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    Every time I think I’ve read all of the John Rebus books I seem to discover another one that’s slipped through the net This time I’m convinced it’s the last one – I’ve triple checked It’s one of the early books released in 1995 and some of the technology and the politics have moved on since it came out but that only adds to its charm It’s like catching an old episode of a television series you used to love And due to the random order I’ve read these books it took me a while to catch up on where Rebus stood with a number of his colleagues who’ve popped up numerous times over the years – some friends some foe The storyline kicks off with a mad car chase over the Forth Bridge which ends with Rebus crawling towards a couple of young lads who have crawled from the wreckage of their car They are suspected of perpetrating the kidnap of a young girl But before Rebus can reach them he watches as one boy wraps his arms around the other and leaning back gently and soundlessly tips them both into a fatal fall to the Firth of Forth below It’s a harrowing scene and one that’s going to haunt Rebus Was that suicide? It certainly looked that way Before long there’s another episode – definitely suicide this time An ex con uses a sawn off to end his days in the office of a local councillor Are these events linked in any way? On the face of it no but on the other hand this is an Ian Rankin novel and coincidence is something neither he nor Rebus is a great believer inAs always the interactions between characters are brilliantly written To me this is the single biggest joy of these books Rebus is dry and cutting Why give a straightforward response if you can be cryptic and wry? And the support characters are excellent too In this book I particularly enjoyed John’s sparring with his bête noire Detective Inspector Alistair Flower and also with his flustered and frustrated boss Chief Superintendent Thomas ‘Farmer’ Watson At times it’s subtle and clever but mostly it’s just laugh out loud funny But overall these tend to be dark tales and it’s not long before we’re sneaking back into posh Edinburgh’s dark underbelly I wont go into the bigger story – in truth it was a little convoluted for my tastes – but suffice to say it all gets very murky and then everything becomes clear These books don’t always have happy endings Rebus has a self destructive streak and he’s a stubborn ass too He’s as likely to self destruct at his potential moment of success as any fictional character I’ve come across Does he here? Well I’m afraid you’re just going to have to read it to find out

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    My favorite inspector

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    Ian Rankin is up there with my favourite authors now This was a really entertaining book and one which I did not want to put down Rebus is of course a great character and this story showed all his many parts I was not entirely sure how I felt about a certain scene with a cat but I enjoyed the development of his relationship with his daughter and there was even a hint that his other relationship with alcohol might be improving too The book starts with an exciting car chase and ends so suddenly it is practically in the middle of a sentence Now I have to get hold of the next book uickly to see how on earth he gets himself out of the trouble he is in

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    I finally broke my Ian Rankin cherryGood things first It is well written and has a bit of humourHowever I grew up reading the 87th precinct police procedurals by Ed McBain but it's been twenty years since I read a British police procedural And now I remember the reason why is because they are so same old same old For example an alcoholic copper a convoluted plot about political corruption and the high ranking cops are part of the scam Oh dear At least McBain had a terrific ensemble cast and varied plots but even then it wore thin after a timeRankin has won loads of awards and has devoted readers but I won't be joining their ranks

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    The 7th Inspector Rebus novel starts with a bang literallyFrom then on John Rebus is drawn into a strange web of apparently unconnected acts that eventually leads him to corruption in very high placesA good solid Rebus read 35 stars rounded up to 4

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    Inspector Rebus mystery No7 One of my fave Rebus tales to date Rankin through Rebus gets the reader looking at the nature of the abuse of executive power and how Rebus handles it Rebus Vs the World classic Rebus 7 out of 12

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    I was a bit disappointed with this book an unusual result for me with a Rankin book It had a bang up beginning literally bang up There was this exciting high speed car chase ending in a crash on a bridge and the subseuent suicides by jumping of the two unfortunate young miscreants who were being chased by the police Inspector Rebus witnesses the suicides and is troubled by them Something seems wrong about their actions and so in his usual stubborn fashion he tugs and tugs at that worrisome thread until a whole skein of lies and half truths comes unraveled revealing the underside of properous EdinburghRankin is never better than when describing Edinburgh Even though I've never been there I feel as though I have after reading his books and that is true of this book as well His feeling for the culture of the city both high and low is displayed once again and one is treated to an exposition of the doughty Edinburgh citizens' collective personalityThe book has its pleasures but overall I felt the plot was a bit muddy and there were just too many extraneous and in my view unnecessary subplots woven in Oh well not even Shakespeare could do a Macbeth every time out

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    by Ian Rankin published in 1995Well first off I’m going to say this was the most complex Inspector Rebus novel so far It is number 7 for those keeping countIt will be hard to say too much about this one without giving some of the plot away so I’ll keep it to impressions and the like First winter in Scotland sounds damp and miserableAnd that is made so by Rebus’s water heater system not working properly Of course he throws back enough “antifreeze” if you know what I mean so that he doesn’t have to worry much about itDid I mention there is an exciting car chase in this one too? Well there is but not in Rebus’s car with the broken heater and it doesn’t end too well for those inside Rebus being one of them uite a thrill ride and there are three major plot twists for this one incident aloneAn old flame returns as Rebus’s boss in this novel too Yeah you just know that is going to go over well And we see the return of his daughter Sammy who plays a part in Oops almost gave away somethingIf you have been reading the Rebus novels for any amount of time like I have you know what a delight it is to get down and dirty in Edinburgh with Inspector Rebus as your guide And it is just so much fun to see Rebus digging himself in deeper and deeper until you think there is no out for him and those close to himBut he is crafty and gutsy and seems to pull himself out of trouble each timeBut this time Rebus takes on the Scottish government Yes the impossible How will he fair? Read this carefully constructed convoluted crime novel and you will find outI’m going to take a while before going on to novel 8 After this one I need a bit of a breather from mind crunching complexityThis was a very fun read though and I couldn’t stop turning the pages right until the very last one another plot twist Just excellent

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    Not sure why I waited 5 years between #6 Mortal Causes and this one but I definitely missed the sometimes inebriated Scottish detective The story starts with a car chase morphs into a double suicide then into a huge conspiracy reaching into the stratosphere of the government

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    You know the I read of Ian Rankin's John Rebus series the I like its star 'Let it Bleed' is one of the earlier entries 1996 but Rebus is pretty much Rebus through the years He's a workhorse totally consumed by the job he's a detective in Edinburgh Scotland with issues and personal problems than most could take He's also extremely effectiveLet it Bleed begins with a car chase that ends in a dual suicide Something doesn't look right to Rebus so he begins to poke around Following shortly thereafter a suicide of a recently released old criminal takes place in the office of a local politician That doesn't look right either With Rebus on the cases when something doesn't pass the smell test the digging starts usually followed by other cops trying to keep up with him and bosses being pissed off He's a guy with principles and a conscience and he usually lets nothing stand in the way of his finding the truthThe plot takes a strange path through financial and political arenas at their highest levels to reach a conclusion that probably satisfies no one It's a good procedural that exposes how a great detective mind works It also makes one wonder how many cops are out there really as engaged and interested in the truth as RebusAs I've found through the entire series the writing is great the descriptions of the exotic locale of Edinburgh and its inhabitants are first rate interactions with peers criminals and superiors are interesting and the story doesn't as much propel you uickly to the conclusion as take you through logical approaches to solving the mysteries It's a fine example of Rankin's skills as a true master of this genre