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Her professor just saw her mostly naked Awkwardness is guaranteed to ensue Proceeds for the month of release go to College Track 501c3 providing college scholarships and resources for vulnerable limited resource populations At collegetrackorg What do you do when your freakishly smart and wickedly sarcastic Research Methods professor sees you mostly naked? You befriend him of course ‘Kissing Galileo’ is the second book in the Dear Professor series is 74k words and can be read as a standalone A shorter version of this story 40k words was entitled ‘Nobody Looks Good Naked’ and was available via Penny Reid’s newsletter for free over the course of 2018 19

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    Kissing Galileo is LIVE and available all across the internets US Books Play to know1 There is no pre order for this release2 Proceeds for the month of release go to College Track a non profit providing college scholarships and resources for vulnerablelimited resource populations At collegetrackorg 3You do NOT have to purchase 'Kissing Galileo' to finish the story the parts will continue to release in my newsletter for free Sign up for the newsletter and read for free Read part one of Nobody Looks Good Naked

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    Not just a pretty face This review is a wee bit spoilerish please proceed with cautionI made an executive decision that I wasn’t going to read Nobody Looks Good Naked that was originally released in instalments in Penny Reid’s newsletter For starters I’m too impatient to wait for my story in instalments Secondly I need to get my highs and lows on my terms and at my pacing I can’t take my hits without knowing that with the turn of a page I can hopefully see rainbows So I patiently waited for Kissing Galileo to be bornI finished reading Kissing Galileo this morning and I’ve been contemplating what to share in my review Now to be honest this does not mean this review is going to me monumentally thought provoking and deep because I have a nasty head cold I’m a wee bit loopy and my eyelids feel like they weigh a tonne but I’m determined to share my thoughts and feelings on how much this story affected me Now bear with me this could get way way random ramblingish and I probably will make huge generalisationsIsn't it amazing that we can be so influenced by a person's looks? I can't help but look at good looking people and judge them to have everything going for them Good looks will open doors get you noticed and make you popular But what if that good looking person is actually shy and reserved hates attention and feels overwhelmed when people stare? Would you know just from looking at them? Would it stop you from staring? We don’t know what’s beneath their clothes under their skin or what they’ve lived through Kissing Galileo has made reminded me to stop judging on the outside and consider their insides as well scars and allI’m happy with the way I look now but my weight and height have always been something I’m self conscious about I’m 173cm tall and big boned which means I’m significantly bigger than my mum and sisters who fit under my chin Sure they wish they had my height but I wish I didn’t tower over them When you’re the odd one out you feel like everyone compares you I understood Victor’s self consciousness when people stared Sometimes you just want to be the same as everyone elseI couldn’t understand or comprehend why Victor wasn’t strutting his stuff with the changes he made happen I get that he felt manipulated in how he got to where he was but it was him that did all the hard work not the douchewaffle who pushed him to take the first step I guess the thing is if you’ve never been a strutter it’s hard to suddenly become one I’ve strutted when I’ve felt good and I’ve skulked around with baseball cap and sunnies when I’ve felt bad For me the highs and lows the good and bad were all about how comfortable I am in my skin So I guess I do understand and comprehend Victor after allShould a professor be attracted to hisher student? Should a professor have a relationship with a student? Honestly I don’t have a problem with it if it’s handled in a mature and professional way Kissing Galileo did not come across as creepy or gross because Emily was very mature and intelligent Victor once he acknowledged his attraction put things in place to make sure there was no bias The falling for the professor part of the story was very minor and not at all about a taboo relationship I absolutely loved that Emily and Victor valued each other’s minds and just accepted that they were fortunate enough to be attracted to each other’s looks as well Even with their strong attraction they decide that friendship would be better for them both Victor is still working through some issues and Emily is not sure she wants to risk her heart on someone she knows could break itI really really enjoyed Kissing Galileo and I loved that Penny Reid brought her A game to this story Emily and Victor are marvellous individually but together they were amazing The additional characters Anna and Andy were exactly what a friendship is all about and I loved them for it The love story had its bumps but I was convinced of their happy ever after by the end Eventually they learnt to communicate better and trust that they were together than apart There weren’t a lot of sexy times but when they did happen they were HOTI’m so sorry for this rambling review If you're a Penny Reid fan and didn't get a chance to read her newsletter you should definitely give this one a goJust remember there’s a story behind every pretty picture Peace love and happiness to all

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    5 5 starsHoly guacamole I am a bit of a sucker for professor college or uni only none of that high school stuff thank you very much student romances so when I saw Reid put out another book in the Dear Professor series I snapped it up I had liked the first one it's was an angsty but light romance and I was there for it So this book with it's heavy and real topics shocked the heck out of me This book follows Emily Von applied mathematics okay look it was something maths but idk if it was AM but really it's irrelevant she was smart that's all you need to know student ends up in an awkward situation with her professor dressed in lingerie and stuck in a room with him The one upside? Dr Hanover didn't recognise her or that was until their next class Victor is honestly one of the BEST heroes I have read about in a LONG time In the beginning you think he's the typical aloof hero cold and experienced but the you read and the insights you get from his point of views you realise he is an incredibly naive and vulnerable person who hides behind that exterior For once the hero was inexperienced and struggling mentally it was a refreshing take for romance This book tackles a lot of serious topics and in my opinion they were done so well Victor had been severely overweight for most of his life and the stigma and isolation he suffered because of it left a strong psychological mark When we meet Victor he's shed the weight and is now viewed by society as ÜBER attractive but he is done being judge for his exterior Although the majority of the book is based on the slow burn relationship of the two main characters this book delves into the psychological issues to do with weight and most realistically and importantly the struggles after losing weight The body image issues the calorie counting and the need to lose Victor began to develop struggles with food and although it wasn't a focus it was resolved and was a realistic portrayal so this may potentially need a trigger warning for eating disorders because the characters did internally talk about skipping mealsThis is honestly such a surprising little nugget I've read uite a bit of Penny Reid but this was without a doubt next level good It was hot and sexy but still realistic Which is honestly what we need in romance give me these diverse and inclusive characters Please thank you

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    I was going to be generous and give this 2 stars because it's a Penny Reid book but in actuality I kind of hated it so one star it isFirst of all as a college teacher I just want to say enough with professors and their students getting it on Now than ever I think these types of romances are out of place no matter how many contortions a writer uses to sell us the story In Kissing Galileo Professor Victor is Emily's research methods teacher and she admires him greatly; and in fitting with popular cliches she's hot for teacher To downplay the utter impropriety of a romance between teacherstudent though Reid has them meeting off campus where Victor can be absolved of his attraction for a student simply because he does not recognize the lovely underwear model in the lingerie store he visits Once he realizes she's his student he resorts to the same strategy Professor Luca used in the first Dear Professor book which is to call in a mediator to grade the student's work in order to prevent liability or unfairness At this point in the book I simply thought it was unimaginative for the author to use the previous plot to explain away the reasons why education institutions forbid romancesex between faculty and students It was an unimaginative plot but I was wrong about the trajectory of the story Midway though the novel the book is no longer about Emily and her teacher's emerging feelings for each other It becomes a different book one about what it means to be obese as a man and to grapple with body images in American society Who knew this would be the focus from the first half? Victor apparently had been a large man his whole life and shed 100 lbs in weight Much of the second half of the book pontificates on body image and how men suffer too Unfortunately when Reid chooses an issue to examine I find myself agreeing with her while also cringing at her didactic writing Instead of allowing an issue to evolve organically in a story characters traipse awkwardly in to educate us on how an issue takes shape Here it's Anna from the first book in the series Abram book hopping from the Hypothesis series and Emily all in a living room pontificating on the unfairness of weight standards much like an after school special I just would add too that creating a hot hero in order explore body image issues is cheating a bit If the book really wanted to grapple with obesity maybe it would have been effective to have Victor be currently obese in order to explore how Emily would still find him desirableHowever just when I thought the book was about body image rather than Emily and her teacher's inappropriate love affair it becomes about male virginity Victor is a 30 year old male virgin mostly because of his low self esteem and he struggles to find a way to have a relationship with Emily Emily's attempts to keep him in her life fail until they reunite in the student union during exam week leading to a completely inappropriate moment when Victor chases her to her study cubicle and kisses her And now we're back to the inappropriate nature of why teachers shouldn't date their studentsAfter all is said and done I don't really know what this book is about other than a big hot mess

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    This was really cute and had great writing but unfortunately fell flat towards the end for meI really enjoyed the plot and the cutesy relationship between the two main characters but I just wished for the entire time

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    So imagine you’re working as a private lingerie model in college for extra cash and one day your professor walks in AwkwardThis was one of those uber nerdy Penny books which I love Emily was totally my fave in this one Victor was definitely an interesting cup of tea and I liked the character exploration the author did with him and the psychological effects of dating after extreme weight loss but Emily remained my favorite half of the couple by far all the way up until the end This was a simmer romance rather than a burn the kind that takes a while to develop It was also a super interesting story with cool characters and friendships There were some great cameos from other books in Penny’s romance worlds and a sneak preview of BillyClaire’s book yes please Please excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader

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    5 STARSOh this was a clever little nugget Loved it Such a creative storyline Dr Hanover was such a complex character And the interplay between these two was fascinating to observe Intensely sensitive issues and Penny played it out to perfection Well done My only reuest please please give Andy his own story I just adored his character I sure hope there are coming in this series You are an outlier in every single cohort “These are just words but they’re all I have I will earn your trust But please know—” he swallowed his gorgeous eyes clear and bright “—I have no escape plan I’m holding nothing back The terms of this surrender are complete because there is no alternative for me other than to give you and this beautiful thing between us everything I have”

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    I really like Emily I LOVE VICTORI made the choice to wait for this serial to be combined into an ebook kindle Then I bought it started reading I love love this book Emily is such a great person The meet cute between her and Victor seems like something that could happen has been written about in a Contemporary Romance beforeThere are so many layers than just meeting and finding out that he's her professor I highlighted the heck out of this book I just have to say Victor is in no way an alpha in this storyHe's very reserved and closed off Emily doesn't know why and I didn't either for uite a while into the story This is such a great eye of the beholder and what's inside that counts kind of story It's also if you improve yourself lose weight get a makeover you'll get noticed and THEN you'll be liked get attention then all will be well Not exactly Not really I have to say this book is probably a great book clubdiscussion type of book I need to read this on a regular basis I NEEDED this book when I was younger “First of all I look superb naked to you just like you look superbly magnificently naked to me But all human bodies are Monets not Rockwells You get up close and no one looks good naked Body perfection is a myth perpetuated by airbrushed magazine covers”Another of my favorite highlights this may be the most highlighted one in the book And It doesn’t matter who you are attractiveness fades Time stops for no person except maybe Paul Rudd You know that guy is fifty?” “What? Are you serious?” Fifty? “Yeah man He’s like that book you gave me the one with the picture in the attic somewhere” “The Picture of Dorian Gray”I loved book #1 Luca's book but I have to say that I love this one as well I have to get the audioI need it now All the stars

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    35 starsI'm really thinking about my rating 4 stars? H is a professor had been obese most of his life Lost weight and has self esteem issues The H also has his vcard He is older than the h The h thinks he's hot and decides to be his friend not knowing all of his issues She really brought him out of his shell He really was in love with her and she was in love with him Pretty sweet actually

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    25 StarsThis is the second book in the Dear Professor series and it features Victor a research methods professor and Emily a college student This book was mostly based on friendship and build up than actual romance just so you know I would have liked the two main characters to get together sooner in the book Moreover I felt like the story dragged a little bit in certain parts I appreciated a lot seeing how Victor dealt with his substantial weight loss since it's not something you usually find in romance stories