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Michael Kupperman has already indulged his love for Mark Twain in the pages of Tales Designed to Thrizzle but the recent publication of Twain s real autobiography has inspired the cartoonist to a full blown book length master piece of hilarity Twain s own introduction says it all GREETINGS STRANGER OF THE FUTURE If you are reading this it means the written word has survived that the world of tomorrow still exists and that for some reason my ramblings are still considered worth reading My name is Mark Twain and I write these words to you in the good old days of August 2010 What s that you say didn t you die a hundred years ago you old coot? I hear your memoirs have just been published right now in 2010 because they had to wait a century after your death blah blah blah and so on The truth is I never died but the same old rumors got exaggerated and then the Great War happened so people forgot I was still alive And I ve kept alive due to a magic spell cast upon me by a wizard but I ve promised not to tell that tale until 1000 years have passed I let them do the century book because otherwise I might have to pay the advance back again and I couldn t afford it I suppose by now you all know how I was Jack the Ripper and why it was in a good cause that I committed those foul murders Also that I was directly responsible for the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln Hopefully you ve forgiven me these indiscretions Readers eager to see how Twain hunted the Yeti Come out here and face me you snow covered coward met the Six Million Dollar Man had a love affair with Mamie Eisenhower Boy oh boy this lady was one hot dish and accidentally became involved in X rated films will devour this tome which of course is augmented with Kupperman s hilariously deadpan illustrations

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    I'm not one to throw the word genius around casually so I told my genius children to go to their genius painted room and leave me in my genius chair to ponder the genius that is Michael Kupperman and his genius tome It is pure genius mixed with enough humor and art drawings to attract an audience of mammals reptiles insects extinct animals and even humans The genius of Michael K is that he was there ready and willing to accept this document from the long thought dead Mark Twain and had the courage to publish the adventures of our white suited saint of sentences as he traversed the 20th century If there's a funnier book of stories comics and illustrations about Mark Twain's journey through the last 100 years of history I'd like to see it

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    I've liked Michael Kupperman since I read Snake 'n' Bacon's Cartoon Cabaret one of the funniest books I know His art in that book is so crisp and detailed like an etching The other books I've read by him this pseudo Mark Twain memoir and Tales Designed to Thrizzle are far less exciting There are moments of comedic genius but the work is largely disposable forgettable He's also switched to simpler art style that probably lets him work faster The result is a step back in uality Any average artist could have drawn these illustrationsMost of this book is prose not comics Mark Twain finds himself Forrest Gumping through history in a series of picaresue adventures etc etc Probably meant to cash in on the authentic Twain memoir issued about the same time this volume is for diehard Kupperman fans only

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    Sorry to say this book did little for me And I love Mark Twain and enjoyed Kupperman’s latest book

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    In 2010 after a hundred years' wait Mark Twain's autobiography was published But what transpired in that 100 years since obviously Mark Twain couldn't just go and die a boring death? Michael Kupperman fills in the blank with this deliriously silly picaresue as Twain bounds all around and above the world from stowing away on the Apollo mission to suggesting to Charles Schulz that he rework his comic strip Li'l Shits to cut down all the swearingAll in all Kupperman nails the tone of this 19th century man blithely rattling his way through the 20th Much like he writes about his pornographic stand in Mack Twain I found Kupperman's Twain a delightful fellow and good company for a night's drinking

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    This was such a strange and bizarre book According to Kupperman's accounts Twain never died and has been living on for hundreds of years getting into all sorts of trouble Adventures you can look forward to includes his encounter with JD Salinger a trip to the moon alien abduction secret societies and time travel

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    Was I drunk when I bought this?

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    I kept seeing book reviews in odd places for a new book by Michael Kupperman The 2011 hardcover graphic novel is Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910 2010 As a fan of graphic novels and a casual fan of Twain's writing I thought I'd pick it up I guess I didn't read those reviews or even the title of the book very carefully because what I was expecting was some kind of adaptation of Twain's recently released autobiography That made what I got even of a treatKupperman's book opens with a foreword explaining that the manuscript was delivered to him by Mark Twain himself with instructions to publish it under your name then people will be free to not believe a word of itdecorate it with your silly drawings to further undermine the credibility What follows is 36 short chapters of adventures that Mark Twain had after his exaggerated death in 1910 The spry gentleman complete with his white suite bushy hair and mustache went on to be involved in most of the major events of the 20th Century Most of the chapters are two pages long with a full page black and white cartoony illustration accompanying them Some of my favorites are his experiences during the Great Depression with fellow hobos Robert Less Taken Road Takin' Bob Frost Wallace Even Stevens and ee bumming cummings; during the 1950's he inspires Charles Schulz to change his Lil Shts comic strip to something appealing to the masses; and a stint as a ventrilouist takes him into the seamy underworld ofventrilouism There are several chapters that have him teamed up with Albert Einstein a similarly mustachioed genius and the two make what would be the ultimate buddy movie if ever filmed They time travel sort of with the aid of a chimpanzee they shrink down to the size of ants they fight zombies sort of they start their own private detective agency Some of the chapters are in comic strip format instead of prose and these are also works of genius Mark Twain parachuting into a castle to confront Dracula Frankenstein the Mummy and Wolfman; Mark Twain joining the first men on the moon; Mark Twain's adventures during World War I Through it all Kupperman's voice for Twain is consistent even as the times and settings for him change radically It's a splendid combination of tall tale tongue in cheek analysis of history and outright over the top adventure that I think the real Mark Twain would have simultaneously loved and disdained Due to the short chapters and the full page illustrations it was a fast read and it had me chuckling on every page I'm not always a fan of the what ifs of history but this one hits all the right notes If you're a fan of graphic novels of history or of the esteemed Mark Twain himself you'll love Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910 2010

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    I think Michael Kupperman is one of the funniest people producing humor today and Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910 2010 doesn't fall off his high standard The book is basically a series of riffs on America's great writer exploring the global hijinks he's gotten into since his purported death in 1910Kupperman conjures Twain as a roaming schemer game for anything to gain a fortune find a bit of trouble or win over a hot dame TwainKupperman's narrative has the overheated tone bizarre non seuiturs and blatant exposition of Golden Age comic books His tales encompass everything from the first voyage to the moon to his torrid affair with Mame Eisenhower I was actually caught naked hiding in the Lincoln Bedroom by the Kennedys when they moved in Luckily Jack a notorious ladies man saw the funny side and granted me a pardon and a pair of pants You could criticize the book by saying it doesn't build to anything than a series of gags But when the voice and the gags are as funny as this I'm happy to go wherever they take meuotesAs with many Italian households our kitchen was built around a small volcano which provided heat and cooking energy One day I accidentally sprinkled some pepper in it which as everyone knows you must never do and it grew and erupted destroying the entire house and all our possessions and forming a lava pool with my hat floating on it I was feeling restless that day and when I saw my grieving family crowded around my hat I decided to exaggerate my own death again and left immediately for London where I became the cheekiest twenty three year old chimney sweep you ever did see Unfortunately it was at that exact moment that World War I broke out and I found myself drafted and sent back to Europe to fight in the trenches

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    You start off with a uotation from Twain's obituary America's greatest author died today at his home surrounded by etc etc followed by another uotation The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated again Mark Twain 2010 At least that's how I would have done it When you're writing a book about the secretly extended life of a famous historical personage who has actually been uoted well misuoted but about erroneous reports of his death how can you not take advantage?I really need to stop reading gimmick books This is flat out one of the worst books I have ever read especially because there are the seeds of something really fun or at least mildly diverting here Mark Twain Forrest Gumping across the world having adventures with Albert Einstein? It's so natural an idea I can't believe it hasn't been done beforeBut this? If you're going to attempt to write the fake autobiography of a great writer it would probably help if you could write at something than a fourth grade level The majority of the book is a litany of I statements demonstrating nothing of Twain's verbose wit Instead the author is portrayed as a boor a drunkard and an idiot bumbling about from juvenile scenario to juvenile scenario Did I occasionally chuckle? Sure but then again my five year old niece has made me laugh with some of her stories; that doesn't mean she should be publishedUgh Terrible Do not read I wish I hadn't

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    1 ''I pledged the monsters not to release their album until the nineteen sixties and then disguising myself as a pile of clothes I very slowly made my way back to EnglandWinston was upset but tried not to show it typical Winston As for me I went underground again and joined the French Underground where I became known as 'The Nazi Stranglers' because I strangled Nazis and they thought there was than one of me''2 ''And then I saw it a patch of gravity directly behind us I maneuvered him towards it and then I jumped backwards just as his massive arms were about to grab me and choke my life out He stumbled onto the gravity and then there was a terrible moment before it took effect when his eyes showed the realization of what had happened and he cried out 'Nyyyeeet' he yelled and then he was moving swiftly downwards toward the Earth I stood in orbit and watched as gravity did its terrible work his body transformed into a smoking meteorite as it hurtled through the Earth's atmosphere Gravity is like fire both a friend and an enemy to man''