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A I m writing a positive review of this book Character, Dan and family end up moving to a city of tents for the homeless The books shares all of the emotions of a HS senior dealing with all aspects of being homeless He hides the facts from his friends as long as he can, he stands up for the homeless needs and wants, he s a hard worker looking for odd jobs, and muchThis book is an excellent book for teens as well as adults to read to put aside prejudices of the people going through bad times Our own single daughter was caught up in being unemployed by no fault of her own once during the aftermath of 9 11 and the 2006 recession She s a hard working young person that each time pulled herself up by the boot straps to gain control of her own life It s not easy for people caught in the middle class of life Yes, there were some selfish means that a townsperson took, but the truth prevailed I plan on adding this book to my Youth section of the church library. Very pleased with purchase Thank you My copy is missing 33 pages When Dan And His Family Go From Middle Class To Homeless, Issues Of Injustice Rise To The Forefront In This Relatable, Timely Novel From Todd StrasserIt Seems Like Dan Has It All Hes A Baseball Star Who Hangs With The Popular Crowd And Dates The Hottest Girl In School Then His Family Loses Their Home Forced To Move Into The Towns Tent City, Dan Feels His World Shifting His Friends Try To Pretend That Everythings Cool, But Theyre Not The Ones Living Among The Homeless As Dan Struggles To Adjust To His New Life, He Gets Involved With The People Who Are Fighting For Better Conditions And Services For The Residents Of Tent City But Someone Wants Tent City Gone, And Will Stop At Nothing Until Its Destroyed