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Carrick Francis Has Spent Most Of His Life Jumping Into Trouble With Both Feet The Only Thing Saving Him From Prison Or Worse Is His Absolute Devotion To Deacon Winters Deacon Was Crick S Sanity And Salvation During A Miserable, Abusive Childhood, And Crick Would Do Anything To Stay With Him Forever So When Deacon S Father Dies, Crick Puts His College Plans On Hold To Help Deacon As Deacon Has Helped HimDeacon S Greatest Wish Is To See Crick Escape His Memories And The Town They Grew Up In So Crick Can Enjoy A Shining Future But After Two Years Of Growing Feelings And Temptation, The Painfully Shy Deacon Finally Succumbs To Crick S Determined Advances And Admits He Sees Himself As Part Of Crick S LifeIt Nearly Destroys Deacon When He Discovers Crick Has Been Waiting For Him To Push Him Away, Just Like Crick S Family Did In The Past When Crick S Knack For Volatile Decisions Lands Him Far Away From Home, Deacon Is Left, Shell Shocked And Alone, Struggling To Reforge His Heart In A World Where Love With Crick Is A Promise, But By No Means A Certainty

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    THE MOTHERFUCKING FEELZ.This is my third Amy Lane book From reading those three and perusing her catalogue, I ve come to the following conclusions 1 She s not always so good at naming these things.Before I read a word of her, I was turned off by odd, off putting, or juvenile sounding titles I ve been kicking myself ever since, for allowing that to get in the way of enjoying her writing.2 She s got some serious storytelling Kung Fu.Serious Legit legit Like, weeping onto your e reader serious Like, laughing so hard you fart, serious Like, never forget the words so long as you live, serious The girl s got a gift, and it manifests in spectacular plenitude throughout This, friends, is an absurdly compelling story that will gut you as easily as it will require a change in underpants.3 The girl can write.Thus I bow my head in prayer O My Lord in Heaven, You should probably proceed to bestow Your divine beneficence upon somebody else, for verily she has her bloody share, obvs.I am in love with Amy Lane.

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    4.5 stars Holy crap Amy Lane, you did NOT go easy on these guys Cheating, friends and family dying, child abuse, countless life threatening injuries this is the most ANGSTY Amy Lane book I have read to date It is a wonder the MCs made it out alive I am already an Amy Lane fan girl, so I went into this book expecting greatness Did I get greatness I think I did, despite my issues with this book I actually didn t like the beginning I wasn t into the way the characters were introduced I wanted to know about Parish and Deacon and they were kind of just thrown in there I actually debated putting this one down for a little while but my inner voice said, Heather, come on, it is AMY LANE Push through, girl And I am so glad that I did What Amy Lane does better than anyone else is create these EPIC romances that feel so so real You get a sense of the absolute depth of the love that these guys have for each other These two fought tooth and nail for their love and their relationship and it left me feeling haggard and in awe of them as a couple Amy Lane manages to create this affect, time and time again She also creates characters that are deeply flawed yet honorable I love that she made Deacon not a saint he is stubborn, proud, and has substance abuse issues , and Crick is rash and insecure It makes the character feel REAL On the negative side, this book was almost teetering on the edge of angsty to the point of being ridiculous I mean, what these characters went through was just unbelievable However, Amy Lane s incredible skill as a storyteller allows her to pull this story off I want to keep going in the series because I want to see what happens with the secondary characters I also want to give a shout out to Jon I can t tell you how much I loved his relationship with Deacon These characters all stole my heart and made me want and Find this review and like it on myfictionnook.com

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    I need you, like I want you Always and forever I want you like I love you Always and forever Consider that a promise Deacon Gahhhh, this book gave me feelz ALL THE GODDAMNED FEELZ.Going by the premises, this book shouldn t have worked for me on so many levels Hit or miss author YA NA A storyline over a time span of almost two decades Both guys being apart for roughly half of the book And yet It grabbed me right from the start I mean, two absolutely loveable guys, one of them running a horse ranch sooooo, lots of horses , the other one in the Army for me as a military brat I wish Umm, in another life probably a wet dream, amazing side characters, all the angst I could have wished for to keep my inner angst junkie happy, and I was in book heaven Was the story with what all these guys had to go through likely Probably not No, scratch that and let s say God, I hope not To say it in Deacon s words the only thing missing would have been a plague of goddamned locusts, but there were times where tears were streaming freely down my face and times I had to read through my fingers, but there were also times that just made my bloody heart swell in my chest, so all in all it was worth everything and I rooted with all I had for them to get their HEA 4.5 Stars

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    Warning I have been reading and reviewing while wearing my cranky pants I will say some nice things about this book It was nicely written, and it has some nice characters It was a nice setup for a friends to lovers story It ended in a nice place With one exception, I found the sexy scenes sexy I can see why people like this book.I will say some not so nice things about this book It was melodrama of the highest order This book broke my unbelievable o meter I was rolling my eyes practically the whole book Some examples SPOILER WARNING Crick runs off to join the Army because he didn t listen to the second half of Deacon s sentence.Crick fails to mention to Army recruiters that he has medic or equine experience.Deacon becomes an alcoholic and hits rock bottom all in a span of 3 months.Step Bob comes off as a parody of a bad guy.Biblical scale disasters featuring storms and snakes where a horse named Comet view spoiler same name as my doggie hide spoiler

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    Thanks to the friends here that read it with me __________________________________________ My review is based on Carrick s feelings list number 1 emotionally repressed and in agony2 emotionally repressed and in pain3 not taking the question seriously 4 possibly dealing but still in pain5 will be fine.I felt n 1 and n 4 almost the entire book except when they meet again God, Carrick it s like I can feel my skin for the first time two years and at the end 5 This story drained all my tears HEARTWRECHING BEAUTIFUL My favourite was Deacon33

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    I don t think this book needs another full length review All the others should be enough to convince you this is stellar book that is a no brainer to pick up and read Even the 1 star review where the reader gave up on the book has some legitimate points I think she gave up too soon and missed out on an amazing read, but yeah, in the interest of snake tolerance a little less description into the snake killing wouldn t have been amiss However, that s missing the forest for the trees and I am sad for that reader that didn t stick it through to the amazing end It s a long book, full of emotional ups and downs The only thing I will say that I don t think the other reviews have said is that I am awed by Amy Lane s ability to make these too very manly, flawed and prideful men so damn romantic and endearing in the way they talk to each other She did it without making them saccharine, unrealistic, eye rollable or ridiculous That is an amazing success I can t get over how well she wrote their emotions out of their mouths and through their twitter account That s not to say the communication skills were all that great but damn, when they said it, they said it right I assume we are going to get Jeff s story and be able to revisit the whole family again And Jeff is just the kind of character that is so rare but is so fascinating to read about too My fingers are crossed for that story next ETA From the authors blog Yes There will be three sequels Making Promises will be about Shane and Mikhail, Living Promises will be about Jeff and Collin, and Return To Promise Rock will see the final HEA of all the characters, including a wrap up of Benny and Drew which I can t go too much into, because people get upset when there s girl cooties in their m m, but we really need to see them happy too.

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    A love story that spans 14 years3.5 Stars, rounded upto 4 Stars At the age of 9 Carrick Francis, whilst playing truant from Sunday School, happens on a ranch owned by Parish Winters and his son Deacon The moment Crick sees Deacon, he has eyes for no other and spends the next 14 years in total adoration of this boy who has become his friend and protector.Carrick has had a troubled childhood, his mother has no time for him and StepBob spends most of his time drinking So when Parish and Deacon take him under their wing and offer him comfort and a haven of sorts, he jumps at the chance For the first time in his short life he truly feels safe, cared for and part of a family, with Parish and Deacon taking on the self imposed role of guardians for this naive and wayward boy, often running interference with the school and Cricks family.Crick is in love, he is totally besotted, starry eyed and whole heartedly IN LOVE with Deacon, no other can dim the light that shines so brightly for him He lives in hope that one day Deacon will finally SEE him, not as his brother or friend but as his lover Deacon, so selfless, strong and reserved comes across as impassive when really he is just painfully shy and self conscious Hiding beneath his modesty is a man completely honourable, wanting nothing for himself, but everything for Crick Giving into his emotions and loving Crick is not part of his self sacrificing plan, he wants him to get out, go to college, see the World and not have to deal with the small town mentality to being Gay that he now lives with Finally, thanks to their friends, who are only too aware of the attraction and love between them, they see the light only for a misunderstanding to separate them before they even have chance to explore a relationship This leaves Deacon in a desperate state of depression, beside himself with grief and worry, falling apart whilst his life spirals out of control and all he holds dear starts to crumble around him and all because, he is way too stubborn and proud to ask for help and Crick, well he is off in Iraq fighting for his country Amy Lane is a master at giving us great characters and real love stories This is no exception, however I became a little frustrated at the misunderstandings and lack of communication between our two MC s especially considering they had known each other for so long and, had lived together, be it as family rather than lovers There are some great characters in this book which we had the pleasure of getting to know, some of which were true friends and family in every sense of the word.For me this is not her best book, I have a feeling that it may not be down to the book but rather my own reading preferences, having read some pretty intense books lately this seemed a little flat and nice, if a little frustrating With that in mind I have rated accordingly.Sinfully Sexy Books

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    I bought this book 3 or 4 months ago and have been studiously avoiding reading it , ever since I know that sounds ridiculous, but I just knew that Amy Lane would shred my heart Again And I would end up thanking her for it Again And probably ask for yeah, like there s actually a probably there I really never knew I was such a masochist And this book made me ugly cry, I won t lie A lot It was brutal at times And so fucking beautiful I cried some Keeping Promise Rock is about finding the people that not only love you for who you are, but wouldn t have you any other way No matter how much you might screw up, they re there for you even when the rest of the world tries to beat you down Carrick Francis Crick first meets Deacon Winters when Crick was just 9 years old From that moment, Crick idolizes Deacon and he falls in love with him, too But Crick doesn t think he ll ever be able to have Deacon, so he tries very unsuccessfully to keep it all inside The prologue starts out with Crick being in the Army and me wondering how the hell he got there Then we go back in time to when Crick was a child and first sees Deacon and we watch him grow up, and watch his feelings for Deacon grow until I thought they were free and clear But no Remember that prologue Yeah.Crick is used to being pushed away, of being thought of as worthless Deacon has never done either of those things, but the conditioning is still hard to shake Crick is also rather impulsive And that, friends, is how he ends up in Iraq serving his country all over a misunderstanding Now while it is possible to get out of enlistment, Crick never once considered trying to find a way out He made a promise and he has integrity So, Crick goes to Iraq, knowing full well he might not make it back You d think that the worst of the tragedy would happen to Crick, in the middle of a desert in a foreign country, in the middle of a war And you d be wrong It s no picnic, of course, but I swear, Amy Lane called up the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as a special gift for Deacon He goes through so much while Crick is gone and he nearly loses everything, starting with himself.But, you know, before we figure out what is really really important, we sometimes have to fall spectacularly hard And the people there helping you get up and dust yourself off Those people would be family, no matter the blood By the end of this book, there is not a single shred of a doubt that Crick and Deacon are a forever thing and there is not a single doubt that they have a wonderful family among their friends So, yeah, I m thanking Amy Lane for shredding my heart again before she stitched it all back together The journey was most definitely worth the pain and ugly cries along the way.

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    3.5 stars for the blog Of Sid loveWell that just about squeezed the life out of me I m drained and exhausted after that marathon.Keeping Promise Rock has been read and reviewed by everyone I know it s like the m m rite of passage now If you read m m romance, then you have to read Amy Lane, and if you read Amy Lane, then you have to read Keeping Promise Rock It s quite simple.This is a coming of age romance that spans a decade or Levee Oaks, redneck capital of the world is home to Crick and Deacon Deacon is Parish s son and lives on The Pulpit a horse ranch Crick is a half mex kid with a no good mother and a drunkard step Bob life s not great for Crick until he wanders onto The Pulpit and lays eyes on Deacon thinking him the most beautiful boy he ever did see, and they was gonna be friends forever And they were They were friends and then they were brothers, and then they were Crick and Deacon have a long way to go before they overcome their stubborn self sacrificing ways, their anger Deacon and immaturity Crick They have even further to go to believe in themselves and recognise their self worth It s a road worth travelling if you can stand it.There are some battles to wage and I honestly can t tell you how many times I threw my hands up in the air, in defeat God No , please This is too much And really, it is too much I think Amy Lane took the catastrophic events too far and I really was waiting for that plague of locusts to descend There is only so much emotional drama I can take before it becomes emotional manipulation, and Ms Lane crossed that line about halfway through in my opinion Like I said, this is a must read It s very well told its hard going, but its hope, and its love and it s exhausting I still liked it.

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    1.5 stars rounded to 2, for now I m reserving the right to drop it to 1 once I think about it a bit .About a third of the way through this book the first word that came to mind was ordinary, then about half way through the word changed to an exaggerated melodramatic mess. Ok that s than one word but the only thing that didn t happen to these MC s was being hit by the plague Oh wait, that might have happened too The rest of the story was one catastrophe after another Then both MC s would declare what f ck ups they are, followed by them declaring their promises of love and devotion with the tears and stars twinkling in their eyes I thought MY eyes were going to tear up and get stuck from all the eye rolling.So, why the reason for the half star Well my heart isn t completely made of stone Some of it actually pulled at a few my heartstrings The texting and tweeting was fun Probably because Crick and Deacon had to keep it short and sweet No BS I also liked all the side characters, especially Benny She wasn t immune to the catastrophe bug though No one was This was my first solo Amy Lane and I have a few other books of hers but I think I am going to have to wait a long time before I pick one up again.