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Mistress Vania is disturbed by the change in her clients For years Mistress Vania has been helping a select group of individuals with her uniue skills and services Now it has come to an end Her clients are horribly over stimulated by hours of streaming video It’s just not the same any Mistress Vania blames the internet The world has changed and she must change with it She must find new territories of body and soul to conuer Mistress Vania and her devoted companion Riko are moving to Hapten Shufti Until yesterday Amanda Frost was a top investigative journalist Now she is downsized and out of a job in a media landscape disrupted by the internet Her only option is to take a job at the Hapten Shufti Standard She is now the only reporter on the world’s smallest paper in the world’s dullest town Local government and dog shows All this changes when people start to go missing Now Amanda has the story of her career

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    Received free via a Goodreads giveawayNot bad at all