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    Nadine Gordimer is the doyenne of white African writers with her intensely felt stories of disparate menwomen children from all walks of life in that deeply fracturedgreat rifted continentHer prose lives breatheseach story satisfyingly completein this wonderful collection from 1965 71when South Africain particularwas at the fore front of the wider political upheavals in post colonial AfricaGordimer portrays with sensitivity the increasing difficulties of 'European' Africans adjusting to the changesnervously eyeing the surrounding black populationsriven with anxieties as to the future developmentsSixteen storiesalmost all Africa based from over 30 years ago which still evoke the essentialsub Saharan Africaits teeming life and its fatal but natural flawsits heat dustits eternal violent conflictswhich existed before the arrival of Livingstone et al will continue unabated after the last vestiges of the whiteman's malign influence have been finally extirpatedHoweverthe most haunting story was the penultimate 'Why Haven't You Written?' which is set in America England captures the sheer randomness of our livesthe seemingly banal intervention of postal delays caused by Arctic weatherevoking a poignant conclusion to the collection Keep Calm Carry Onas Nadine Gordimer has done for 75 years

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    First intro to Gordimer and it's made me intrigued to see how she works at novel length She is so good here at exploiting the short story form to suggest intimacies of character senses of identity moments of catharsis and epiphany The kind of collection I couldn't but drop to my lap at the close of each story and stare wistfully out the window taking it all in

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    This is the first Ive read of this author and I am really impressed Short stories are not my favourite genre but I am totally immersed in each one set in Africa or about Africans Beautiful writing I plan to try her novels next not at all surprised she got the Nobel