Download Best Minecraft Books: Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Book 3: When Nature Calls (An Unofficial Minecraft Book) (English Edition) –

What Does A Zombie Do For Spring Break Find Out In This Next Installment Of The Exciting And Hilarious Adventures Of AYear Old Minecraft Zombie JoinYear Old Zombie And All Of His School Friends, As They Prepare To Go On A Spring Break ScarecationWhat Kind Of Crazy Adventures Can Happen On A Zombie Scarecation Imagine A Zombie Amusement Park Full Of Fun And Excitement For All Types Of Minecraft Mobs That Comes With Its Own Haunted House That Is What You Ll Experience And As You Join Zombie, Skelee, Slimey And Creepy On A Fun Adventure To The Jungle BiomeGet Your Copy Today And Join The Fun Get Your Copy Now I have a nephew that really enjoys Minecraft, so I often buy books for him it s one of the only things that motivates him to read Most books I ve found, especially the free ones, are not fit to be called books They re scams, overpriced, with grammar mistakes and bad writing.NOT this book It s not award winning stuff, but it s a solid read It tells the story of a Minecraft zombie and his adventures with his friends In this book, they go on a scarecation to explore the jungle biome They plan to visit a temple and go to the special zombie park for some cool rides This zombie may not be human of course , but he is just like any other human kid, getting into trouble and struggling with his mom picking clothes for him There s a lot of creativity in this book Creepy, his creeper friend, takes medication so he s less likely to blow up Also, the zombies buy extra body parts because theirs keep falling off I recommend this book to any kid who likes Minecraft, especially the reluctant readers. My grandson is almost 8 He is addicted to Minecraft Although he is an excellent reader, above second grade reading level, he is not fond of reading because he does not find the books interesting Well I ordered him the entire set of this series Probably a dumb idea because had he not liked them I would have been stuck with 9 books Luckily, I judged correctly For the first time since he had discovered Minecraft, the video game, he was reading rather than playing It confirmed Grandma s theory that it was not the reading he did not like, it was the subject matter Yeah Grandma So the books get 5 starts from both of us. My son loves this series However, I deducted a star because I did not get the updated orange book as pictured for the paperback and instead got the cheap looking green paperback that s listed as the hard cover version I believe they are listed incorrectly like this for all of the series It s disappointing because the green paperback versions do NOT list the title, just the number in the series So the When Nature Calls title is no where to be found on or in the book.