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SEAL Candidates Cooper Fitch And Eli Jones Are Cut Off From The Outside World And Pushed To Their Physical And Mental Limits By The Demands Of The Navy S Elite Training Program Their Reliance On Each Other Takes An Unexpected Turn After Hell Week, The Most Grueling Stretch Of Basic Conditioning, When Cooper And Eli Surrender To Passion Fueled By Fatigue, Horniness, And Alcohol Despite The Danger Of Being Discovered, Their Intense Attraction Begins To Feel Like A Natural Extension Of Living, Working, And Training Side By Side, And Neither Is Willing To Give It Up, No Matter The Risk

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    3 StarsMaritime Men is a short M M story following two young Navy SEAL trainees who form a bond that goes beyond that of friendship and camaraderie while in boot camp The story is simple and sexy, with low angst, featuring plenty of first time bisexual moments between these two previously heterosexual young men I enjoyed this one, but I should warn potential readers that it ends quite abruptly with a very tentative HFN Thankfully, I see there is a sequel, which hopefully appeases my need for .

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    All hands on deck This quick, sexy read sailed right in and stole my heart Cooper Fitch and Eli Jones, two Navy SEAL candidates trying to survive the rigorous and hellish training program, find themselves drawn to each other for strength, understanding, laughs, and much In an atmosphere fueled by guts and glory, alcohol, and getting laid, can Eli and Cooper find something solid to hold on to and keep them afloat Eli and Cooper felt very real to me I could see these guys and feel what made their hearts tick, stand up taller, and even blush The way their stolen moments, quick releases, and slow lingering touches built and built and transformed into such caring and passion took my breath away Eli s idea of incentive alone had me giggling, grinning and gasping But the pages also held humor, smartass comments, strength, duty, and heart that jumped off the page and sparked such heat and chemistry between Cooper and Eli My favorite moments though were the simple words or quiet ways they communicated with a touch, look or raised eyebrow from across the room What these two could say with a knee nudge or boot tap was amazing and hot D Eli bent his head and pushed it into Cooper s shoulder, scrubbing his face back and forth Cooper took hold of the back of Eli s neck, holding him there long enough to get the message across they were good As their friendship heated up from alcohol hazed, blushing, and shyness to tenderness and passion my heart flipped, flopped and filled with all sorts of love for this story and pair OH, hell I just love these guys Maritime Men will sneak right up and steal your heart I was pretty happy how this story ended, but come to find out there is a sequel Hells, yeah Sign me up for Anchors Aweigh

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    Aww, I want Coop Eli are just too damn adorable I m definitely going to be checking out the other books in this series.

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    I loved Janey s story in the Reflections of Love anthology and so was eager to read this story when I saw it at DSP The story is told from the viewpoint of Cooper who is training to be a navy SEAL He s a rough talking, tough military man who loves women and his best friend, fellow trainee Eli One night Cooper returns from a night out to discover that Eli can t sleep and helps him out by way of jerking him off This then leads to the men forming a relationship of mostly getting each other off when the opportunity arises In some ways this story is about friendship, especially that strong, fierce bond often associated with men who live and work in adverse conditions While the sex scenes are hot, they are also imbued with a sense of fun and camaraderie which I found really appealing especially as both men see sex as an extension of their friendship The other part which I felt worked well was the way that Cooper and Eli looked after each other and helped each other through the difficult times, all of which was done without sentiment or the need to express emotions in words The story ends with lots of questions about the future for these men which in some sense is realistic after all they may be posted away from one another but left me wishing to know about them and whether they manage to keep their relationship going This was an engaging, affecting story which I can t recommend highly enough, so unsurprisingly gains a grade of Excellent.

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    Military m m short but goodie Great story Sequel is Anchors Aweigh Underrated writer that has far too much promise to not write in this genre She has just the right testosterone estrogen ratio down to a science She writes her alpha men well in a guys world kind of way whether it be her sports military themed stories she does a great job keeping it real.

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    I got mixed signals from this short story It was like the author couldn t make up her mind about the characters Were they gay Were they bisexual Were they heterosexuals engaging in homosexual sex Did one of them fall in love Did both Were they just friends with benefits Was that a HFN in the end Was it not Too many questions Too few answers 2.5 stars.

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    This is a short, sweet glimpse of two guys finding each other The emotional connection has already happened These two men, Cooper and Eli, carried each other and their whole boat crew through SEAL BUD S training At the end of that, celebrating the fact that none of them rang out, Cooper does his usual pick up the girl routine, but comes back to find Eli alone And suddenly there is a facet to their relationship that he never expected There s no external plot here, just the intense and internal one of a tight, hot relationship blooming in a short space of time between two men who are already joined at the hip I loved the characters and the writing, and immediately had to pick up the sequel.

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    I loved this story and it left me wanting so much I adored Eli and Cooper They were Navy SEAL training partners and completely devoted to each other and their team as a unit Their devotion turned into and it was new for both of them Their coming together was HOT I had to re read their first scene together several times because it just struck a chord with me and I wanted it again and again I thought the author did a fantastic job of bringing out both strength of character and the vulnerability of emotion in these two men and it was a great combination My one and only gripe about this book was the fact that it ended too abruptly and left some key questions unanswered about the viability of their relationship going forward I love my HEA s This was my first book by Janey Chapel and I m very much looking forward to especially the sequel about these awesome characters

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    Fan freaking tastic I hope this is the start of a series.I m not sure I d call this short story a romance the main characters certainly never acknowledge their relationship on that level, but it s a fascinating look at the evolution of a relationship between two Navy Seal candidates that, over the course of their training great action scenes , expands from serious male bonding, friendship and loyalty to something physical and certainly meaningful on that don t ask don t tell level of the military The author only gives us Cooper s point of view who comes off as shell shocked by his growing attraction to Eli, and yet he s the instigator in taking the hands on approach to their relationship I got the impression that Eli knows he s gay from the start and just doesn t say anything just my own assumption All in all, a fun and intriguing read and a really engaging writing style My only complaint was that it was too short I m hoping for a sequel

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    I love this story It s got such a great economy to it every scene, every sentence, every WORD adds to the story, and to the reader s understanding of the attraction between these two men.I also love the characters these are tough men training for a very tough job, and that comes through, but we also see that being tough doesn t mean that they re emotionless or insensitive.I first read it a while ago, and re read it yesterday the first time I got caught up in the characters and the story, the second time, I was fascinated by the writing both were time well spent.