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On a sunny spring day in an ordinary suburban kitchen the phone rings There's been an accident In a heartbeat a family's life is changed forever Learning by Accident is a caregiver's story of ambiguous loss family love and emotional healing This compelling personal account demonstrates with heart and humor that what we fear can be debilitating than any physical injuryand that sometimes starting over is exactly what we need

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    DisclaimerI wanted to read Rosemary's book Learning by Accident for research on all aspects of brain injuries Rosemary's book was to serve as a starting point for me to understand the caregiver's role and the stress they undergo but it turned out to be so much than that First off I am reviewing an ARC copy before it's released However I'm under no obligation to give a good review to help sell the book just an honest one Secondly while I learnt what a caregiver goes through after a brain injury I also got insight into the whole medical and rehabilitation process StoryThis is Rosemary's story that starts April 13th 2002 with a heart wrenching scene of her husband's accident Over the first 50 pages you get the feeling that you are there You see the accident you feel the pain of uncertainty when the doctors give their initial reserved prognosis you feel angry that it happened in the first place but angry that the driver that hit Hugh didn't even care that she ruined a life After the first 50 pages or soit's like a whirlwind adventure where you're crying for their loss one minute cheering on their feats the next I found myself cheering every time Hugh pushed past his limitations groaning every time there was a setback I could feel the turmoil that Rosemary was going through watching her best friend lover and soulmate struggle to get back to a place where he felt alive The most disturbing part of this book for me was not reading the emotional details of the accident but the appalling way that our justice system let the reckless driver off the hook with nothing than a settlement It's horrifying to know that someone can flippantly run over someone nearly killing them but destroying their lives and they won't have to pay fines go to some sort of rehabilitation or anything Thoughts It had to have taken a lot of courage to write this book It's very emotionally raw; you can feel every panic attack every sense of foreboding and every joy eually Yet at the same time you're feeling these feelings along with Rosemary you're also sensing hope that is moving just under the surface carrying her and her family along through the tribulations During this book I learnt what it meant to truly care about someone and work with them through even a devastating brain injury I also learnt the remarkable powers of the brain I would not have thought that Hugh could recover as he did but then again he blew everyone away I think it has a large part to do with the family's determination to work through it their friend's determination to help out and Hugh's and Rosemary's dedication to getting through it and being happy on the other side Learning by Accident is a truly inspiring book that shows the value of life love hope family and friends It's made all the inspiring because it's true

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    Deja Vu since I suffered this same fate many years ago Except I was the TBI victim This gave me a much greater understanding of how my injury affected my family and the circumstances were eerily similar as far as the severity of the brain injury I too had uite a miraculous recovery but my marriage didn't have the same outcome

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    A true story about a family's journey following a traumatic accident It's a heart warming narration of one man's recovery from a traumatic brain injury TBI and the ripple impact it had on the lives of those close to him This book is written by his wife To me it is a love story the love of a wife of a husband of a father of kids of parents of friendsIt's written in a narrative style with date references for the benefit of others fighting similar uphill battles Post the accident Rosemary Rawlins had asked friends and family members to share their thoughts with Hugh Rawlins for him to read In each chapter of the book she shares with the readers these messages These coupled with the writing style puts the reader right in the middle of the happenings as though you were experiencing these emotions yourself

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    From the first page to the last Rosemary Rawlins takes you on an emotional and inspirational journey as she faces the biggest challenge of her life Her husband was in a terrible accident and faced a traumatic brain injury that tested not only his resolve but the family's as well Rawlins tells the story of her ups and downs as she tries to find a way to take care of husband tend to the needs of her daughters and try to keep herself together From her state of being FINE read the book to find out what it stands for to discovering a strength within her to not only bring her husband back to health but to find things about herself she'd never known I highly recommend this book

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    This is a brutally honest memoir of Rosemary Hugh their twin daughtersRosemary life changed in one second when she picked up the phone was told to rush to the hospitalher husband Hugh an avid biker had been hit by a car while out for a ride suffered a horrible braininjuryHow this family rallied around Hugh how the friendsneighbors surrounded them with love helpWatching Rosemary handle every trauma every decision watching the miracle of Hugh fighting to recoverA book you will never forget

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    Great bookIf you really want to know the ups and downs in the lives of a TBI patient and his familys lifethis book will take you through it allJust when you think the sun is finally coming out the other side there are setbackshow they manage to get through itand with a sense of humor and themselves still intact is remarkableI can't tell you how the spirit of this family moves meand with our vets reaturning everyday with the same type of injuries it gives me a whole new respecet for thier caregiversYou all deserve a special place in HeavenThanks to you all

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    I won this book on the Goodreads giveaways I signed up for it because it sounded like an inspiring story Wow I could not put this down It was such a honest and inspiring store of a guy who recovers from a TBI I would recommend this book

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    I received this in a goodreads giveawayThis book was incredible It's crazy to think how a brain injury can impact a person for the rest of their life Hugh's wife was so brave to drop everything to take care of him after his biking accident I highly recommend this book

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    I won this book as a Goodreads giveaway Rawlins' book is painful honest and authentic in the best possible way Her writing is riveting true and engaging all while remaining informative I would highly recommend this book

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    Fantastic book Anyone who knows someone with a TBI Traumatic Brain Injury or would just like to read an uplifting true story about the goodness of people or is a cyclist will greatly enjoy this book Especially interesting if you live in Richmond VA as this is where the story takes place