Nagasaki: The Massacre of the Innocent and Unknowing epub –

Devastating, Terrible, Heart Wrenching and at the end, hopeful Enough Said This history book didn t read like a history book Using real life documented timelines from letters, diaries, and interviews , the author wrote this like a work of fiction Extensive real life series of events power this book showing all sides of the events that led up to Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings and slightly after them The book gives Americans a unique look into the lives of the Japanese before the bombings and the horrific effect of the radiation poisoning This is a must read for anyone who wants to know the entire true history of these powerful events. Craig Collie. A very graphic account of people living their day to day lives when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Their personal accounts of their bewilderment, devastation, confusion, injury, illness and death in the aftermath, is heart breaking A must read, particularly for anyone who has visited these places in Japan. This book covered all aspects of the bombing the American, Japanese, and even the Russian sides giving a unique perspective Most poignant were the stories from the citizens themselves B w photo insert was included. I knew OF Nagasaki but not the details An amazing book full of heartrending stories of survival Also provides an excellent unbiased account of the situation just prior to the Japanese surrender Although the book does not takes sides, it shows why the use of the atomic bomb aka WMD was totally unnecessary and a crime against humanity American history books would have you believe the use of the atomic bomb saved American lives This book will perhaps change that opinion. Using Contemporary Diaries And Letters, Mainly Translated From Japanese, We Follow A Group Of Nagasaki Residents, Including Several Australian POWs From The Early Morning Of The Day Of The Bombing Of Hiroshima To Midnight On The Day Of The Second Bombing In Nagasaki The War Was Coming To An End At Last The People Of Nagasaki Knew This As They Desperately Tried To Survive Each Day S Shortages Of Food And Warmth Ordinary People Going About Their Lives As Normally As They Could Manage People Like Nagai, The Doctor Who D Just Been Told He Had Leukemia Father Tamaya, The Obliging Catholic Priest, Who D Agreed To Postpone A Return To His Rural Parish And Koichi, The Mobilised Tram Driver, Who Secretly Watched The Noguchi Sisters Sobbing Behind The Company Toilet Block Because The Bombing Of Hiroshima Had Been So Devastating And There Was Severe Media Censorship, They Knew Nothing Of What Had Befallen That City Except For The Unbelievable Stories Told By A Few Survivors Who Had Just Now Arrived Beyond Japan, Forces They Could Never Have Imagined Were Mustering As The Americans Prepared To Drop Their Next Atomic Bomb On The Armaments Manufacturing City Of Kokura Bad Weather, However, Sent The Pilots And Their Terrible Load To Nagasaki, Where A Small Group Of POWs, Including Australians, Were Digging Air Raid Shelters And Repairing Bridges Near What Became The Bomb S Epicentre And, Above The Heads Of Them All, The Machinery Of Wartime Politics Stumbled On Towards Its Catastrophic Finale In This Compelling Narrative Based On Eye Witness Accounts, Contemporary Diaries, Letters And Interviews Craig Collie Collects Up The Stories Of The Many Levels Of Devastation Suffered On That Fateful Day We Come As Close As History Will Allow Us To Being There When , People Died As A Result Of The Bomb, Half Of That Number Instantaneously The World Had Changed Forever And The Shock Waves Would Ripple Right Up To The Present Day, As We Continue To Contemplate The Terrible Power Of A Nuclear Future A very hard book to read I felt complete sadness I just find is so unbelievable that someone can just drop such a destructive bomb upon a city full of people no matter the reasons This book just confirmed what I have believed for a long time It shouldn t have happened. A very engaging and compelling read Such unnecessary devastation, death and destruction Anyone involved in the dropping of the bombs were monsters of the greatest kind The so called allies should have tried harder to have ended the war earlier and via different means. Using 1st person accounts and archives, a look at this event as it unfolded and its effect on some of the lives it touched.