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Matthew Likes His Life In Richmond He Has His Friends And His Softball And His Volunteer Work And He Has A Very Good Looking Boyfriend, Brian, Who He S Been Happily Dating For Over A Year Now So What If His Friends Tend To Question Just How Good His Boyfriend Is, And So What If Brian Tends To Have Inexplicable Mood Swings And So What If Brian Seems To Invite Matt S Suspicions On Occasion If He Just Shows A Little Faith And Trust, He Ll Appreciate What He Has With Brian The Way He Should Right But Suddenly, Matt Finds Himself In A Desperate Life Or Death Situation On A Trip Overseas, And He Realizes Just How Much He Misses Home, And Brian He S Luckily Rescued By A Team Of US Special Forces, Only To Immediately Find Out They Re A Bunch Of Bigoted Jerks Worse, A Quirk Of His Situation Forces Him To Spend Time With Them That He D Rather Not And That S When He Finds Out That First Impressions Can Be Misleading When Called Upon, He Steps Up When Every Fiber Of His Being Tells Him Not To, And Discovers Something Deep Inside Himself That He Didn T Realize Was Even There And His Life Will Never Be The Same He Finds That He Can, After All, Make Some Very Overdue Changes In His Own LifeWhat Matt Doesn T Realize Is That The Bond Of Brotherhood Runs Both Ways And He Winds Up Changing The Lives Of Several Of The Men On That Special Forces Team As Much As They Changed HisAll It Takes Is Faith And Trust

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    Matt is a great guy just ask any of his friends in Richmond He takes food to sick friends, works with Doctors Without Borders as a volunteer, uses his talents to help set up tracking and record keeping for childhood immunizations Plays softball on a gay league And has a hot boyfriend, Brian, to whom he would give the world if he only asked.When he s offered the opportunity to use his talents to assist DWB in their mission in Syria, he jumps at the chance and will be leaving for a two week assignment Before he leaves, he begins to have doubts about how Brian feels, especially when Brian accuses him of being distant Picking fights and leaves him stuck with the check for dinner, again, the night before he s to leave.So when he s kidnapped and fearing for his life, locked in a dark room alone, he resolves the be the man Brian deserves, to never doubt him again And when he s rescued by a group of Navy SEALS, his relief and gratitude are immense Even when he s confronted with what he thinks is homophobia and bigotry by the guys that risked their lives to save him But then he meets and talks to one of his rescuers, Mope Travis and some of what he thought he saw and felt, he begins to question How he acts, how he views the world But when he s given the opportunity to repay that rescue, to risk himself, will he And what will be the cost be to himself His relationship with Brian To his preconceived notions about the men who rescued him Mope, Petey And will he find he has in common with these men than ever thought possible I have to just out it out there This book blew me the f k away When I saw it in for 0.99 I thought, nice, I ll get a short story that will be a quick and hot read, based on the blurb But what I got was so very much This is a fully realized novel, and I would gladly have paid ten times the cost for the honor of reading this jewel.JF Smith has written a quiet, amazing and satisfying book about one man s journey of honor, courage and self worth Matt is a revelation a gay man who is already whole and complete and loveable And when thrust into a horrible situation, not only survives it but grows so much in the process There are so many themes in this book that could have gone so terriblysideways The role of the military The men who serve our country Patriotism Honor Courage Settling for what we as gay men can get in our relationships And every damn single one of these issues, Mr Smith stands at the plate and knocks them out of the stadium.As a reader, I can see what Matt can t, or won t, and at times, that s very frustrating We all know that Brian is a tool, and playing Matt But Matt, being the gentle man he is, doesn t believe it So when Matt, as he grows and opens his eyes, literally and figuratively, there is a huge payoff for him and the reader.I love where Matt landed The man deserves a happily ever after, and I won t spoil the story and say what happens, but it s just so satisfying Hopeful And real.And the supporting cast Has there ever been such richness from what we first see as testosterone fueled muscle heads Travis is a man with a giant heart and we grow to adore him His relationship with Matt, as his friend and confidante, begins an arc I loved.But Petey almost stole the story away from Matt This guy who is initially, we think, a homophobe and idiot has the biggest heart and, I think, the biggest pain I loved him by the last page and wanted this book to go on and on and never stop.That s the sign of a good book and a fantastic writer When I am so wrapped up in the world they create, so immersed in the characters that I don t want to say goodbye I hope Mr Smith has plans for a sequel, and I hope Petey plays a huge part of it.They don t get much better than this I m so glad I stumbled into this fine, fine work.Tom

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    This book was a near perfect male male romance I loved it It was so well done, the characters so real I could practically smell them, and so well conceived I have been pretty stingy with my ratings lately and I didn t hesitate with my 5 star one this time.I m not going to re hash all of the plot details, but the story was really interesting and felt true to life It gripped me And thank freaking god the main characters weren t model beautiful I love a good romance with normal looking people I m going to watch for all of JF Smith s books in the future.

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    This book was frickin amazing Matt and Travis forever Latakia is an amazing book I just had to say I think this is in my top ten books ever No kidding, it was so frickin good We have hot marines, funny characters, hot characters and some very good characters in general Of course a good book wouldn t be this amazing without a villain Yes Brian, I am looking at you I have kicked myself for months for putting off reading this book.I loved the two MC s Matt and Mope Travis , the two of them had great chemistry and it was not an overly steamy book In fact there were no graphic sex scenes I know people may wonder how this was so good then, but what was lacking in sex was made up for in story The couples journey was perfect and I wouldn t have changed that.I was nervous about this, because as the blurb reveals, Matt had a boyfriend in the beginning The issue was dealt with in a way that had me glad to see him gone After a couple of scenes I wanted to punch something when he popped up in a scene In my opinion, he was in way too many scenes for me It s not that I hate knowing a character has had boyfriends in the past But he was a cocky, arrogant prick An example of that Brian scowled and cut in, We re not done, Matt You may think we re done, but I don t think we re done I still want to talk about this and we re going to No WE aren t, Brian It s over There s nothing else Yes, there is, Matt Christ, you can be so stupid sometimes, said Brian, forcefully.Pretty major spoiler view spoiler He cheated on Matt and expected them to stay together See the quote above hide spoiler

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    Truth be told, I have never given this novel a first look, a second look, or a third look First, I m not really huge on military romance Second, well, I m still a bit weary with self pub authors I know, SUCH a snob I am Third, well, the blurb just doesn t call me as simple as that THEN, a bunch of friends from my Indonesian MM readers in my Whatsapp group were passionately posting status on how much they loved this book Call it forced persuasion, I decided to give it a try I thought I would just blame and whine to them if I didn t like it.Well, apparently, they should be proud of themselves because I really, REALLY, liked it.Sure, the writing wasn t exactly spectacular sort of reminding of free online fictions or fan fictions but at the same time, it was easy to read The characters were COLORFUL and refreshing All the SEAL Team 8 members, actually, were interesting and Petey probably the most unique that I ve found in awhile I seriously don t know if I wanted to punch him or wash his dirty mouth with chlorine or just hug him Because when push comes to shove, Petey was the kind of guy who was so loyal, you could trust your life in his hands I enjoy reading the brotherhood among SEAL Team 8 members and Matt Goodend, the main character it was highly entertaining Of course, the romance between Matt and Travis after Matt ditched his jackass boyfriend was also very lovely Loved their dancing scene and their first kiss.Unfortunately, when it came to Matt, he frustrated me almost 2 3 of the book The way he sold himself short and defended his no good bastard of a boyfriend, made him a total doormat I spent my time FUMING whenever Matt thought how lucky he was of having Brian his boyfriend and how he promised to be a better boyfriend for that douchebag I mean, SERIOUSLY, MATT However, in overall, despite my frustration, it was quite a pleasurable read Thus, I could definitely still give it my 4 rating.

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    One rescue behind enemy lines,One Navy Seal One Matt,One beautiful love story, Thank you Matt Why are you thanking me You re the one that saved my life today Again Travis said softly, his lips brushing lightly through Matt s hair You know, I kinda wondering who saved who here I recomand it to everyone

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    3 1 2 Stars a well written story about friendship, heroism of the nation and a slowly progressing romanceSince I m not full of an unimaginable admiration for war and the military such as U.S Special Forces here SEAL s etc, and also read this book way too slow, I don t care to write than a few words about the story topic here It will instead most be some lines and words about my ifs and buts about this novel.Many of my friends loved this story, and the book has received so many very fine and high ratings Certainly quite rightly read their fine reviews Perhaps it is just me who read it at the wrong time I don t know Maybe just the wrong day or week and sometimes I am a fussy Ingela with a chore mood Because very much in this book is a lot than just fine or well enough 3 stars It is undoubtedly a good and thorough very well written M M novel but maybe, in my opinion, not a grand romantic romance A large part of courage comes from trust Trust in yourself But also trust in your brothers that they re there backing you up I want to start by saying that I read with a great pleasure, and a great anticipation, than half the book in one swoop In the first part there is an exciting and action packed suspense story but then, when the suspense part is over, it began to slump for me I lost interest and the days went by Maybe this was too sweet and cute for me everyone loved everyone and so on For my taste it probably was a bit too much about all the cozy buddies and too little about the newly formed after than half of the book lovebirds, Matt and Travis Sometimes it becomes just too much of these very brave SEAL s I got enough of mom s splendid boys and the nation s pride The two MC s, Matt and Mope Travis , are two lovely guys and I really liked them both but I missed something I believe in their love story, and much of this story is actually plausible, too Surely even I melted over Matt s unexpected friendship with the always annoying, hotheaded, and so dirty in the mouth SEAL guy Petey This part of the story, in itself, was a very nice story Large boorish strong heroes with soft and appealing fine qualities are always quite charming to read about Although I found it hard to really believe in the too quick we re best buddies and brothers progress between such different men.But why chew on different causes To be honest, I may simply need a little of this heat and steam, please Maybe it was just that I was missingBut then, at 90%, we got the traumatic and very romantic boat scene and after that one the wonderful beach scene , and I m sold and quite saved in this story again Oh my God, what romantic and nicely told I almost shuddered with happiness Finally some glow in it again Sorry, I really can t dance His eyes sparkled and he added in a rough whisper, But, dear God, you make me want to Okay, finally the bottom line This was a nicely told story but in some ways with a lack of grand romance, intimacy, passion and real heat in a long part for me It was quite long too, around 340 pages it can tempt the most persevering reader which I myself usually in no way is known as But, I really loved the wonderful end of it and I m rounding up to 4 stars despite all my ifs and buts Just because I probably read too much dirty smut will not this nice and well written story be punished It would not be entirely fair I m pretty sure that many M M romance readers will enjoy this book I LIKE good but not great

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    This was a well written story about Matt, who begins the book in a self sacrificing relationship with a user of a boyfriend, and then is caught up in an abduction overseas Among his SEAL rescuers is Mope Travis, a SEAL who is gay and closeted in this pre repeal story The growth and confidence that Matt gains in his interactions with Mope and all the other SEALs empower him to move forward in his life.The guys were well portrayed Petey in particular was an inspired character as the cheerfully asshole teammate who becomes a good friend to Matt The plot was believable, the progression of relationships worked very well view spoiler A few minor points made this book less than 5 stars for me I did think that Matt s easy return to his life after the abduction was too simple and smooth Maybe the author was trying to avoid clicheed PTSD, but I think a few mood swings and other symptoms would have been realistic after that ordeal The ex boyfriend was a bit predictably unpleasant, although not too OTT, and Matt s willful blindness about him went on longer than seemed plausible.The ease with which the team took Matt to heart was a bit surprising especially in its unanimity Lovely, fun, and a great plot driver, but a bit surprising.The end also bugged me if someone has nearly drowned, to the point of unconsciousness, low heart rate and needing CPR, you should damned well get them to a hospital to be checked out ASAP, have chest Xrays, maybe start antibiotics against inhalation pneumonia etc I loved the scene at the beach, but I d have liked to see Travis spend a night worrying while Matt was hospitalized for tests and observation, before having the scene happen the next day hide spoiler

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    So many people have loved the shell out of Latakia and I sooo wanted to, too But for me, it was a huge case of Not Buying It.I won t repeat the plot summary because I don t have anything to add, but it was a stretch But plot is not the most important thing to me I probably would have been able to look past the improbability of it if I had been able to get on board with the MC, Matt The other characters were at most half developed, but especially without feeling the MC, I couldn t get down It seemed like the intention was to paint him as sweet, empathetic, and optimistic But without any depth, it just comes off as annoyingly naive and not at all believable.Never was this worse than with the relationship between Matt and Brian, Matt s boyfriend at the beginning of the book Brian is not portrayed with ANY redeeming characteristics outside of his looks, so he should have been a one night stand, not a year long relationship that has Matt all angsty to walk away from Especially when there s no reason Matt wouldn t be able to find a great relationship good guy, good job, good looking It just made no sense, and not in the way that it never makes logical sense when people stay with assholes It made no sense in that I DIDN T BUY IT.The dialogue is painful and lazy A major eye rolling example was when Matt was trying to get out of a dangerous mission, and resorted to saying he couldn t because It s a gay thing Um, nope And narrating that he knew it was a cheap, pathetic shot didn t make it any tolerable The secondary character Petey had so much potential that it was frustrating to see him written way OTT, to the point of caricature The brusque, offensive exterior hiding a soft underbelly The hardcore SEAL who rawr ed protectively in response to anyone mistreating his gay friend Promising, right But Latakia was tell not show, and view spoiler the evolution of their relationship came in the way of a drunk Petey declaring that Matt was now his brother, rather than any actual event or conversation where they drew closer together hide spoiler

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    I was going through most this book feeling certain that I was going to give it 2 stars The writing is elementary, the characters flat, and to be honest, Matt, the MC, is so aggravating Take the blinders off and stop being a doormat pet peeve BUT, once I finished, I came to find that despite those irritations, I kinda enjoyed the read I think if you re interested in M M books about military especially Navy SEALS , you might be entertained If that s not one of your hot buttons, I probably wouldn t push too hard to recommend it.

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    saudade sou d d nouna feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia that is supposedly characteristic of the Portuguese or Brazilian temperament.Have you ever regret reading a book NO, not because you hate it, but because you are loving it so much you KNOW you will be sad reading the last page That happened to me I kid you not while I was reading it, and getting close to the last page I was very sad I knew I would miss each character of this book And I WAS RIGHT I just finish it, and already feel saudade All in this story is perfect Matt, during a in theory short volunteer mission in Syria, is kidnapped Nothing will be as before in his life After a horrible experience in his life Matt will be forced to deal with How much he is in love with his boyfriend How much new friendships can important to make his life fully complete How much it takes to a simple office worker, became a hero and part of something so big that SEALs want his cooperation.Did I say Seals ok, that s cute but not I mean badass SEALseven if you must admit not badass seals are cute and deserve another pictureoh, ok sorry, back to the reviewSo Matt will be trapped in a ship with a bunch of hot SEALsIt s a lesson about how a simple but brave man, can change FOREVER everyone surrounding him Because SEALs can be trained to deal with deadly situations, but nothing could prepare any of them to deal with Matt.Ok, one SEALs 5 stars