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One Line DescriptionA Razor Sharp Sequel To The Award Winning NOUGHTS CROSSES, Set Nine Months Later, The Second In A Series Of Three Novels Set In This World

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    It s a disturbing world where blacks, the Crosses, are the over privileged, and whites, the Noughts, are treated as unequal.Sephy is a Nought who is also the mother of Callie Rose Her husband, Callum, was a Cross but was murdered for taking part in the Liberation Militia Then there is Jude, Callum s brother, the one person who is blaming Sephy for the death of his brother However, Callum s mother isn t holding a grudge against Sephy.The one thing on Jude s mind is to get revenge for his brother And his first step is to get rid of Sephy.Along the way both Jude and Sephy fall in love with other people one to get access to money, while the other is just in contempt But also along the way, both of their lives become even complex, and even damaged.One will be helped, one will be betrayed, and only one will be overwhelmed by their current distress and do the unthinkable.Dark, emotional, and extremely alarming, KNIFE EDGE gets us an inside look at a world separated by color and where hatred and violence flourishes A great follow up to NOUGHTS CROSSES re released in paperback as BLACK WHITE , Malorie Blackman continues to entice us with even drama.Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen

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    Hubby brought the 1st book of the trilogy Noughts and Crosses home from vacation and thought I would like it I did and was eager to read The story continues and is just as riveting as the first I believe it was written for teens, but adults of all ages will enjoy this story Malorie Blackman is a gifted author and I look forward to reading many of her books.

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    Very nice book I love this series.

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    Thoughtful look at discrimination from a different perspective Buying the used book provided great value Read this book if you get the chance.

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    I bought this for my 11 year old, who loved the first one She enjoyed it so much, that she read it in 48 hours.

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    Not my normal type of read but she definitely delivers gripping stuff Cannot wait to finish the trilogy I hope it finishes on a high note.