be weak tonight Noah he murmured Please?No fucking clue what he meant by weak but it fit well I supposed 'Cause I was too weak to resist Okay But Paris is the city of love And although Noah and Julian fell for each other long before that it's in Paris that they 'll give in completelyThe time jumps work great and really add to the story The cast of secondary characters was amazing and the movie that Noah was working on really came alive through the pages; it felt like there was a story in the story The sex scenes were smoking Noah is so open and liberated about his sexuality and the way he sees himself; it was truly refreshingWhat I'm trying to say in not so few words is that this book is special It goes straight to my 2016 favorites shelf Highly recommended for ALL MM romance readersMake sure to stop by the author's site for the prologue and epilogue from Julian's POV They 're amazingThanks to my bestie Renee for the BR Review cross posted on Gay Book Reviews

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    35 StarsMehthis one didn't do much for me I never really connected to Noah or Julian Every time jump was less on page time they spent together connecting Yeah Paris helped Some But by the time we got there I had already checked out so it didn't save it for me Something about the writing was off too Choppy? Monotone? SomethingI didn't really like being in Noah's head the whole time either It seemed to be the same thoughts over and over again The sex was hot I'll give it that But ultimately there was skimming involved in the end So an okay read for me

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    I loved this book just as much the third time around Brilliant Original Review June 2016 Does love conuer all?No but I believe it gives us what we need in order to fight And so it does Noah is a gorgeous story by an author who has managed to become a favorite of mine very uickly I easily got lost in the imagery and the feelings of loss and of love Noah has a tragic beginning of betrayal of a lover and then the greatest loss of a family in an instant The story is told from Noah's POV so we spend a lot of time inside his head feeling his pain his doubts his struggles with attraction and finally his love for Julian I loved every moment of this story from the angsty beginning to the gorgeous endingNoah Collins is a successful 40 year old Hollywood director He's not an A lister which is just fine with him but he's done well He's worked very hard to get where he is and he's happy Or so he thought But walking into his house while his girlfriend was cheating on him and then losing his whole family the next day in a plane crash sent Noah to a pretty dark place Noah does not cope well at all and turns to self medicating with alcohol His friends are awesome and understanding but there is really only one person that truly understands what he is going through And that would be his nephew by marriage not by blood Julian He and Julian have never been close and haven't seen each other in years until the memorial serviceJulian Hartley is 23 and feeling lost and alone He's struggled with depression for a couple of years and the only things that are really his are his music and his love of art Losing his family felt like everything else was taken away After taking Noah up on his offer to come stay with him in LA he also discovers that his teenage crush on Noah never went away For the longest time though he is determined to deny his feelings are actually real Noah and Julian dance around each other for ages even as they take comfort in each others company They help each other through their grief and learn to live again Noah especially struggles with his growing feelings toward Julian It feels wrong to him at first even though they barely know one another Not only is there the family connection but Noah is 17 years older than Julian So they dance And they deny And they try to move on from one another to appropriate partners The story really takes off in Paris The imagery was so romantic and Noah and Julian finally face their feelings for one another And they fly I loved that their story didn't feel so angst filled The tragic beginning was there but beyond that their relationship wasn't really filled with unnecessary drama Yeah it took Noah a good while to come to terms with his feelings for Julian but once he finally got there they were unstoppableI simply loved it

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    I didn’t really like this I was so happy when it was overI have to admit Cara Dee is a very talented author and the writing was great It was just the story that didn’t do anything for meI really liked how Noah and Julian found comfort in each other after losing their family I loved the first part where they grew closer and that first sex scene was HOTBut this book is filled with one of my major pet peeves time jumps After the first sex scene we get a 9 month time jump where we’re told both of them have been seeing other people Oh boy do I hate it when that happens in a story I don’t want my guys to sleep with other people once they have been together for the first timeAnd then each new chapter starts with 2 week later I hated that I felt so disconnected to the story because of itI really wanted to be there when these guys spend time together Now I felt this book was filled with scenes of friends the reaction of the remaining family the stupid movie Noah was directing and other stuff but not the romance itselfAnd the movie ugh I really didn’t want to read the scenes where they were shooting the tragic movie about a woman and her son That’s the kind of movie I never want to see so please don’t have me reading about it in a bookOverall I can see why people would like this book but it didn’t do anything for me

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    45 starsI love Cara Dee's work Most of the time her characters have to go through a painful journey before they find their happiness And that's what happened here too A tragedy followed by healingIn Noah we follow the MCs through two years of their lives They change a lot from the first time we see them till the moment we leave them I liked Noah and Julian's story and I'm looking forward to seeing them again in future booksIt was very interesting to see the making of a film and following it through the many stages until it reached the big screen The story for it was interesting and very emotional even though we only got glimpses of it In a way the romantic story ran parallel to the making of the film Noah and Julian's story started when Noah first saw the script and we leave them to their HEA once the film is complete and on the big screen for the first timeI didn't have a problem with the big age difference I think it was 17 years or with their familial connection They weren't related by blood and they never had a close relationship in the past but still they had to face the public opinion since their relationship was considered unconventionalThe bad guy Nicky was a trully awful person he was a user and very selfish I was satisfied with the way his future went after everything he didNow I'm off to read Julian The Outtakes

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    This book was free when I picked it up and I enjoyed it a lot Despite the concatenation of losses that open the book it felt realistic than melodramatic I found the writing here engaging and emotional than in Aftermath and I identified with the narrator Noah held my attention as he tried to cope with the loss of most of his family the breakup with his girlfriend and the attraction he felt for his sister's adult step son The conflict was well done I believed in the way Noah was caught between the feelings he was developing for Julian and the pain of knowing that his dead family members would hardly have approved The progression of Noah's climb out of grief and toward love is uneven and the obstacles although often psychological didn't feel manufactured Interesting characters plausible movie industry details and a smooth writing style made this a pleasure to read

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    This Bitch I said thisCara Dee is starting to become a fave author of mine There hasn’t been a book that I didn’t love by this authorI’m gonna say first I love the friendship between Noah and Julian I was expecting lots of sexy times based off some hard times but I got the opposite Two men falling deeply in love and leaving the reader with that its all solid I think if they would have went straight for it it would have been a relationship solely based off tragedyOverall this was good and just freaking wholesome Enough angst and UST to light your panties on fire and enough sweet to have hearts in your eyes 😍😍😍

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    I started this this isn't a spoiler it's in the blurb but the pain of the betrayal and deaths at the beginning left we reeling I need to be in a better mood to get past it Today isn't the day But I'll read this as soon as my funk ends