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Talk About A Compromising Situation A Storm Of Political Intrigue, Murderous Mayhem And Sexual Hungers Is Brewing On Planet RegelenceSwarthy Intergalactic Navy Captain Nathaniel Hawkins Ran From A Past He Had No Intention Of Ever Reliving But When His Admiral Asks Him To Use His Peerage, As An Earl And The Heir To A Dukedom, To Investigate A Missing Weapons Stash, He S Forced To Do Just That As If Being Undercover On A Regency Planet Where The Young Men Are Supposed To Remain Pure Until Marriage Isn T Bad Enough, Nate Finds Himself Attracted To The King S Unmarried SonAll Prince Aiden Townsend Has Ever Wanted Was To Be An Artist He Has No Interest In A Marriage Of Political Fortune Or Becoming A Societal Paragon Until He Lands In The Arms Of The Mysterious Earl Of Deverell One Look At Nate S Handsome Face Has Aiden Reconsidering His Future Not Only Does Nate Make A Virile Subject For Aiden S Art, But The Great War Hero Awakens Feelings In Aiden He Has Never Felt, Feelings He Can T IgnoreAfter A Momentous Dance At A Season Ball, Aiden And Nate Find Themselves Exchanging Important Information And Working Closely Together They Have To Fight Their Growing Attraction Long Enough To Find Out Who Stole The Weapons And Keep Themselves From A Compromising Situation And Certain ScandalWarning, This Title Contains The Following Explicit Sex, Graphic Language, Violence, Hot Nekkid Man Love

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    So Um.I really need this to be an incisive black satire.I m not sure that it is.Because if one reads this straightforwardly, one must needs feel compelled to set about immediately dismantling the hegemonic patriarchy of Western civilization.Everything except the heated lube dispensers in the headboard those may stay.

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    I was really loving this book until like 75% This book really ticks every single list of my kink Major age difference and huge size difference, plus a regency romance, and body piercing in intimate areas, and insolent, rebellious, pretty, virginal prince and a stern, domineering space captain bear Seriously, what can you ask for A regency romance and sci fi at that with male pregnancies OMG My wet dream come true That being said, the ending let me down a bit Now, let s get onto reviewing Nathaniel Hawkins, former heir to the duke of Hawthorne, current captain of the spaceship Lady Anna has really been looking forward to this vacation And well earned one at that I m telling you He s going to war for a year after this month long vacation and he needs some time to break the news to his adopted son Jeremy Trouble But then, life never turns out the way you expect to, does it Turns out he has to go undercover to another regency planet called Regelance to investigate the weapons missing from IN It s been almost two decades that he has left the name Hawthorne and now he has to go there and mingle with ton as a titled gentleman to find out the truth The plan was simple, investigate the theft, arrest the conspirators and get the hell out of this planet and go on a vacation And then, a prince fell out of sky to his lap, LITERALLY And our captain s heart was stolen right away Prince Aiden Townsend aka Lord Audacious well, that s what servants call him , is an artist who is only interested in painting and painting alone Nope, doesn t wanna hear about taking a consort or being involved in politics All he wants in life is to reach to majority which is when he turns 25, get an allowance and the ability to come and go as he wishes to draw to his heart s content without a chaperone He s sick and tired of being treated as a na ve and innocent virgin by his fathers It s time he shows that he s already a man And then Lord Deverell, heir to the Duke of Hawthorne, arrived to the Townsend castle Talk about, tall, dark, big and handsome Well, he s totally speaking artistically Nope, he s not interested in the guy personally Well, at least that s what he s been telling himself Get a grip Aiden You don t need a handsome IN captain in your life who will dictate everything you do Art is the only thing you love and need in life Or is it When Aiden literally fell out of sky to Nate s lap, needless to say, both of them are equally mesmerized and ensnared But both of them don t need a better half in their lifes, or rather, they don t wanna make a room for one, stubborn men And Nate is here as a guest He d return one day to his old life and Aiden will be left alone And so much is going in Townsend castle and in IN Nothing is what they look they seem There are conspiracies and treacheries bigger than they could even imagine So there s simply no time for dalliances, romance and love And seducing an innocent virginal prince couldn t be a worse idea for Nate before going to war for a year But despite everything, these two are attracted to each other like a moth to a flame May be there s a happy ending for these two after all Well, the story is really good except one thing There s no closure I know it s a series but I didn t read over 300 pages not to find out who s the conspirator or what s really happening I know it s a series but what about people who don t wanna read the second book in the series I feel cheated and blackmailed because now I HAVE TO read the second book to actually find out what really happened in the first book Seriously, 300 pages and no closure at all Yes, Aiden and Nate s romance is fluffy, sweet and romantic and this book has killer smut So hot although it s not heavy on every chapter And these two had the sweetest epilogue But what about the actual storyline I believe 300 pages is just way too long to be considered as a prequel for the actual unraveling of a mystery So yes, romance wins but the storyline or rather the enigma of the story sucks That being said, now I gotta read the second book because I m dying to know what the hell actually happened Favorite excerpts from the novel Just because he found the man attractive didn t mean he wanted to make a life with him His life was his art, end of story If you re a real good boy, I might even let you taste me Nate pulled one hairy leg up, bending it at the knee, giving Aiden a better view of his testicles Then again, maybe I ll just come on those pretty lips You d look incredible with my come all over your face Mine, I ll fucking take you, Aiden All of you Body, mind, and soul He will never want for anything, physically or emotionally You have my solemn oath Galaxy, you re beautiful Aiden started to protest, and the urge to cover himself took hold again He d never really just looked at himself like this, not in a long time at least, but the way Nate ogled him, Aiden became even aroused Nate made him feel beautiful Special.To Aiden, For Honor And Duty Until Heart And Sword Break Love, Nate I was planning on stowing away if you said no again Now why am I not surprised by that confession With a grin Nate said, Oh galaxy, I love you 3.75 Aiden is Nate s good boy stars

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    The high ratings for this book puzzle me What we have here is one boy raised as a 70s Regency romance heroine, young, innocent, and a blushing virgin bride, fawning over the big burly hairy older alpha male They meet and marry within a week, professing their undying love to each other This is a bodice ripper with cravats instead of bodices Bodice rippers are boring in het romance and guess what, they are boring in gay romance too What is even the point if you re just changing pronouns There is some filler mystery, some quirky secondary characters for light comic relief, and some sex that seems awfully advanced given the hero ine s background If you like fluffy and uncomplicated, this one is for you If it wasn t for the graphic sex, I would have thought this was a YA novel, what with all the grand moments of revelation and all ETA Edited to take out the trans offensive term girl with a dick My bad.

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    3 in my Read One Romance per Month Challenge cutting it kinda close this month.___ The admiral laughed Did I forget to mention that Regelence is a very patriarchal society So much so, in fact, that the aristocracy makes certain their offspring, especially their heirs, are male and genetically altered to have a preference for the same sex well that s definitely not disturbing at all oh the lengths some authors will go to make sure no troublesome women appear in their gay fantasias apparently even female authors like J.L Langley.___ADULT THEMES AHEAD GOODREADS FRIENDS UNDER 18 STAY AWAY PLEASE FOR ME about a third of the way in a quick read amateurish prose that could use an editor but it s hard to be too critical of the writing when this book is less of a romance novel and of a stroke fantasy erotica without the eros, at least so far although a lot of talk about stiff pricks etc I m at page 110 and still no sex scene I don t really consider a scene with a guy jerking off to be a sex scene per se.but man this is odd it s too goofy and light hearted to be genuinely disturbing I dunno a planet where young men protect their virtue until age 25 and one that specifically follows the Ancient Greek tradition of pairing older gents with younger, naive lads so that one can mentor the other um ugh I guess apparently this is a super safe planet because of that virgins until 25 rule, but didn t one of our heroes almost get kidnapped and or raped just because he stole out to the spaceport to draw also, this is a world where being an artist is considered manual labor what also, what is up with the other hero bringing his teenage son along to act like his valet and why is his son acting like such a flagrant slut not that there s anything wrong with being a slut, obviously, but around your dad the scenes where gay son is talking to gay dad about how much he wants some action with some of the hot princes on this planet are kinda yuck.there seems to be an emphasis on how masculine this planet s decor is but all of the scenes of various young men flouncing around, making quips to each other with hands on hips, and totally reading and rolling their eyes at the older guys prowling around doesn t feel super masculine to me not that that s a problem of course I just don t think it is the type of masculine that the author is intending sorta reminds me of when I was 18 and going to this club that literally had a chicken wire barrier between the bar area and the dance area, where lads like myself could torment the older folks able to buy drinks and I assume drown their sorrows because they couldn t get past that chicken wire fence to dance with all of us chickens ah, memories.___teenage son is definitely interesting now that he is in threatening killer mode while wearing flower print pajamas and bunny slippers so, alpha protagonist has a pierced dick and just fantasized about fisting our innocent young hero things have definitely leveled up I hope innocent young hero knows about safe words.I should go to bed now, really, but my mild headache and usual bout of insomnia are stopping me so back to the book I suppose normally I d pour myself a little scotch to make myself sleepy, but for some reason I think I will have a cherry cordial instead.___well no need to wonder where the sex scenes are they are all in the second half of the book really graphic but still romantic but mainly graphic I actually did not realize this book was going to turn into one of those quasi bdsm, call me sir, dominant submissive type deals despite the hints throughout the first half, I was still surprised I m not really into that kind of thing any so honestly I sort of skimmed those scenes can t say I was too comfortable with our innocent young hero s first and possibly only relationship being so dom sub or with the last paragraph being all about his first fisting shrug well I guess that s erotica for you.

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    Cross posted to My Blog Tangled is on ABC Family so I m watching that while I write this review Because I need something happy to distract me when I start to get extra ranty Because this review It s gonna be really freaking ranty.I wanted to give this book two stars for two reasons Jeremy and Rexley Rexley doesn t get to do anything until likethe second to last chapter, but his interaction with Jeremy is beautiful and I love them and I want a book about them because it s bound to be better than this was.Here s what I was looking for in this book A fun, science fiction, regency inspired mystery with a quaint romance subplot.Here s what I got A HORRIBLE romance that occasionally paused for a page or two to remind you there was supposed to be a plot It also has some creepy misogyny thrown in, too, which does not help its case.I really don t know where to start with this.How about the misogyny Okay Sounds good The planet of Regelence is founded on this theory that lovers would fight better together than non lovers because they would be less willing to disgrace themselves in battle Okay That could be interesting EXCEPT apparently this only applies to men So the entire society is disgustingly patriarchal.What do I mean by disgustingly The aristocracy genetically engineer their children so they will all be male and will all be attracted to men.I kind of had this head canon going that the women were off in their own little country of lesbian awesomeness ignoring the stupidity of the men folk The country also has heterosexuals, trans people, and any gay men who also think Regelence is a giant sack of bullshit.That head canon got axed towards the end, though All the women are so inelegant and lower class ALL OF THEM, YOU GUYS There are no classy ladies on Regelence Probably because they all left And are planning a rescue mission to get the rest of the women off that hell hole of a planet.Also, there s another regency based planet called Englor, where Nate is from, that is concretely regency based in that homosexuality is frowned upon So, you can probably guess how the women are treated there.BUT there s even creepy misogyny We only meet three female characters in this book, but I m going to list four because one gets mentioned and illustrates my point about Englor.1 Muffin She s 4 She s named Muffin because the guy who named her Rexley was hungry at the time WHO THE FUCK LETS THAT HAPPEN 2 Christy She s the nurse We don t see much of her.3 Kindros Nate s second in command The only time we see her, a prisoner escaped and has a gun to her head THE ONLY TIME WE SEE HER.4 The fourth doesn t even have a name She was the fiance of someone Nate knew on Englor Nate caught her leaving a rendezvous with another man, so to save face she accused Nate of trying to take advantage of her.These are the only women in this book At all And that s fucked up Because with all of the other misogynistic bullshit going on it just adds to the pile and makes this book a steaming pile of misogyny Among other things.Like Okay This is science fiction I want a really good reason why people have to be chaste until marriage men on Regelence, Women on Engelor Saying it s because it s based on Regency sort of flies on Englor but not really because it s the future you can discard the stupid parts of a society, as evinced by Regelence, which is where it s regency doesn t fly because, oh, hey, THE ENTIRE ARISTOCRACY IS GAY MEN So clearly they re not opposed to not being entirely based on regency.Let s talk about Aiden I don t know how old he s supposed to be, but he reads pretty freaking young Like, middle school early high school age So whenever Nate who, by the way, can t control himself when he s around Aiden, which is hella creepy calls Aiden boy ADDS TO THE HELLA CREEPY except when my brain farts and I think he s talking about Jeremy, his adopted son, then I m just confused.Then there s the plot The plot that only crops up when the characters aren t having or wanting to have or thinking about having sex The plot needed a hell of a lot development, because I could not figure out who the fuck a few of the people involved in the thefts and shit were Like, characters should not pop up out of nowhere if they re central to the plot Also, everyone in this book has likesix different names And there s no rhyme or reason to why someone uses one name over another So one minute Jeremy is Jeremy and the next he s Trouble and I m like who the fuck are you talking about Seriously, it took me a good chunk of the book to realize Jeremy and Trouble were the same person.You know what, screw that shit This book is getting one star And I think I m done with this review I probably have about a hundred things to rant about, but I can t think of any of them right now I m going to watch Tangled and stop thinking about this.

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    4 Hearts Well if that wasn t a tasty morsel, I don t know what is I m not sure if I would ve necessarily immediately picked this up to read but given the opportunity to listen to the audio of the newly released revised edition, this was quite the best way to get my feet wet because I ended up really really liking this futuristic sci fi novel with quasi historic undertones Confused yet Don t be This world is in a galaxy far far away and branches of societies have deemed over many generations as to how they want their culture to be Here in this realm, it s Regency values.As per the blurb, military man Nathaniel Hawkins, is tasked to go undercover to find a missing stash of weapons Nate s forced to resume his former identity of an heir to a dukedom so he can re enter society on the planet Regelence There, Nate is the honored guest of king Steven, his consort Raleigh, and their 5 sons One son in particular distractingly catches Nate s eye, and he can hardly contain himself as he quickly falls for the young spirited Aiden, in and amongst trying to solve a crime.For audio enthusiasts, be forewarned that if you want a production, you re not going to get it here Joseph Morton does a straightforward narration with no character distinction, and though I felt his overall performance was decent, I had to pay really really close attention where multiple rewinds slowed me down, so much so I bought the book to supplement my listen I think these days as audios are gaining and popular momentum, one with varied voices is what s mostly desired and expected and unfortunately, this did not have that As always, my motto is to sample hard before buying to minimize those pesky surprises and disappointments.So obviously, this was a win for me I love sci fi, I love space operas, I love military and espionage This too, had all the historic elements of propriety and subverting the rules that I like but none of the anxiety of being in the closet because on Regelence, society is paternalistic and genetically manipulated for all the MM goodness I just went with this interesting fantastical setup and enjoyed myself immensely Throw in some fun funny mostly involving Nate s adopted son Trouble, plus the prospect of the other princes potential love connections, and it also doesn t hurt one bit at all that this had an abundance of hot sexual tension as well as some very very nice smexy Uh huh Granted, this didn t conclude with a definitive wrap up to the main mystery, so that may irk some readers However, because of the above reasons, no doubt, I ll be delving into book 2 soon Thank you to the author publisher for the audio in exchange for an honest review

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    This book is one of the reasons why I am so glad I joined Goodreads I was tired of reading mediocre gay romances, but thanks to the friends I have here online, I tried out this wonderful book I want to thank everyone who recommended it to me What is there to say that hasn t been said about this book so far Not much actually So many of you have written wonderful reviews on it, so I would just be repeating everything you have stated before me One thing that I loved about this book, was the chemistry between Nathaniel and Adrian Once they met, I was immediately spellbound Their love and respect for one another was amazing I was surprised by the D s twist to their relationship, but you know alphas are, and honey Nate is SUCH and alphawoof I can t wait to read the next book I have already ordered it, but since I neglected my mate while reading this, I ll delay reading it until tomorrow can t let my own alpha suffer I loved this book and would rate it higher if I could If you haven t read it, do yourself a favor and read it asap I am anxious to read from this author I wonder if the other books will be as wonderful as well

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    MY CAPTAIN S GOT A RING, AND ITS NOT ON HIS FINGER For all that is sweet and holy, this book is sweet and holy I guess not the best book to be described as holy but feck it While I was reading, I kept saying awwwww in that angelic sort of way I think the idea of this book was brilliant, mixing the old with the new, creates gold I am a fan of J.L and though this book is very different from the With or Without series, the writing is still excellent and downright sinful.This book is mix of Regency and Science fiction, crazy combo right However, it bloody works I am talking chaperones, high tech computers, and spacecrafts There are home planets, cravats, breeches, and talking smart computers.The first book in the series begins with Navy Captain Nate he is the man on his spacecraft He rules with an iron fist but he is fair When some weapons get stolen Nate is sent to investigate, on a planet that lives their life in the regency era The planet is quite different from what Nate is used to, this planet is run by men, and men marry men and all that fun stuff Too avoid too much detail let s just say babies are made to like men and all that So the planet as I can say is pretty freaking awesome.So Nate is stay with the royal family, and he was not expecting the things he gets Nate is forced to pretend be an earl, a life he left than twenty years previous So he has to pull out all the stops to avoid drawing attention to himself Lets say Nate s mind is involved else where, in the name of Prince Aidan.The attraction is sizzling and Nate wants to get dirty with Aidan, only problem these boys don t fool around You think chaperones and waiting until marriage was only for women Oh No, the men are bringing it back So as I always say No ding ding, without the wedding ring I don t always say that, but it just seems to work.The sex is hot, the characters are superb, and the story is great I am never disappointed with Miss Langley I do have a small beef She drives me crazy So she introduces you to characters who are gonna be awesome together, and you are excited only to be crushed because there is no book for them The suspense is killing me, Oh Rexley and Trouble I want to know .So we have regency and sci fi epicness Also an update, I have experienced cock ring piercing number 2, the gods are surely smiling down on me I am one lucky girl I tell ya, I must have been really good in 2010 or really bad.

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    HELP I m really confused Ok, first a critic, then I talk about the book The main characters of this book are Duke Nathaniel Hawkins also called Hawk or Nate yeah, 2 nicknames AidenJeremy also called TroubleKing Steven King Consort Raleigh also called ConyRexley or Lord ResponsiblePayton or Lord PlagueTarren or Lord TerrorColton or Lord CalamityMuffin the sweet little girl adopted by the King family, that her nickname, the name is never spoken Do you get the problem of this book Names and nicknames and a lot of secondary characters I take notes I m not kidding So many names and nicknames I told some, but there is that is sometimes really confusing Anyway, leaving behind the madness of the 300 main characters names and nicknames, I love this book Is perfect No, in my view has a slow start that almost make me give up, but or less at the half of the book I was finally addicted and couldn t stop Love Aiden fragile character and the strong Starship captain Nate They were perfect for each other I enjoy also the sci fi theme Aiden planet is amazing The explanation of why they have a patriarchal society is so great In brief two men that love each other fighting together are ferocious To defend the love one, and to don t fell ashamed in the battle field, in front of his love That s why the king has a man as husband and consort, and all royalty is genetic manipulate to love men the king has only sons, created with his and his consort genetic material So, they don t discriminate heterosexual couples, but the homosexuals couples are the base of the society So amazing read about the another face of the coin In a society where homosexual is the normal couple, the reader and even Nate born and raised in another planet take some time to get used to the the normal be men loving men And this book is also so funny The king and his consort treat his sons as precious virgins to be surveyed With chaperons OMG, SOOOO FUNNY Have you read historical romance where the virgin girls go to dance with their little tinny books where the interested bachelor write his name to get the pleasure of a waltz Same thing With excited and virgin boys that do little scream of excitement if the handsomer of the night choose him to dance LMAO But don t think is a tame book no no and NO The sex scenes between Aiden and Nate are HOT REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY HOT 5 stars And I really think Aiden society is incredible They have automatic distributors of lubricant in the headboards OMG aliens are really ahead of us in technology hahahahahaha

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    While I hadn t read the first edition, I can assure you that J.L Langley s My Fair Captain is polished, provocative, and perfectly paced With an exciting mystery, a unique and creative story, and a smokin hot romance, what could you want Well, whatever you re looking for, My Fair Captain delivers.This is the first J.L Langley book I ve read and I m so impressed She sets the stage perfectly, presenting both characters current state of contentment so thoroughly that their spark of attraction made me a bit giddy I was also happy to discover that Langley writes a mighty enticing sex scene Not wanting to miss anything I went back and read a few of them again in the interest of writing a comprehensive review, of course.Estranged from his family on his home planet Englor, Intergalactic Navy captain Nathaniel Hawkins has made his ship his home and its crew his family While he has a few lingering regrets over the way he left, he s basically a happy man.Likewise, Prince Aiden Townsend is thoroughly wrapped up in his art and participating in his brothers mischievous deeds Stories of the young princes playful misbehavior, sneaking out of the castle and creatively ditching their dance cards, are sweet and funny It s a good way to demonstrate Prince Aiden s youth and naivet , not to mention his innocent and beguiling nature.When the prince literally falls into Nate s arms, their powerful connection takes them both by surprise Nate knows he can t pursue Aiden Debauching the virginal young prince is out of the question Aiden also recognizes that any liaison with the handsome Captain will leave him ruined But he s intrigued by the feelings his attraction brings to light.As the men continue to cross paths the sexual tension increases to spectacular proportions Langley builds it up beautifully, and I don t want to spoil anything for you, but this is one I ll remember wink.Still, My Fair Captain isn t all sex and romance There s also an intriguing mystery In fact, it s the reason Captain Hawkins is bound for the planet of Regelence to begin with While I wouldn t technically call it a cliff hanger, since we get our happy ever after with Nate and Aiden, the mystery isn t resolved at the end of the book I have my fingers crossed that we will be treated to what promises to be a darn good mystery.There are so many clever and creative ways both the Sci Fi and Regency romance aspects are woven into this story As a fan of both genres, I ve just discovered my new favorite series Although publication dates aren t available yet, on her website J.L Langley states that reissues for the two previously published Sci Regency books are on the way She also promises several new novels in this addictive series So while I m late to the party with My Fair Captain, my timing turns out to be excellent.