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Charlotte Charlie Donovan knows exactly what she wants for Christmas Teo Ortiz He's the school's star athlete in the National Honor Society invited to every party contributes to the school paper where Charlie is co editor and is about to be featured as One to Watch in a teen magazine basically he's exactly the type of guy Charlie s meant to be with The only problem he barely knows she existsBut Charlie is determined to be Teo's date to the Christmas ball And she has a plan To rig the paper's Secret Santa so that she can win his heart with five perfect gifts But to do that she needs help Enter JD Ortiz Teo s cousin and possibly the most annoying person on the planet He's easy going laid back unorganized spontaneous and makes a joke out of everything the exact opposite of Charlie and Teo But he's willing to provide insight into what Teo wants so she s stuck with himYet the time Charlie spends with JD the she starts to wonder Does she really know what or rather who she wants for Christmas?

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    Well that was okay It wasn't terrible or anything but I definitely didn't love it After reading Kasie West's absolutely adorable short story in Snow In Love this just could not compare Womp

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    What I think that readers and writers tend to forget is that high school kids can be pretty immature A LOT of these YA books I read the characters act way past their actual age I feel like Petroff pulls off the teens in this book extremely well and the same with her other book I read So I get annoyed when I see reviewers say stuff about characters acting way immature in YA books where they match the age I'm sorry did you act like you were 40 years old when you were in high school? Anyway enough of my rant and about this book I loved that the characters felt real and especially the friendship between Charlie and her best friend JD was the perfect guy and there were some very funny moments This book also makes me wish it was Christmas already Full review on my blog

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    I try not to mind being disappointed by books because it happens and that’s life and there’s nothing you can do about it if you want to live an honest bookish life But being disappointed by a YA romantic Christmas read that’s supposed to be insanely cute and magical? A couple of fairies in the dream world just died Alright I’ll try to get over it but this was my first Christmassy read and I wanted badly to like it Shake it off shake it off So what’s the problem with this story? Why couldn’t it rock my world? Well take the context of the Christmas season out and you have a really banal teen romance book with the unpopular girl crushing on the mega popular star athlete Sure the ‘‘Secret Santa’’ gift exchange does give it some charm that must be acknowledged but it wasn’t enough to turn this into a special book because there’s nothing incredibly uniue about it It’s pleasant but only if you have the time to read yet another book that is predictable always and eye roll worthy at times Perhaps what sets it apart a little is the fact that Charlie—the heroine—makes a deal with the star athlete’s cousin—who she HATES—to help her find a gift for him but then realizes he isn’t SO bad after all Dot Dot Dot wave of eyebrows Can’t make it obvious Not saying anything that isn’t implied in the summaryIf you’re looking for a Christmas read that will set the mood for your future Christmassy reads perhaps look elsewhere But if all you want is a light book that does not reuire much of your concentration or time since it’s fast paced who am I to block your path to this book? Read awayBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    A cute sweet and delightful holiday romance My New Crush Gave to Me is a Hallmark Christmas Movie in book form How the book would end was never in doubt You know Charlie our erstwhile heroine is going to get the guy and she does If you are a fan of cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie then this is your book

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    This book is so cute Charlie is literally me especially when I was in high school and crushing on a guy Go her I loved JD I need me one of him Though like five or six years olderReview posted on The Eater of Books blogMy New Crush Gave to Me by Shani PetroffPublisher Swoon ReadsPublication Date October 31 2017Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from GoodreadsCharlotte Charlie Donovan knows exactly what she wants for Christmas Teo Ortiz He s the school s star athlete in the National Honor Society invited to every party contributes to the school paper where Charlie is co editor and is about to be featured as One to Watch in a teen magazine basically he's exactly the type of guy Charlie s meant to be with The only problem he barely knows she existsBut Charlie is determined to be Teo's date to the Christmas ball And she has a plan To rig the paper s Secret Santa so that she can win his heart with five perfect gifts But to do that she needs help Enter JD Ortiz Teo s cousin and possibly the most annoying person on the planet He s easy going laid back unorganized spontaneous and makes a joke out of everything the exact opposite of Charlie and Teo But he s willing to provide insight into what Teo wants so she s stuck with himYet the time Charlie spends with JD the she starts to wonder Does she really know what or rather who she wants for Christmas?What I LikedI've been in a weird reading slump lately in which I've been reading half as much as I did earlier in the year I've enjoyed what I've been reading for the most part but it has been hard for to read as much as I used to earlier in the year which is hilarious because earlier in the year I was busting my butt during my last semester of college I picked up this book last night on a whim; I had just gone shopping earlier in the day and I bought a bunch of things for people for Christmas I've really been in a Christmas mood and this book seemed perfect And you know what? It was a really great readLet me start by saying that I wouldn't usually go for this type of story in which the girl decides she is into this one guy and she starts to go after him but along the way she realizes that this other guy who she has been hanging out with is the guy she really likes and UGH how will she choose? I hate love triangles and anything even remotely close to being a love triangle so the presence of two guyspotential love interests in the story is usually enough for me to back far away But I will say that Petroff executes this type of story perfectly There is no love triangle despite Charlie thinking that Teo is the perfect guy for her But I'll get to thatIt all starts with invitations to Noelle Hawkins' Dec 26th party in which the theme is the Lovers' Ball and everyone has to come with a date Too bad Charlie's boyfriend Ajay dumped her recently Charlie can't go to the party alone and she certainly can't let Zakiyah the newspaper's dating columnist and resident nosy snob find out that she doesn't have a date So what's a girl gotta do? Find someone who she might be interested and get him to like her and be her date Teo Ortiz is perfect he is smart good looking athletic and charismatic But in order to charm Teo Charlie needs help and the only person that can help her is JD Ortiz Teo's cousin JD is irritating and always late and always pushing Charlie's buttons but he knows Teo really well Charlie strikes a deal with JD in order to get JD's help But the she spends time with JD the she uestions what and who she really wantsI feel like Christmas themed YA books aren't really a thing? There are so many Christmas romances in the adult romance world but not so much in YA Let me tell you I am all for YA Christmas romances I love Christmas and the feeling of joy and togetherness it brings And Christmas romances have a uality of magic to them This book was seriously adorableI hadn't read any reviews for this book until after I read it and I have some thoughts on other people's thoughts I'll try to discuss those as I go One thing that someone mentioned was the lengths that Charlie went in order to get nice gifts for Teo she has him for the Secret Santa program that the school newspaper staff is doing I saw no problem with this and I'll explain why belowBut first I think it's important that I talk about how much I adored Charlie Charlie and I are pretty much the same people We're planners down to exact minutes and tasks and to do lists We deal with organization and perfection and do not tolerate lateness seriously I do not understand how some people are consistently late to everything???? I related to Charlie on so many levels because I wa exactly her in high school I was her in college I am still her and I've always been her You know the phrase it takes one to know one? I understood Charlie And I suppose that is why I didn't find her shenanigans creepy or weird at all Charlie is the editor of the school paper and Teo is an occasional contributing writer He Charlie Morgan Charlie's best friend and co editor and the rest of the newspaper staff decided to do a Secret Santa among themselves Charlie had a crush on Teo and came up with a way to get Teo as her Secret Santa so she could get him the perfect gifts to charm him and they could go to Noelle's party and ride off into the sunset I have been in Charlie's shoes I've purposely taken this route or that route to class in hopes of passing by my crush I've tried to learn his schedule as much as possible so I could catch him unexpectedly Is it creepy? Eh it might sound so But in high school for a shy girl I was shy then at least this was the way to go I was playing the long game the long subtle game And so was She went out of her way to get the most perfect gifts for TeoAnd that's where JD the newspaper photo editor and Teo's cousin came in JD and Charlie antagonize each other on a constant basis he is always late she hates his lateness and his ideas for the newspaper he hates how she only wants her way and no one else's They argue and bicker all the time and it pains Charlie to ask for JD's help But as she spends time with him shopping for Teo's gifts going over to JD's house in order to spend time with Teo etc she realizes that she had JD all wrong and she had misjudged himJD is a little goofy very creativeartistic and super thoughtful He loves to antagonize Charlie and he doesn't sugarcoat things when it comes to her For example he tells her that she is too much of a control freak and that she doesn't like when things don't go her way JD is confident and charismatic like his cousin but he is thoughtful and sweet even if he doesn't show those traits the traits appear many many times through subtle things he does And hey a bonus he has abs A cute and talented photographer who is also smart thoughtful and confident though not in a jerk way? JD is an awesome catch And it's cute how he subtly chases Charlie even though he is fully aware that she is trying to charm his cousin JD was playing an even longer game and he definitely won The guy is so sweetI love how Charlie and JD's relationship is initially They argue and disagree so much and the tension is delicious I love enemies to lovers kind of romances and this one was superb Charlie doesn't pick up on their chemistry at first but it's hard for her to ignore after a while They get along better as they get to know each other especially in Charlie's case and then they become kind of friends and then Charlie realizes that she no longer knows exactly what she wants Was Teo a built up fantasy in her head a perfect guy for her on paper? Does he know her at all?Like I said before I wouldn't usually go for this type of book Charlie spends nearly the entire book thinking that Teo is this perfect guy But she also spends the entire book with JD getting to know him indirectly The romance is perfect in my opinion I never felt a love triangle coming because there was none And for those who might wonder Charlie only ever has feelings for one guy and she only kisses one guy No love triangle no messiness no confusionI loved Charlie and her friend Morgan's friendship They are supportive of each other especially Morgan Morgan goes along with all of Charlie's crazy schemes and helps her out even when she knows Charlie is doing too much Morgan realizes before Charlie does that JD is the guy for Charlie and Morgan is such a good friend when it comes to this I love how she and Charlie have a baking business I love how she Morgan is in a healthy committed relationship with a guy Ira and yet she is still an amazing friend to Charlie This was wonderful to seeThe ending of the book was perfect exactly what I wanted Well I might have wanted a tiny bit like an epilogue but I can't complain too much because the ending was great I love it when a girl goes after her guy usually it's the other way around so I get excited when I see it this way This story warmed my heart and actually made me feel nostalgic about high school and that is a firstWhat I Did Not LikeI so wanted an epilogue To see how the couple was doing as a couple in the future I mean I suppose using my imagination is cool too but one chapter would have been lovelyAnd I wanted kisses With all of the chemistry that Charlie and JD had I was expecting some steamy makeout sessions or at least a bunch of small scenes with lots of tension But that's okay The author does a good job of creating the chemistry without there being much physical interaction Still I wanted physical swoonWould I Recommend ItContemporary romance fans holiday romance fans Christmas fans in general this is one for you It's so cute and so fun and it captures some high school teens really well Seriously take it from someone who was exactly like Charlie in high school the author captured the teenagers really well Plus with the spirit of the holidays incorporated in every page this book proved to be entertaining and magical as you might expect I'm here for all of the YA holiday romancesRating4 stars I was already in a Christmas y mood and now I definitely am This author has written a wonderful story with an adorable romance and I love how much the holidays are a part of the story and not just Christmas actually I will definitely be looking out for by this author

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    I read My New Crush Gave To Me on Halloween which did feel a little strange considering the novel is set during Christmas time but honestly reading this story was simply a pure and festive delight The main character Charlie aka Charlotte plots to get the one person she wants to fall in love with and have a happy Christmas while creating fun memories to cherish A plan to use Secret Santa to accomplish that goal opens up uestions than answers as Charlie realises that maybe her crush’s cousin actually might be Mr Right This standalone was a laugh out loud heartwarming rom com perfect for snuggling up in bed and reading with some hot chocolate or in my case a mug of hot fruit tea My New Crush Gave To Me is perfect for teen readers who have been in love or are in love I recommend this as a 15 read due to an underage drinking scene I liked Charlie and JD as characters as the plotline developed myself as the reader really got to see their struggles and a hilarious trip to the shopping mall which also pushes their friendship to the limits Fun festive and fabulous I’m thrilled Swoon Reads published this I’ve really been struggling to find a good YA Christmas story to read and happy to say that My New Crush Gave To Me is one of my favourites

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    Cute and predictableFrom the moment I met Charlie and JD in My New Crush Gave to Me I was instantly hooked and shipping the crap out of them Charlie kept thinking the perfect guy would be just like her but she didn't realize that her ex who was exactly like her didn't work out for a reason Opposites attract people So of course once I met Charlie and then JD I shipped them WHY? Because opposites attract peopleNow this book was completely cute and predictable It has to deal with this whole secret santa thing but it also has to deal with the most outrageous and eye rolling birthday party Now I've never been to party where you had to bring a date so yeah I have no idea how I would feel if that was an actual thing I did love JD but Charlie just ended up annoying and frustrating me at some points I get that christmas is a big thing especially with my family but ugh it's like she just couldn't accept that her mom was busy I get family traditions but work and life happens Trust me I would know My birthday is two days before christmas and my friends are either travelling to see their family or my own family has to work I never have a plan for that day because nothing is set in stone I've learned to go with the flow and I love the holiday's for that reasonOverall I'm glad that I dove into this book because I needed a good christmas related book to bring me into the spirits My decorations are up cookies are baked and I've been listening to christmas music since halloween I love this month and holiday I can't wait for my next holiday book

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    375 stars Such a cute and fun Christmas read I found the main character different from the usual female YA lead I also LOVED JD This was a super predictable story but a lot of fun to read and perfect for the holidays

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    My New Crush Gave to Me was such a feel good and adorable novel This book seriously made me feel all the warm and fuzzies I love reading books that put me in the holiday spirit and that book did just that BRING ON THE HOLIDAYSThe author did such a great job at creating a cozy and adorable winter atmosphere for this book I would almost compare it to a Christmas Hallmark movie There were so many fun Christmas activities that the characters participated in that made me crave the holiday season I NOW WANT TO PUT UP CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS AND START LISTENING TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC ^ Literally me right now All of the characters in this book were interesting and relatable in their own way Charlie the main character was a passionate and extremely dedicated girl I really admired how she would always strive to be the best at everything she did Sometimes she was too controlling and I was so happy that other characters pointed that out to try and make Charlie loosen up a bit Morgan Charlie's best friend was such a sweet character She was seriously SUCH a good friend to Charlie and I loved that their relationship was important to the story I don't want to talk about the male characters as to spoil anything but they were great tooThe romance in this book was freaking ADORABLE The main romance of this book was predictable but I still enjoyed watching Charlie discover her feelings I knew right away how the romance was going to play out but it didn't hinder my enjoyment of the romance I still found Charlie's romance swoon worthy and SOOOO cute Seriously it put a smile on my face and made me sueal out loud DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW CUTE THE ENDING WAS MY SHIPPER HEART COULDN'T HANDLE IT I also really liked the side romances as well I was so glad that the author included those as wellOverall this was such a feel good novel This is a book that is guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit and put a smile on your face If you love YA novels that make you feel the warm and fuzzies then I would definitely recommend checking this book out4 5 Fangs This ebook was given to me in exchange for an honest review MrsLeif's Two Fangs About ItFacebookTwitter

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    Thank you so much to NetGalley and Macmillan for the chance to read and review this cute holiday romance by Shani Petroff I really loved the realistic look at the trials and tribulations of high school crushes and how sometimes you end up feeling a bit foolish on the path to finding that guy or girl who's truly a good fit for youCharlie is a fun MC to read about since she's a bit on the crazy organized side and isn't afraid to let everyone around her know she expects no less from them She's got a really cool best friend and when sh e decides she needs a date for an upcoming social event and sets her sights on a certain guy who doesn't really have her on his radar the only way she can get his attention is to enlist the help of his not as suave cousin JDWatching the slow development on things between Charlie and JD was my favorite part of the book He was just a super sweetheart and so devoted to everyone around him And best friend Morgan has this wise beyond her years mentality which is great relief when Charlie's issues with organization start to make her and everyone around her a bit bonkers A nice light read Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book from the authorPlease excuse typos Entered on screen reader