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Yvonne Michelson owns a small string of lingerie boutiues but lately her designs have been lacklustre Her partners believe there's nothing like love to spark creativity and cure her slump but Yvonne isn't interested Past scars have left her afraid to love Michael Benjamin on the surface at least is the ideal male tall rich white and handsome With his own scars given to him by his ex wife he has honed his anger into a 'love em and leave em' facade Michael is one of the city's most eligible bachelors and is determined to remain that way When they meet sparks immediately fly and their first night of passion leaves them both shaken Unable to go back to the way things were before they agree to continue their personal relationshipwith no commitment reuired But as everyone knows love has a way of obliterating even the best laid plans

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    Excellent bookWell writtenRelationship is wonderfully developedEmotionalPlot unfolds in tightly contructed layersGreat main and secondary support charactersThe characters' actions are logical and plausibleOff the hook chemistry between the two romantic leadsSeriously hot love scenesBig recommendation

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    Was planning to give this a 3 star just for the potential this had but the unbelievable amount of back and forth verbal foot shuffling and forced drama that happens continuously in here ruined any enjoyment I initially had when I started this I know I was supposed to empathize with the heroine given the traumatic childhood she had but I only wanted to throttle her She is supposed to be this independent strong savvy business woman perfect role model all around but really she's this vulnerable insecure scared little wounded girl who kept playing games and repeatedly accusing the hero of playing games just to deflect from her own issues Ladygrow up Bummer since this was my very first full on interracial hhr book I was looking forward to it

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    No Commitment Reuired was a sweet and romantic story with a nice dose of heat generated by Michael and Yvonne who have firecrackers of chemistry bursting all around them This unexpectedly emotional story had me laughing and crying The characters were well developed revealing and working through their emotional baggage from tragic yet believable pastsI definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a heart warming romance between two people who despite their best efforts to keep things casual fall deeply in love helping each other heal past wounds and reignite hope for a future

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    Very nice readable romance novel Engaging realistic characters and unlike several books I've read recently nothing that made me roll my eyes And something that I don't really notice until I find a book like this one that does it really well the writing itself is very fluid and transparent serving the story rather than getting in its way

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    Oh man I read this book promptly forgot the plot then bought it from and read it again promptly forget that I've read it and haven't reviewed it as yet This must be remedied The plot is as follows Yvonne is a busy young woman busy busy busy She wears a wedding ring to stop would be suitors in their tracks and works hard enough on her line of lingerie shops Michael is a guy who plays fast and loose with ladies hearts never stopping never a hitch in strideSo with no romance on their mind because they are busy y'all Busy these two have a chance meeting at the airport because Michael is sent to the airport to pick up Yvonne and they work together on the advertising account re her store Over working they fall in love and Michael learns some seriously sobering truths about Yvonne which forces him to make a choice Should he stay and help Yvonne confront her emotional demons with the danger of him having to face his own or will he ankle being aloof and emotionally distant for another dayIn the hands of an experienced writer this book could have been brilliant but because this writer seems a bit clumsy a bit new you don't really get the emotional pings from this book Seriously if the book had been done right the pages should have been sodden with tears but instead I'm shaking my head at the missed chances and wondering where the editor was There are big emotions in this book being swung around and when Micheal and Yvonne got together in that way for the first time it should have made me pause for a bit Didn't happen Oh did I say this book was IR? No I didn't? That's good because the author to her credit doesn't make it a big deal There's a part in the book where her best friend a guy really puts forth his feelings and tries to guilt trip Michael into leaving Yvonne that's cold man To the friend's credit race doesn't come up in the relationship only that Michael is a player and since players come in all creeds and races that's not racist just the truth I'd say worth a read if you're at sixes and sevens I give the book a low score because I can see what the book should have been while reading and it fell severely short

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    I guess it is kinda wrong for a thirteen year old to have this in her home library because it's not really for my age YeahI give this book 3 stars for being origional but with a twist Instead of it being the usually white person with white personno offence seriously not trying to be rude or anything it's with a one man and a african woman YAY I like this because the world needs inter racial babies is that even how you spell inter racial? Anyways I feel like the book should have been two seperate book in one because the story had two main yet different concepts in itSome of the characters in the book made me want to smack them sillyHhahah there was lots of sex in the book HHAHA I love being immature Man good times good timesThat person was a virgin But who am I talking about????Anyways the book was aight Hahah cant believe I just said that So you can go read it if you want I got it for four bucks from the grocery store So go to your local grocery story to get this book for only 399 A limited time offer so go before time runs out

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    An Enjoyable Read'No Commitment Reuired' is a story filled with heartache sorrow guilt envy lust desire love and passion From the start the characters capture you and keep you turning the pages The characters 'main and supporting' are believable as are the plot and pace of the story The instant attraction and passion between Michael and Yvonne was HOT and the love scenes were very passionate This novel was definitely a tear jerker Couldn't wait to find out if they would make it Both Yvonne and Michael carry heavy emotional baggage from the past In order for them to move forward in their relationship they must learn to trust each other come to terms with the ghosts from their past and most of all believe in the power of love Will they be able to move past their pain?

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    This is on my keeper shelf Yvonne is a strong intelligent businesswoman who has a tragic past Michael has also been scarred by love and thinks he and Yvonne are perfect for a no strings flingBefore long they both let their guards down and fall in love despite their best intentions I've read this so many times and the journey never gets old

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    I really loved this story as it was the beginning of my IR craze of reading This will always be one of my favorite books

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    When I first started reading this book I loved both the male and female lead Then the last few chapters pissed me off and that's why I can't give this a 5 This is the story of Yvonne an woman who has a thriving business but is hiding her past because she fears being left alone and Michael who works at a consulting firm and has never gotten over the hurt he endured from his 1st marriage They meet and the sparks fly but neither wants a commitment Of course they start to fall for each other but the past keeps interfering Micheal's mistrust of women and Yvonne's fears of being alone nearly tear them apartI liked the writing style and feel the book is well written but my issue is that the author decided to throw a wrench in the story nearly 4 uarters in and because of that there are like 3 climaxes in the book when the book should have ended after the first one There was no need for all the extra drama I enjoyed all of the characters and the seemed like real people and not just caricaturesstereotypes I would definitely read another title by this author