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She knew she was playing with fireand was eager to burnThe very thought of an innocent young woman—a teacher at a fusty finishing school—modeling for a series of titillating photographs to be sold at London’s bookstalls is scandalous But orphaned Emily Clemens’s destitute circumstances have left her little choice It is all part of her plan to capture the attention of some well heeled roué who will then make her his pampered mistress So the untouched beauty sheds her outer garments—and her inhibitions—to strike provocative poses before the lens of handsome photographer Eric TwyfordBut each seductive attitude she assumes is stoking a fire within that Emily never knew existed—and the heat is spurring her on to ever greater heights of sensuous abandon Still the devilishly desirable Eric a consummate professional remains unmoved by her erotic display If Emily cannot arouse a man in the flesh what hope does she have as a black and white postcard?She has already gone far beyond the boundaries of propriety Now Emily’s brazenly determined to go even farther—to seduce Eric letting him take her to intoxicating places she has never been But once she has reached ecstasy will she ever be able to leave?

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    Books like this affirm what I've suspected for some time ie what makes me swoon over a hero doesn't jive with romantica tropes That said vintage photography 19th c courtesans are two subjects that rarely fail to piue my interest Surely the plot details would outweigh the rubbish right?WrongOverall this book was unspeakably dull The first couple chapters weren't too bad but then the ginormous boners andor damp ladybits were trotted out with alarming regularity She wants him even though he's not rich He wants her even though she's his model SO EXCITING Copious eyeballing of naughty parts dry humping wanking repetitive sexual encounters with eually repetitive descriptions of ragingly unsatisfied erections andor skin splattering orgasms had me nodding off by the halfway point Important life lesson If I never again read the word pussy in reference to sex it will be too soon The heroine's repeatedly checking for wet patches a nefarious LOLzy villain some last second blackmailing with 19th c photoshop completed this scan worthy experienceAnd then there were scenes like this wherein the hero pleasures himself in the bathtub He moved his attentions to the base of his shaft away from the sensitive glans near the top He could just picture her warm tight pussy deeply engulfing him riding him with little teasing movements of her hips while he played with her nipples not too hard and not too soft His hand returned to full fast strokes Then she would rise up almost removing his slick cock from her cunt before once burying him to the hilt repeating the movement over and over until he was ready to eruptWhich is bad enough But then the author tops it with this gem With that final image his orgasm became unstoppable One last downward stroke and his hips thrust out of the water With a rush his cum spurted out in sticky lines across his chest and so powerful and needed was his release jetted over his head to the floor belowNope Not happening Such overdone blow by blow descriptions of cocks Feelz do nothing for my hormones

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    A decent historical erotica I just wish there was development between the two characters This book was only about 200 pages so you have to make every moment count I just felt that the author decided to add somethings this story didn't need The moments between the main characters sizzled but there were large gaps where they didn't interact Emily and Eric showed they could communicate well but then midway they just stopped Finally the Mr Murdoch situation kind of killed the book for me It was unnecessary and uite honestly made me dislike the heroine immensely for being so stupid You can't tell me the Emily is so smart and then throw such obvious things at her about Mr Murdoch and then have her go everyone is just jealous he can't possibly be that way or how weird he treats me like this after I agreed to marry him oh well It was pretty tame and the plot was meh

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    25 starsThis was alright; I don't know why I keep trying to read romance when it so rarely goes well The premise sounds interesting than it was I'm really not a fan of lack of communication as a pivotal trope the characters were mostly likable but not particularly engaging and the sex scenes weren't especially hot eithercontent warnings view spoilerexplicit sexual content domestic violence physicalverbal abuse slut shaming objectification hide spoiler

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    What a Pleasure and Sexy toI really enjoyed Eric Emily's love story I particularly loved this book because of the spectacular sizzling sex This is the first time reading anything by this author but it will not be the last I love this kind of erotic love story Keep em coming

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    Really enjoyed this book The internal fear of rejection leading to the lack of communication between the two characters felt very real to me Also the seduction and feelings of rejection seems real The characters were well developed and each that full and complex lives

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    Honestly stopped reading this about a uarter of the way in It was awful I have read better erotica that uses the same languageverbiage It read as tawdry and low brow

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    I loved this book because of the subject it deals with Very rarely are we given a good girl willing to do bad things to make their situation Usually the heroine is a hard working woman with strict morals While Emily is a hard working young woman she is tired of working so hard and not getting anywhere She is tired of being poor Enter Eric an eually hard working American man who wants to be able to live his dream of being a photographer while still debtor’s prisonerIn each other they see a way to achieve their dreams and embark on a journey that doesn’t exactly turn out how they imagine They didn’t dream of falling for each otherThe novel doesn’t show their lives in a glamorous way In fact it shows them how they really are as they struggle with their situations What I loved the most was the development of their relationship Romance novels where the couple is suddenly in love is annoying on so many levels In Mistress the reader watches them want each other and eventually fall for each other Of course there are many bumps along the way

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    Loved the setting and premise of this book school teacher heroine desperately needs money to get a husband so poses for postcards for a photographer As the pictures get increasingly risue so does their relationship Loved both characters loved the sensuality and the writing The info about the photography in the 1800s was well done without the research banging me over the head as some other authors tend to do My only beef was the heroine towards the end such a wonderfully strong smart female for her time yet she tells herself that an autocratic asshole suitor would 'not be like that when they are married' That was her TSTL moment but by that time I was desperate to see how the book would end so forged through Suffice to say it ended well

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    ok there are uite some dirty thoughts in this book Oo I think the heroine is totally shallow with her intention to be a mistress OO I know I know people can choose whatever they want in life and the hero is a total loser in conclusion they're perfect for each other Emily's modeling days are good to read but after the wedding it turns out uite lolling and making you roll your eyes uite a lot the Murdoch twist was really unnecessary

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    Emily is a Victorian schoolteacher with no prospects who decides to pose for some 'naughty' postcards in order to attract a rich patron But then she falls in love with her photographer although marries someone else in haste which she later regrets True love prevails in the end and it all finishes happily It's a sweet enough romance with a few tame erotic scenes It's well written but not what I was looking for at this particular moment