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Joey James has given up on his ‘Prince Charming’ There is no such thing he needs to be realistic about his chances of finding a lasting relationship A chance encounter with a former school mate at the local grocery store changes everything maybeBefore Joey can decide what to do about it he is swept into a terrifying scheme Forced into helping a dangerous stranger in exchange for his family’s safety Joey begins a perilous journey into the criminal underbelly of Skagit He will do whatever is needed to protect his familyBuck Swanfeldt had a secret crush on Joey James in high school Buck’s social anxiety and two year age difference made it impossible for him to approach Joey then Life since high school has been challenging and lonely Eight years later fate brings them together and Buck decides to act He utterly fails He would have left it at that except fate seems to be intent on pushing Joey in his direction and clearly Joey needs someone at his backDark sordid secrets hiding in Skagit are bubbling to the surface danger lurks in unexpected places Buck has never been anyone’s hero but something about Joey has him throwing caution to the wind Together the two men take on a dangerous force greater than themselves But sometimes our worst enemy is ourselveswarning may need a tissueThis book is a work of fiction intended for mature audiences only

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    45 StarsEveryone has secrets Secrets that should never be brought into the light of day Secrets that are lurking under the surface of a small town and threaten to unravel its countryside idyll and ideal world Secrets two men involuntarily participate in which not only causes uite a stir but will change their life foreverFor Joey James the nurse we already met in the previous book Storm Season two things almost happen at once a random encounter at a grocery store with a former schoolmate who never even was on his radar but whom he suddenly cannot get out of his head and an alarming picture on the windshield of his car meant to blackmail him into helping out a criminal individual or otherwise his family would come to harm Both are things Joey is in over his head but it soon becomes apparent that the former will and is even bound and determined to help him coping with the latter Joey the nestling of a big family is a caring person by nature That is the reason why he will be exploited over and over again by his much older siblings to take care of his parents That is the reason why he takes in a stray although there a no dogs allowed in his appartment That is also the reason why he loves his job at the hospital which causes him lately trouble than he prefers He'd been thinking with his heart with the part of him that hated pain and suffering with the part of him that fiercely protected those he loved It wasn't stupid to care That's how he was built he cared often too much and too soon But Joey is lonely The prospects to find someone who wants to share your life as a gay young man in a small town are pretty rare When he meets a shy and socially awkward man who apparently knows him from yore and who immediately takes flight after a moment of embarrassment he is curious about the conundrum that is Buck Swanfeldt owner of the local garage Fate seems to be intent on bringing both men together and after bumping into each other repeatedly Buck slowly but surely becomes a safe haven for JoeyAs much as I loved Joey it was Buck I loved Maybe because I could totally relate to him being on the shy side and socially awkward myself I know how it would feel to screw up one's courage to address someone you had a crush on for years I could virtually feel his embarrassment but I admired him for doing something that would have been like a milestone in his life but I could also understand his need to bolt when sliding into an awkward situationBuck always felt a bit like an outcast He learned early on in his life that appearance is everything His parents always pretended outwardly to be a loving family while a look behind the curtain would have revealed a father who liked to bully his son at every chance he got and a mother who stood idly by Buck learned early to be seen and not heard to listen for the undercurrents to be very careful how he presented to his family and to Skagit He figured they would never accept him for who he was only who they wanted him to be I loved Buck for his fortitude to make something of his life despite the low self esteem his parents conveyed at him at every turn He is the gentle giant you tend to underestimate and who never recognizes himself how gorgeous he really is And it was far from easy Buck also lived constantly in fear of ending up like his father but his inner strength helps him to acknowledge that he needs professional helpt to overcome his social anxiety and to get a chance at a love filled life Oh and I loved him for grabbing the chance at love when it presented itselfIt was great to be back in Skagit Elle Keaton creates an atmosphere that makes you not only just read the story but feel like being part of it like being there Well I could have done without all the rain and snow but that just conveyed a feeling of reality ; And the great characters did one thing to make it authentic I loved the humor in the story and the tentative pace the author brought the relationship between Joey and Buck forward This might have happened a bit at the expense of steam but it did not bother me one bit Joey and Buck's relationship was just sweet and both are the perfect match The mystery part that forged a bridge between the first two books in this series was wrapped up nicely but it took a bit of a backseat regarding the romance and all in all it was the perfect combination of bothThere are also a lot of interesting side characters I would love to read about Some of them I already shipped so hard I can hardly wait to see if I am right and I wonder if no I hope all of them will get their own book This review has been posted on Dirty Books Obsession

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    Another wonderful story by Ms Keaton I loved it The city of Skagit shapes up to be a cesspit of illegal activity So many secrets hidden for years and now it's all coming to light I loved how suspenseful the book was From start to finish it kept me wondering what will happen next The characters were so likable This is the beginning of happy ever after for Joey and Buck Joey is a nurse with a big heart and dreams of his prince charming He is still young but for whatever reason his Mr Right has not shown up yet and he is starting to wonder if he ever will Now Joey is smart compassionate and good looking what could possibly be the matter? The thing is with Joey that he wants it all right away and he has no patience about waiting for it to develop and grow It took danger and a right man to show him that it takes time to build something solid that it was alright to take things slow I liked Joey a lot Even with his sometimes hazardous decisions his heart was in the right place when he ran headlong into danger Buck is a local mechanic He is shy and unsure of himself His life was never easy On the surface he is a successful local businessman but on the inside he is a man who is uncomfortable in his own skin He like everyone else wants that someone to come home to to share a life with But how will that happen when he does not feel adeuate? But even after couple of disastrous attempts to start something Joey when he sees that something is not right he proves to be a man to be reckoned with I loved how Buck wanted to be the partner Joey needed and went for help to get better His family issues made hide from the world they festered inside him for so long that he was not living he was just existing until Joey finally woke him up Buck was so sweet romantic and just adorable at times and I could not help but love him This book was low on steam but relationship wise it was awesome These two men came together in the end and started something that with time will grow into a beautiful happy life I loved the measured pace I loved the investigation the humor the side characters that made this book a fantastic read for me Lovely series that I will definitely continue reading

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    45 starsWow I liked this even than the first one The characters especially Joey and Buck were engaging and I was able to relate to them on a deep personal level The storyline that was carried over from book 1 was wrapped up here in a satisfying and realistic way Joey was a bit TSTL at times but it worked for me because it's in his nature to care for others even to his own detriment Buck now Buck has earned a special place in my pocket and in my heart Buck's a gentle giant He's so innocent and awkward and he stumbles over his words when trying to talk to Joey and I just love him so There's an instant attraction between him and Joey that has Buck so far out of his comfort zone he doesn't know whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt It was a delight to watch him gather up his courage to pursue Joey who frankly didn't need any encouragement Buck is hotness personified think Thor with the temperament of Gentle Ben He's so adorable I just want to eat him upOne of the things I loved the most about this book is the realism Even with a fantastical storyline of mobsters kidnapping trafficking and whatnot everything rang true to me The relationship was anything but rushed and the fact that Buck realized he needed time on his own to get his head on straight and actually seeking out therapy before pursuing anything further with Joey was so refreshing to readNow the blurb warns that tissues may be needed I didn't agree with that at first In truth I didn't agree with that for 98% of the book But damned if I didn't cry at the end They were happy tears but I did experience some serious facial leakage Elle Keaton is proving to be a masterful storyteller and I'm eager to see what she does next This author is one to watch for folks The lady has some serious talent

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    Joey James has returned to the small town of Skagit Washington He works in the ER at St Joe’s and loves it He’s a little flirty always happy and is an all around caring person He’s been looking for that one special person but still finds himself aloneJoey was a definite surprise to his family his siblings are much older and when he graduated at sixteen his parents were in their sixties His parents always accepted who he was and provided all the love and support he needed Maureen Joey’s mom still resides in the family home and his dad is now in a care facility Maureen keeps the large house in hopes that one day her children and grandchildren may visitBuck Swanfeldt has never left Skagit He and Joey don’t really know each other Joey was a few years ahead of Buck in school so they never connected Buck now owns his father’s garage which he started working in at the age of eight Buck never knew how to have a conversation with his parents—the only thing he could talk about with his dad was cars—but there were times when he hated talking about cars and had always wished for a better relationship with his fatherWhen Joey discovers he’s being stalked he moves back to his mom’s and adopts Xena a shelter dog for protection He’s scared to death to tell anyone what he’s seen and done When Buck gets suspicious he has his reasons to contact Micah who gets Adam involved Once again Buck finds himself being dragged into the ugly world of human trafficking and child abuseWhat really clicked for me about this seuel was the way Elle Keaton gives readers an in depth look at the diversity of Buck and Joey’s personalities and upbringing Joey is experienced with his sexuality and Buck’s only experience was a disaster Buck knows one thing for sure though Other men don’t rev his engine like Joey does Buck is an innocent to a certain degree and the way his parents treated him causes him to have to face his emotional issues There are moments when things are sexy and sweet between Joey and Buck but it’s a gradual learning about each other It’s heartrending when Buck struggles with his fears and past abuse and has an emotional break down Buck recognizes the need for help and it’s a little heartbreaking when he tells Joey he needs timeStorm Season book one in the Accidental Roots series is a must read first because it gives detail about Micah Adam and Buck’s involvement in the mystery that continues in No Pressure I liked that the plot picked up where Storm Seasons left off and that many of my favorite characters got to return Two new additions are Kon and Xena who bring many heartwarming moments to the storylineI really enjoyed No Pressure and hope that Elle Keaton will create mysteries with the entertaining group of characters who inhabit the town of SkagitReviewed by Maryann for The Novel Approach Reviews

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    Witty Entertaining Romantic Easy To Read Page Turner Funny Unlike others who have reviewed this series so far I actually enjoyed the first book That does not mean this wasn't good I loved the continuation of the story here and I really loved the characters both the main characters and the side characters This has definitely become one of my favorite series and I look forward to reading

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    375 starsThis one to me was a lot better the writing style didn’t worry me at allI really enjoyed the storyline in this one Reading the blurb I had a few things I was watching for that would have disappointed me but happily they were shut down uickly I liked Joey and his need to help people I was worried after he went to the kids that he was going to leave it at that and still can’t really understand why he didn’t involve some of the feds He knew them from before so to me it was a simple deduction but he got them in the end I did enjoy how the feds all shut down their sleuthing pretty uickly even though they wanted to investigate they were reprimanded when caught Buck was lovely I felt for him and liked that he got himself help Maybe I didn’t understand properly but his issues seemed to come out of the blue for me but I did like that he went and got help before really starting things with Joey I loved how Kon’s storyline worked out I will admit I did want it to go another way but the way it did worked for me too

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    45 This book is better than the first and features one of the best characters in the series yet BuckThe main MC of this book is Joey who we met in the first Accidental Roots book and I really liked him He was a good supporting character in the first book and I was hoping that the next book would be about him Joey was easy to relate to and despite this being a little bit of a mysterysuspense novel I didn't get the cheezy feeling that I usually get with books like this What I mean to say is that I loved that this book was realistic and there was nothing exaggerated or painted up to manipulate the plot for the author's liking Keaton told it just like it was and it all made sense These are the types of mysterysuspense novels I like to readAnd Buck oh Buck This guy is by far one of my favorite characters in this series He's so huge but unsure of himself so he comes off as this very sweet but kinda socially awkward giant and reading about him flirting or trying to flirt with Joey just made my day He kept stumbling over his words and he couldn't tell up from down or red from blue because all he had the time for was seeing Joey and trying to make Joey happy It was hilarious becuase you could tell that he was embarrased and confused by how attracted to Joey he was but he still pulled up his britches like a big boy and went after what he wanted The only downside to this book in my opinion is that the story took a little bit of a backseat to the romance In books where the romance is the main plot that works well but there was to this book and I was hoping to get a in depth look at all of that It seemed like the crazy note issue took a backseat for a while when Joey and Buck were getting reacuainted and growing closer together However this was still a really great book I liked it than the first book in the series and it has me really excited to read the next one

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    Fast moving and sweetI’ve read books 1 5 of this series so I know the books get better but this was good I probably should have read the first one again because I’d forgotten some details and side characters but I caught up pretty uick I uestioned some of the decisions Joey made and some of the law enforcement procedures but that didn’t slow the story down either I loved Buck and angst from his childhood made me feel for him Joey was kind of a idiot sometimes but he had good intentions The slow burn on the romance matched Buck and Joey’s insecurities and inexperience Good book and I’m hoping the rest are as good or better as this

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    45 heart review for Love Bytes ReviewsA copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review This review was originally posted at Love Bytes Reviews please visit wwwlovebytesreviewscom to see this and many reviews interviews and giveawaysWoohoo That was a fantastic book I’m going to start this by confessing something I read the first book in this series and it was ok I didn’t dislike it but it was a little long and scattered for me I had already said I’d take this one so I was going to read it but I wasn’t as excited as I could beI WAS SO WRONG TO FEEL THAT WAYEverything I had had issues with in the first book was not an issue with this one Tight story engaging characters good length and great writingOk Now that that is out of the way let me tell you about this storyThis book is also set in Skagit Washington just like the first book I live in Washington not far from the area this book is set in although this town doesn’t exist other towns mentioned do Elle got the details of the area just right So anyway Skagit is a small town fairly redneck that seems to have a human trafficking issue We learned about that in Storm Season when Adam and Micah are drawn in to the mystery of who is doing what One other character that got sucked in thanks to Micah was Buck Buck is a great character he’s big and strong but shy and reserved As this story progresses we find out he has some demons He had an awful childhood and that has followed him in to adulthood So Buck poor shy gay Buck runs in to Joey at the hospital as part of the drama with Micah but Joey doesn’t notice him Buck remembers having a crush on Joey in high school but Joey never knew Buck then runs in to Joey at the grocery store and finally gets up the nerve to speak to him And Joey doesn’t remember that they went to school together Then they bump in to each other again at the hospital and eventually connectJoey has some serious drama going on He’s a local boy like Buck living on his own and working as a nurse at the local hospital His mom lives nearby and he keeps an eye on her He leaves work one evening to discover a picture of his mother under the windshield wiper of his car Then another appears Eventually Joey gets drawn in to a big old mess He’s being blackmailed in to helping the local bad guys as they are threatening his mom He gets a dog named Xena and moves back in with his mom but is continuously forced to help the bad guys While Joey is dealing with his bad guy issue his car dies He calls Buck who owns the local car repair shop Buck begins to suspect something is going on with Joey and calls in Adam and Micah Which really starts things goingThis story focuses on Joey’s issues with the bad guys and I won’t say how that all works out But there is also this very emotional storyline with Buck and Joey Buck really has some internal drama going on and Joey struggles to help him while dealing with his own shit And trying to keep Buck out of it Eventually Buck DOES get drawn in which in some ways helps the two of them bond closer together There are some great side characters too Xena the dog was a big part of the story and a character named Kon was as well I won’t say who he is but I loved his contribution Buck’s employeefriend Miguel plays a huge part in Buck’s healing and I loved him too Adam and Micah pop up as well as a character I won’t mentionSo one of my big issues with the first book was that it was too long and rambled some I got lost in the characters and the story This book was not like that The story was much focused and the characters mentioned involved in the direct storyline That worked much better for me Something about the writing in the first book bothered me but I wasn’t able to specify what it was Also not and issue with this one The writing was greatMy only issue this time was some editing problems One character’s name was spelled with an “s” instead of a “c” a couple of times Joey became Joe once And another character’s name did actually change spelling intentionally but it confused me I had to go find why it changed spelling I apparently missed that moment in the story But all of those were minor issues I just thought I’d mention them thoughThere isn’t a lot of sex in this book which was actually fine The emotional bond between the two men that slowly develops than made up for the lack of sex I loved the story between the two of them set against the drama of the bigger issueSo yah I loved it I’m so happy I read this one and I’m really looking forward to the next one I’d still recommend reading the first one in the series so you know what is happening but in my opinion this one is so much better I hope we see from Elle I am looking forward to seeing her further develop as an mm author

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    A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest reviewReview previously at BMBROkay Well the truth is this book was on my review list I read and reviewed the first book and loved it but I've got about a third of the way into it and am struggling with this one Sometimes if I'm struggling I go and look at others' reviews to see if I can work out what it is I'm missing or sometimes to see if I'm the only one with the problem In this case one of the first reviews that came up was that of fellow unicorn and FABULOUS reviewer Jenni Lea God dammit I must be wrong because as you can see she adored this book Now I'm still struggling to get into it but it's been on my review list for a while so I wanted to get my outta date reviews up to date Rather than just DNFing and giving the broken heart review I don't like to rate if I've not finished unless there is a strong reason why I've DNF'd I asked Jenni Lea if she'd mind me posting her fabulous review along with my DNF one Of course she didn't because she's amazing like that I'm not saying no to this book forever but for now it's a case of it's not you it's me Read Jenni Lea's review and she'll tell you all about her love for this book