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I can t believe she thought she could get away with it The same damn book, especially once the boy and the girl get together Ooh Read it side by side with Twilight and get Meyer s bad dialogue in stereo And with no change of voice whatsoever even though the narrator has changed As I ve said in my other reviews, Meyer cannot write We do get a littleinformation on the Cullens, but any character development Rosalie especially that may have happened in the first four books is forgotten in Midnight Sun More evidence of Meyer s sloppiness as a writer But if you ever had any doubts about Edward and Bella being a perfect match, you can stop worrying They re equally pathetic, whiny and shallow Edward might have been interesting as a kickass vampire vigilante in his rebel days I know some police departments who could use a guy like him and save the taxpayers a lot of money, but all we get is a prissy 108 year old virgin who reads and listens to music while the rest of his family have wild, house ruining nooky.Same sloppy prose, same shallow characters I suffered through four books already That s plenty Not even for the pleasure of sporking this would I have bought or even borrowed it.My undying gratitude to whomever leaked the manuscript.Edit January 5, 2011 Feminist rant proceed at your own risk I know I ve mentioned Meyer s narrow worldview and anti feminism in my reviews of the other four novels, but for the sake of consistency, I m going to point it out anyway There s a scene in the manuscript with the Cullens in the Forks High School cafeteria Jasper is, as usual, marshalling all his willpower to not leap onto the next student he sees and drain them of their blood Alice says something to the effect of, it helps if you think of them as people and proceeds to give a little backstory on a student, Whitney, who walks by their table Whitney who has a baby sister she adores Later on, Jasper is having another such moment, again about a girl with tasty smelling blood who, according to Alice, is taking her little brother to the beach on Saturday Jasper seems to struggle with his hunger in the presence of any human, so why does Meyer have to point out only the girls who tempt him And why were both of them portrayed only as nurturing mother figures to younger siblings Again, as in the other four books, a woman is only validated by having a boyfriend or a husband and by being a mother for example, Rosalie telling Bella she d wish to be old and wrinkly with Emmett watching their grandchildren play in their front yard and her rescue of Bella once her pregnancy is discovered, Esme s near suicide after the death of her child, Leah s rant about how she probably became a shapeshifter because she can t have kids Oh yeah, and Bella risking her life to bring her vampire hybrid into the world whatever the cost Any one of these, taken separately, might not be alarming to me, but its prevalence in the books shows how deep Meyer s religious indoctrination runs From the earliest age, young girls and women in the Mormon faith are told that they must marry and procreate, that the only important work they could ever do will be as a wife and mother How is the single woman, the woman with a satisfying and successful career, or the woman who cannot have children to cope as a member of a Mormon congregation, especially when there are judgmental members around whispering amongst themselves that somehow she isn t worthy or some man would have wanted her or the Lord would have blessed her with children Instead of carrying this idea to the silly extreme to which Meyer carries it, why couldn t Whitney have been a member of the school swim team and taken second in state in the hundred meter freestyle Why couldn t the other girl too lazy to look up her name, sorry have had mad writing skills or play the violin Alice s powers of clairvoyance could have been used so much better here She ll be first chair violinist in the Seattle Symphony in five years that is, if you don t catch her behind the building after classes Also.why couldn t either of them have been a guy Oh yeah, because vampirism is a metaphor for sex, and you can add chronic homophobia to the list of Mormon dogma.There s muchMormon meta in these books, but that would fill four books the length of Meyer s so called saga itself I don t think Meyer even realizes she s doing it, but again, here we see Meyer s narrow worldview, her lack of imagination, her sloppiness and laziness as a writer, her fear of creating characters that are anything other than Mary Sues.And again, my undying gratitude to whomever leaked the manuscript P S I ve received comments like U R just jellus cuz Stephanie sic wrights better then U 111or my favorite, You don t like it cuz you don t get it And recently, members of the LDS faith have been calling me out for pointing out Meyer s dismissal of any female character without a functioning uterus Rosalie Hale, Leah Clearwater , portraying them as lesser individuals Leah a badass girl wolf shapeshifter who whines about being defective because she stopped menstruating and that s probably why nobody imprinted on her, and Rosalie, who was turned as a young, single woman I ve been saying, from a position of personal experience, that the narrow worldview comes from Meyer s religious upbringing I understand religious indoctrination and how bred into the bone it can be, and I m saying Meyer cannot seem to get out of that mindset when she s writing I find it shallow and trite and a negative message to the young women and girls who read the books, along with the other bullshit about turning your free will over to a controlling, abusive man beast and portraying that as romantic because he s rich and pretty I further understand that these books provoke strong emotions in people If you are here out of curiosity and you gave it 5 stars, you can forget about a meeting of the minds on the quality and merit of this series So try to be a grownup about other people s opinions differing from yours Read and move on. Midnight Sun Is The Much Anticipated Retelling Of Twilight From Edward Cullen S Perspective An Unedited Partial Draft Was Illegally Leaked Onto The Internet InConsequently, Author Stephenie Meyer Put The Project On Indefinite Hold Shortly Afterward, She Posted A Letter To Her Fans On Her Website Including A Link To The Entire Partial Draft Of The Book So That Those Who Wanted To Read It Could Do So Legally And With Her Consent See URL For InformationNote Do Not Add A Cover Do Not Add Translations Do Not Add Any Other Editions Midnight Sun is Twilight, from Edwards perspective I am one of the rabid fans who couldn t resist reading this partial draft of Midnight Sun even though Stephenie Meyer would have preferred we not hanging my head in shame but not really I am being totally honest when I say that I loved this partial draft as much, if not , than Twilight. When reading Twilight, I often thought Edward was arrogant and insensitive but that is absolutely the furthest thing from the truth He s actually one of thetormented YA heroes I ve read about Here is a young man who thought he could never find that deep, passionate love between a man and a woman He was going through his existence, thinking he was complete in himself, never imagining there could beBut, enter Bella Swan who, without trying, awakened his shut down heart and gave them both something to live for.In Midnight Sun we see just how tormented Edward is, how torn between doing what is in his mind best for Bella, and what he so desperately wants that once in an existence love that soul mate that one you just cannot live without Because, in my mind, understanding Edward is so vital to the storyline, Midnight Sun made Twilight really come alive for me.I ve since moved away from YA novels and on toadult themed PNR Vampire stories, but if Stephenie Meyer ever finishes Midnight Sun, I ll be first in line to buy it. Read the first 11 or so chapters Meyer posted on her website Just as bad as the rest Edward seems pretty delusional about Bella and her non existent personality and he s evencreepy from his own point of view Spying on her while she s sleeping and reading and who knows what else.if it was supposed to be and acknowledged as creepy and slightly wrong I wouldn t have a problem with it But apparently Meyer thinks it s perfectly normal and acceptable for teenage boys to stalk young girls and watch them while they sleep.The only good thing I have to say about Edward is that at least in this one I can better see the struggle and temptation he has about killing eating Bella once again if treated as creepy and weird as it should be I wouldn t have a problem with it as opposed to Twilight where there was barely any tension at all.Also, about not finishing it just because you are so upset and depressed about it being leaked online Way to be mature and rational Sometimes I really think Meyer is some whiny teenage girl on the internet writing her own love novel with her playing Bella I for one wouldn t be that surprised I guess it helps me keep hope in the human race that a grown woman isn t writing these and seriously thinks she is writing this amazing wonderful perfect romance, because otherwise.I don t know what to think. I typically stay as far away from romance novels as I can but I got bitten okay bad pun by the Twilight Series I started reading them because I needed a book fix after the last Harry Potter book may the Harry Potter series rest in peace The first in the Twilight series, appropriately named Twilight , is pretty good but not Stephenie Myer s best writing With each addition in the series, her writing gets better and better I read the last book and started getting geared up for the movie A friend at work told me about the partially completed draft of Midnight Sun being leaked so I went to Meyer s website to see what happened Yep Someone LOSER leaked a version of it Meyer decided that, for now and indefinitely, she is so upset about the leak that she can t write anyin the book THANK YOU, afforementioned LOSER She made an interesting move, though, to save her readers honor and uploaded the unfinished manuscript to her website herself No one has to feel guilty looking for it and reading it, because she s taken the high road and freely given it I started reading it, not expecting to be bitten hard enough to become a wannabe vampire myself Wow Midnight Sun is the best book in the series and it isn t even officially part of the series I found myself swooning like a teenage girl okay, like Bella herself and wanting Edward to fall in love with ME I m pathetic, I know, but that s okay We all need a little nibble of romance every now and then Can t get enough of Edward s hissy, snarly, growly velvet honey voice Bella s selflessness The thirst, the infernal burning thirst Multi one dimensional characterizations Esme s tenderness, Rosalie s vanity, and even dear old Edward who graduates in this draft from paper to origami but still retains his delightfully tiresome diet Byron shtick Wonder what that waitress was really thinking when she delivered those mushroom raviolis Boy, do I have a book for you. For my money, this book has the potential to be the rock solid best of the series.A lot of Rob Pattinson s lovely portrayal of Edward might be attributable to his having read it beforehand, and I think it does a good job of illustrating some of the things I ve been saying in defense of the things about Edward that other feminists find creepy at bestThe real problem they re not able to see past is that Edward is not a normal 17 year old boy He s an 100 year old 17 year old boy who s never been in love He s a predator He s a vampire He may be being nice about it, but he kills for a living, and at least some of that time, he s killed humans.What, from his point of view, is wrong with watching her Remember our rules and customs are subjective He s not stalking her to control her, and that s obvious at every stage He s watching her to learnabout her something we all do when we re interested in anyone for any reason, even if his lengths and methods arenatural to him than to us He s watching her to protect her, and the same comparison applies He goes to greater lengths because of who and what he is It s natural to him.If I have any fault with the character, it s that he s all too concerned with the idea of having lost his soul And horrified at the idea of this beautiful, intriguing person he s become so fond of losing hers As if any god who d punish him for something that wasn t his choice, no matter how much good he does to try to atone for the sin of becoming a vampire, is anyone you d want to look up to or spend eternity with in the first place.What he never seems to get, all through all the books, is that she does have a choice If the fact that she doesn t know everything there is to know about the ramifications of that choice were sufficient to invalidate it, then none of the choices any of us makes would be well advised.At least this book gives you insight to why he feels that way.It also gives us some delicious insights into his family and such I hope, hope, hope she changes her mind someday and finishes it. OH MY DEAR SWEET.I don t even know, honestly After reading Twilight I could kinda see how Edward the sparklepire could be appealing to teenage girls in his prissy diamond way, but after I read this This pretty much reads as the Future Abusive Boyfriends of America Handbook Oil her window so you can sneak into her room at night without her permission Force her to spend time with only you, isolating her from friends and family YOU ARE NOT DONE WITH HER YET I was so creeped out I may have had to boil myself before being able to continue on in life and not feel dirty. This is a yet to be completed partial draft of a novel portraying Twilight from Edward s perspective I have readlike devoured the 264 pages that Stephenie Meyer posted on her website I love them, flaws which were not too many considering it s a rough draft and all It would be really disappointing if Edward s story ended where it does He was always the most intriguing character to me, and the story thus far explains so much of his words and actions that puzzled me before It s a bonus that he can read minds, so we not only know now what he was thinking, but also the thoughts of those around him I ve been surprised to read just how much he knew about the future and how early he knew it, thanks to Alice Makes me want to slap my forehead and go, Duh No wonder he did what he did Stephenie is the only person in the universe who can guide us on this journey into the depths of Edward, and I sincerely hope she continues to write this story, and not let her faith in humanity be ruined by a few shameless and untrustworthy people.