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Juliet Young Always Writes Letters To Her Mother, A World Traveling Photojournalist Even After Her Mother S Death, She Leaves Letters At Her Grave It S The Only Way Juliet Can Cope Declan Murphy Isn T The Sort Of Guy You Want To Cross In The Midst Of His Court Ordered Community Service At The Local Cemetery, He S Trying To Escape The Demons Of His Past When Declan Reads A Haunting Letter Left Beside A Grave, He Can T Resist Writing Back Soon, He S Opening Up To A Perfect Stranger, And Their Connection Is Immediate But Neither Declan Nor Juliet Knows That They Re Not Actually Strangers When Life At School Interferes With Their Secret Life Of Letters, Sparks Will Fly As Juliet And Declan Discover Truths That Might Tear Them ApartRead Along With Zoella Chosen By Chris Russell As Part Of The New Zoella Book Club For WHSmith loved this book so much It was gifted to me by a dear friend and I had zero expectations but THIS BOOK IS EVERYTHING One day isn t your whole life A day is just a day Letters to the lost is a drama in the drama in the DRAMA So if you like drama this book is definitely for you it s gonna tear you apart but you are gonna love it.The story was so overwhelming and I enjoyed that every chapter started with a letter I loved both the point of views even if my heart belongs to DECLAN I really wanted to knowabout Rev Declan s best friend instead sometimes I couldn t really stand Juliet I even loved the clich.Letters to the lost is a story about family, friendship and love but it is also about grief, abuse and strenght. Guys I was not prepared for how unputdownable this book would be for me I read it in about 3 sittings, despite having a baby and deadlines and a filthy house and all of the other things.Juliet and Declan s story grabbed me from the very first page I found myself saying just onechapter again and again and again, only to find myself 50 or 100 pages further into the book My favorite part was how real the characters became in the space of just a few lines their pain, their vulnerability, their hope, all of it You re not only rooting for them as a potential couple but as individuals who desperately need healing separately, too.In fact, I just all around loved that the romance though strong wasn t the focus of the story That we get to know their families, their friends, their teachers, mentors, etc, and that each one of them feels as real as the two leads Our lives aren t made up of one person, they re made up of a dozen people, all of whom have roles to play.LETTERS TO THE LOST reminds us that sometimes people let us down, but that doesn t mean that we get to stop trying, or stop digging beneath the snapshot they present the world Not if they matter to us Because the only way to heal, to move forward, is to truly understand that although everyone has flaws, and makes mistakes, everyone also has the potential to surprise us in the best way possible.I loved it 100%. GRADE A 4.5 STARSJuliet leaves goodbye notes at her mother s grave One day an anonymous stranger writes Me too That stranger is classmate and bad boy Declan, who is doing community service mowing lawns at the cemetery The two begin anonymously writing letters, developed a close bond that might shatter if she learns his identity and why she s doing community service.Brigid Kemmerer s debut novel has all the components of a great story Her characters are diverse, unique and multidimensional I loved the minor characters especially Declan s best friend Rev, a white boy who was adopted by black parents from foster care due to abuse Declan s supportive teacher and probation supervisor were also important adults in his parents of the story.The writing flows with ease and heart, never manipulating emotion While the plot was a little predictable, she avoided convenient pitfalls I can t say without spoiling Points of view alternate chapters narrated by Declan and Juliet I forgot whose I was reading often, although chapters had email headers, naming the narrator with the chapter heading would have been helpful.LETTERS TO THE LOST is a beautiful, moving story about grief and self forgiveness.