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The tribe knows that Tib's friend Tumtum is real But not everyone loves the red dinosaur as much as Tib does The other children aren't interested in playing with the creature and they make fun of Tib than ever And some adults are still worried that Tumtum is dangerous Tib's mother even forbids Tib from seeing his friend How can Tib prove to the tribe that there's to this dinosaur than meets the eye?

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    The difference between humans and animals is that humans get bored fasterGood thing this book kept my attention I'm a fan anytime the art compliments the storyline or enhances it I actually liked the second book MUCH better than the first You get to learn and connect with Tib’s village and I like the interweaving of both the adults and children’s perspective Bannister’s illustrations are bold and striking as they reflect a vivacious village in the prehistoric period I like the realistic bullying aspect that continues in this story Flora presents what is very true to life Within the plot you have the parents worried that Tib is “weird” because he refuses to play with the other children and wants to play with a “dangerous” wild animal When he is banned from playing with Tib and has to play with the other children his parents find out maybe the dinosaur is his best choice Those kids do not like him and dare him to do dangerous activities instead of letting him be who he is I lived in a neighborhood who had similar kids and my mom decided my brother and I would most likely be safer playing in the backyard by ourselves Let's just say these kids built a ramp and decided to go kart off this ramp on to a roof I do not need a ‘bullying’ resolution at least not yet when we are only on the second book I am definitely hooked on this fun series of exploring all the plot nuances of fitting in neighborhood watch parenthood friends crushes and ultimately having a best friend who just happens to be a dinosaur that poops the color purple This review is courtesy of NetGalley

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    I enjoyed the artwork in this book It's also a fun twist on having a pet and dealing with being a kid

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    This was my second choice for a graphic novel This book is about a little boy who doesn't have very many friends He is lonely and sad until he finds a dinosaur that he decides to keep as a pet He tries to introduce his dinosaur to his family but they are unsure and not accepting of him Tib and Tumtum decide to be the best of friends anyways They do all kinds of silly things together and realize that they have a lot in common If I were to relate this book to myself I would think about how a good friend is hard to find but they are always worth it This would be similar when relating this book to the world This would make me think about how people are not always accepting of others but even just one good friend can make all the difference We should always try to see the good in everyoneAnother book Dinosaur Pet By Marc SedakaThis story relates well with Tib and Tumtum because it is also about a boy who has a dinosaur as a pet and best friend They do all kinds of fun stuff together The boy's family believes that his dinosaur is imaginary but he knows better

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    This book is designed for parents to read to their children or better yet for children to read to their parents The story is sweet short and has many important lessons The main character is Tib a super cute and smart little boy whose best friend is a red DINOSAUR arrrr named Tumtum The other children in the village are very mean to Tib because he has a big red birthmark on his face and he's besties with a dinosaur but Tib is better than that and doesn't let the haters get him downIn this book Tib sets out to show his village that people or dinosaurs shouldn't be judged by their appearanceTib has such a great sense of humor and a bit of a wicked streak in him not to mention he is about as honest as they come Aw stop crying That was a pretty bad idea anyway little man can be brutal LOL yes I was LOL'ing as I read In this book the village also sets out to learn about schools because all children need to go to school and be taught by grown upsThe story is sweet it's creative and it is hilariousRating 45 out of 5ReadBook

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    The next book in the Tib and Tumtum series is just as cute as the first The art is fantastic and I just love the comic interactions between the boy and his dinosaur Tib is still a social outcast with the other children in his village but he does have Tumtum to keep him company His mother is unsure about Tib spending all his time with a dangerous dinosaur but Tumtum makes another spectacular save and is deemed alright I do feel for Tib because all the children make fun of him The main bully seems to be getting crueler and the others follow his lead Their favorite game of 'make fun of Tib' jus bothers me but I suppose that is the idea I recommend this one to kids who love graphic novels or those who are reluctant readers Just having a dinosaur in the book should capture a wide audience but it also has fun elements Boys might find the tracking part of the book gross but fun because they talk about the different types of dung animals make Cute and just plain fun

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    The first book in this series had an anarchic charm to the illustrations which won me over despite the slight plot This second installment gives us of the same with the bonus of a dramatic narrative about bullying and exclusionThe story is entertaining but the dialogue a little stilted which I am assuming is a translation issue Because of this the humour is hit and miss and the whole book a little uneven than I guess it would have been originally It’s still a good choice for beginning readers though as the lettering is in lower case – something that’s frustratingly rare in graphic novels

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    I really liked the first volume and was thrilled to see book two come out Such a cute graphic novel for youngsters The art is adorable and all the characters are so fun even the adults This book deals with the same issues as the first making fun of others and feeling like you belong with the added theme of safety I like that the adults face the same problems as the children and that the chief is the all wise knowing one Just as fun as the first volume and they can be read in any order really as there is no plot continuity except that Tumtum was a secret in the beginning Kids will love this

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    3 12 stars Book 2 The tribe has reluctantly accepted Tumtum but Tib's mother finds every excuse she can to keep her son from playing with his dinosaur pal So a new life skills school is started up with different adults passing along different skills The book is very cute and there is a nice message here but this one felt too short and ended abruptly Seemed like a natural ending place should have been developed

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    This and its predecessor are really 3 12 star books but alas This one is of the same but in a good way I'm getting tired of those kids making fun of Tib though I thought they were going to have a breakthrough this volume but it didn't happen

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    More Tib Tumtum a cheerful fun yet realistic collection of comics about a young boy trying to get along with his prehistoric tribe without necessarily fitting in Bright illustrations and good use of humor present situations with serious themes that young readers will relate to